How to Befriend a Cat in Minecraft

Building homes, farms, and dungeons in Minecraft is an exciting adventure. However, what’s an adventure without a loyal feline friend by your side? If you desire a pet to keep you company or to welcome you home after a long day of diamond mining, you can tame a stray cat.

Finding Stray Cats

Unlike real life, there are no animal adoption centers in Minecraft. You’ll need to venture into the wild to find a stray cat and bring it home. Fortunately, locating cats is relatively easy. Stray cats spawn in villages that have at least one villager and four beds. For every four beds in a village, a cat will appear (with a maximum of 10 cats). So, in an average village, you’ll have an array of colors to choose from.

Black cats can also be found near witch huts in swamps. In the Bedrock Edition of the game, black cats are more likely to spawn during a full moon.

Taming a Cat

Step 1: Gathering the Right Bait

To tame a cat, you’ll need to collect some raw cod or raw salmon from a nearby lake or river.

Step 2: The First Approach

Approach a stray cat slowly, holding the raw fish in your hand. Use the fish to gain the trust of the skeptical feline.

Step 3: Persistence Pays Off

Continue feeding the cat with raw fish until hearts appear above its head, indicating that it’s being tamed. Be patient, as it may take multiple attempts to win its affection. It’s wise to stock up on fish before embarking on this endeavor.

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Step 4: Your New Companion

Once the cat has been fed enough, the hearts will vanish, and it will proudly wear a collar. Congratulations, you now have a pet cat!

Understanding Cat Behavior

Once you’ve successfully tamed a cat, it will faithfully follow you wherever you go. If you happen to lose track of your furry friend, there’s no need to fret. Cats can teleport to a player who moves 12 blocks away. However, unless you command them to sit, tamed cats have an adventurous spirit and will explore their surroundings. But, if you’d like an indoor cat that stays in one place, you can instruct it to sit in your home.

In houses, cats tend to climb on top of furniture independently. You might find them perched on chests, beds, or even furnaces. Like their real-life counterparts, cats in Minecraft can occasionally get in your way, rendering chests and furnaces unusable. If they become an obstruction, you can gently nudge them aside, lure them away with raw fish, or remove blocks under them to encourage movement.

When night falls and you retire to bed, there’s a chance your tamed cat will sleep nearby. Upon awakening, your feline companion might have a surprise gift for you. They can collect various items such as string, raw chicken, and even a rabbit’s foot.

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