How to Capture the Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon: Let’s Go

The quest to become a Pokemon Champion in Pokemon: Let’s Go is a familiar one. However, for an extra thrilling challenge, capturing legendary Pokemon is a must. In Let’s Go, just like in Pokemon Yellow, you have the opportunity to catch four legendary Pokemon: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and Mewtwo. But be prepared, the encounters in Let’s Go are slightly different.

Preparing for the Battle

To successfully capture the legendary birds and Mewtwo, you’ll first need to battle and defeat them. It’s important to have a Pokemon in your party that is at least level 50 to stand a chance against the legendary birds. For Mewtwo, your party will need to be closer to level 70.

These legendary battles in Pokemon: Let’s Go have similarities to raid battles in Pokemon Go. Weakening the Pokemon before attempting to catch them is crucial. Utilize berries and get ready for a challenging fight because these legendary Pokemon are incredibly strong!

Zapdos: The Electric Avian Wonder

Zapdos, an awe-inspiring flying and electric-type Pokemon, can be found in the Power Plant. You can reach the Power Plant by heading east from Route 10. Just north of the entrance to the Rock Tunnel, you’ll come across a stream. Use the Sea Skim secret technique to navigate to the Power Plant or fly there on a Pokemon capable of flight. The Power Plant is similar to other large buildings and caves in Kanto, so make your way through its interconnecting rooms until you encounter Zapdos in an expansive open area surrounded by crackling generators.

Zapdos is level 50 and vulnerable to rock and ice-type Pokemon. Bringing a strong Graveler, Golem, or Jynx would be advantageous. Starter Eevee also proves to be effective. However, if you started your journey with Pikachu, it’s recommended to rely on a different Pokemon. As long as you have a team of six Pokemon around level 50, you should be able to defeat Zapdos with a solid team effort. Just remember, you only have five minutes to defeat it.

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After defeating Zapdos, the standard catch sequence begins. To increase your chances of success, try using a couple of berries before using an Ultra Ball. Often, two Ultra Balls are sufficient to secure Zapdos.

Moltres: The Fiery Phenomenon

Chances are, you’ll encounter Moltres during your main adventure. This fire-type bird is located in Victory Road, the pathway that leads to the Elite Four. In Victory Road, you’ll find Officer Jenny, the kind woman who gave you Squirtle early in your journey. Near her, you’ll see a large stone that needs to be pushed aside to proceed. Move the stone out of the way and descend the ladder. On the right side of the room, you’ll discover the platform where Moltres awaits.

Moltres is also level 50 and easily defeated by rock-type Pokemon. Alternatively, you can make use of the Squirtle that Officer Jenny gave you (hopefully, it has evolved into a Blastoise by now). Similar to Zapdos, you have a five-minute window to defeat Moltres. After incapacitating it, feed it a berry or two, then start capturing it by using Ultra Balls.

Articuno: The Icy Guardian

Articuno resides on the Seafoam Islands located in the southeast. You can access the Seafoam Islands by using Sea Skim either below Fuchsia City or on the right edge of Cinnabar Island. Alternatively, you can fly there on the back of a flying-type Pokemon. The Seafoam Islands contain multiple entrances, but the order in which you explore them doesn’t matter. To reach Articuno, you must first slow down the water current within the cavern. Achieve this by pushing each large stone into the corresponding hole as you navigate the labyrinth. Follow the stones as they descend into the water below. Once you’ve successfully redirected the currents, use Sea Skim to reach Articuno’s platform.

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As with the other legendary birds, Articuno is level 50. Exploit its weaknesses as a flying and ice-type Pokemon by using fire, steel, or rock-type Pokemon. After defeating Articuno in the allotted five minutes, you can improve your chances of capturing it by feeding it a couple of berries and then using Ultra Balls.

Mewtwo: The Ultimate Psychic Force

Unlike the other legendary Pokemon, you can only encounter Mewtwo after defeating the Elite Four. Once you triumph over the game, your rival informs you about a cave near Cerulean City. To access Cerulean Cave, cross the bridge on the north side of the city and use Sea Skim to reach it. Outside the cave, you’ll find a Coach trainer with whom you can engage in battle if you wish.

Navigating Cerulean Cave is straightforward. Ascend the ladder in the northeastern corner of the room. Upon reaching the next area filled with descending ladders, take the one in the northwestern corner. Follow the path until you reach a small stream of water. Employ Sea Skim to reach the platform where you’ll encounter the enigmatic Mewtwo.

Mewtwo poses a significant challenge as it is level 70. Attempting to defeat it with Pokemon in their high 50s will prove futile. As a psychic-type Pokemon, Mewtwo is weak against ghost, bug, and dark-type Pokemon. If your starter Eevee possesses a dark-type move, it will be especially effective. Alternatively, consider using a Scyther or Pinsir (if you were lucky enough to find one) or a ghost-type Pokemon like Haunter or Gengar. Since you only have five minutes to battle Mewtwo, choose Pokemon that can deliver substantial damage.

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Catching Mewtwo is no easy feat. You could resort to using your Master Ball, as Mewtwo is the most challenging Pokemon to catch in the game. Another strategy is to employ Ultra Balls after using a few potent berries.

Wild Encounters with Legendary Birds

While your initial encounter with each of the four legendary Pokemon takes place in their designated locations, it is possible to come across these legendary birds in the wild and even capture multiple individuals of the same species. This feature was never present in Pokemon Yellow.

To increase your chances of encountering a legendary bird in the wild, ensure that you are riding on a flying-type Pokemon such as Charizard. Additionally, maintain a high catch chain by capturing many Pokemon in a row. Activate a lure, which attracts rare Pokemon. However, even if you fulfill all these requirements, there is no guarantee that you will encounter a legendary bird. Persistence is key, as they may still elude you.

For more exciting Pokemon content, check out our Pokemon Let’s Go beginner’s guide for tips and tricks to become a Pokemon League Champion.

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