How to Build and Discover Schematics in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Imagine the disappointment when you find out that Link has lost all his incredible abilities from Breath of the Wild in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But fear not, because what replaces those moves is even better! In a matter of hours, you’ll forget about the old abilities as you delve into the limitless potential of Ultrahand. Building all sorts of contraptions, especially vehicles, becomes a breeze with its intuitive mechanics. However, sometimes you just want to skip the building process altogether. That’s where Autobuild comes in.

Unveiling Autobuild

Autobuild is a fantastic new ability that Link can acquire alongside Fuse, Ascend, and Ultrahand. This skill allows you to instantly recreate your most recent constructions made with Ultrahand or choose from blueprints obtained through Schema Stones. With Autobuild activated, you’ll see a large purple area on the ground and a transparent image of the object you want to build. You can place it wherever you desire. Remember, though, you can only use Autobuild if the necessary materials are nearby. It’s not some kind of mystical free construction power!

Unlocking Autobuild requires a bit of effort. To begin, you need to find Josha and embark on the “A Mystery in the Depths” quest, which becomes available after completing his “Camera Work in the Depths” quest. This quest will lead you to the Iayusus Lightroot in the Depths. From there, head south towards the Nihcayam Lightroot at coordinates -0705, -0867, 0481.

Continue your journey from this new waypoint to the Abandoned Central Mine, where you’ll encounter a friendly Construct who will teach you the Autobuild ability. You should be aware that as soon as you acquire this ability and receive a quick introduction to it, you’ll face a boss fight against Master Kohga.

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Discovering Schema Stones

Link receiving a Schema Stone from a robot.
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There are a total of 11 different Schema Stones to find, but you’ll only need to search for seven of them since the first one you obtain grants you the Autobuild ability in the first place. The remaining 10 stones act as blueprints for various vehicles and objects that you can cycle through and build using Autobuild. These stones aren’t just lying around; you have to earn them from Constructs (and one from Josha) located in different spots in the Depths and Surface. Here’s where you can find them all:

A map of the Depths showing construct locations.
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The Fanplane is impossible to miss. Once you’ve acquired Autobuild and defeated Master Kohga for the first time, simply speak to the Construct again to receive your first Schema Stone.

Hot-Air Balloon

After fully completing the “Mystery in the Depths” quest, return to the surface and find Josha to report in. As a reward, he will give you a free Schema Stone that allows you to build a Hot-Air Balloon.

Beam Cycle

The second Surface level Schema Stone is located in the Shrine of Resurrection, just west of the Temple of Time Ruins, next to the River of the Dead. Inside, you’ll encounter a Yiga Clan member that you must defeat before speaking to the Construct and obtaining the Blueprint.


Venture back underground to the Abandoned Lanayru Mine, where you’ll encounter three disguised Yiga Footsoldiers. Take them out and speak to the nearby Construct to obtain the blueprint for a Dirigible.

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Unlike the other Schema Stones, the Bridge Schema Stone isn’t meant for a vehicle. You’ll find it in the Abandoned Hateno Mine. Once again, you’ll need to defeat some disguised Yiga soldiers before talking to the Construct and claiming your prize.


To acquire the Hovercraft blueprint, you’ll need to progress through the second part of the “Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan” side quest. This will take you to the Abandoned Gerudo Mine, where you must defeat Master Kohga for the second time in order to obtain the Schema Stone.

Bolt Boat

While you’re still facing off against Master Kohga, the third round takes place in the Abandoned Lanaryu Mine. Overcome the challenge to unlock the Blueprint for the Bolt Boat.

Lightning Boat

Before leaving after acquiring the Bolt Boat, remember to talk to the Construct in this location to easily grab another Schema Stone.

Automated Ally

Another unique blueprint, the Automated Ally, can be found in the Abandoned Eldin Canyon Mine. Simply speak to the Construct to claim your new stone.

Rocket Platform

Wrapping up the collection, the Rocket Platform awaits you at the Abandoned Herba Mine, held by another friendly Construct.

By following these directions and obtaining the Schema Stones, you’ll unlock the incredible potential of Autobuild and be able to construct a wide range of amazing vehicles and objects.

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