How to Add Page Numbers in LibreOffice

If you’re wondering how to insert page numbers in LibreOffice to organize your report, manuscript, or any other type of document, fret not! LibreOffice is a powerful document editor equipped with various features, including tools that allow you to paginate your documents to your liking.

Adding Page Numbers in LibreOffice

To get started, here’s how you can add page numbers in LibreOffice:

Step 1: Open your document and select the footer area on the first page.

Choosing the footer in LibreOffice

Step 2: Click on the Footer box to access its menu.

Insert page number with footer in LibreOffice

Step 3: Choose “Insert page number.”

Step 4: A highlighted page number will now appear in the footer of the current page and all subsequent pages. You can position your cursor where you want the number to appear (the Tab key works well here) before inserting the page number. The alignment buttons can also be used to adjust the number’s placement.

Step 5: You can customize the font and size of your page number using the same font tools available in the toolbar for the rest of your document.

Step 6: For more options, double-click on the page number, and an Edit field window will appear. Here, you can choose from various specific page number formats. Additionally, you’ll find an Offset box that allows you to remove a certain number of pages from the bottom of the document, thereby initiating the page numbering system from the desired page.

Page Number Format in LibreOffice

Step 7: If footers aren’t working well with your document due to its format or the specific task you’re performing, you can alternatively add a page number by selecting the “Insert” tab in the menu and choosing “Page number.”

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Insert Page Number Menu in LibreOffice

Step 8: Should you prefer to exclude page numbers on your title page, navigate to it, select “Format” in the menu, and then choose “Title page…”

In this menu, you’ll find several options, including the ability to set specific title pages (e.g., for a foreword or table of contents) and determine where they should appear. These pages won’t be counted for numbering purposes.

Title Page Options in LibreOffice

Step 9: Furthermore, you can insert the current page number anywhere in your document by positioning your cursor in the desired location, selecting “Insert,” and then choosing “Field.” Here, you’ll find another option to add a page number.

Step 10: Lastly, you may have come across the option to add a Page count in these menus. This feature inserts the total number of current pages wherever your cursor is located, so be mindful not to confuse it with adding a page number.

For further customization options, check out our article on how to enable dark mode for LibreOffice.

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