How to Conquer Every Muspelheim Trial in ‘God of War’

‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

Kratos faces numerous challenges throughout the nine Norse realms in God of War. However, if you want to skip the puzzles and focus solely on proving your worth in the battlefield, the volcanic realm of Muspelheim is the place to be. Ruled by the fire giant Sutr, Muspelheim offers Kratos the opportunity to test his might and acquire powerful equipment.

Accessing Muspelheim

To gain access to Muspelheim, you must first meet Mimir and return to the Witch’s house. Once you’ve collected all four cipher pieces, you can travel to Muspelheim through the realm travel room. The equipment you can obtain here is particularly useful in the mid to late game, before you can craft gear from Niflheim. So, it’s recommended to check it out as soon as possible. If you encounter difficulties, remember that you can always leave and return when you are stronger. Brokk has a workshop at the base of the volcano, and there are travel gates at each arena, making it easy to navigate within Muspelheim. Don’t forget to explore the climbs between the arenas as well, as there are chests scattered around.

The Challenges

The challenges in Muspelheim are split into two rounds. On your first ascent, each of the first five arenas has two challenges: “Normal” and “Hard”. You must complete both in order to proceed to the next arena. Furthermore, you can warm up at any of the arenas, where enemies will spawn indefinitely until you decide to move on. After defeating the Valkyrie in the sixth arena at the summit, you can attempt the Impossible challenge at any of the arenas in any order. By completing any three of these challenges, you’ll acquire enough keys to unlock the final challenge, Sutr’s Hidden Trials on the summit. These trials can be repeated multiple times, with rewards scaling based on your performance.

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Tips for Each Challenge

Arena 1

‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

  • Normal: Defeat 15 enemies within 3 minutes. Be aggressive, use runic attacks, and stun kills whenever possible.
  • Hard: Face three waves of enemies. Focus on stunning the troll and interrupting the tatzelwurms.
  • Impossible: Defeat 20 enemies without taking any damage. Keep your distance, use ax throws, Atreus’ arrows, and runic attacks.

Arena 2

‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

  • Normal: Survive for 5 minutes against draugr and poison wolves. Stay mobile and prioritize defense.
  • Hard: Kill waves of draugr, Hel spawn, and wolves. Use stun kills to your advantage.
  • Impossible: Defeat revenants, reavers, viken, and Hel shadow scouts within 4 minutes. Watch out for poison and aim for efficient executions.

Arena 3

‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

  • Normal: Kill an elite dark elf after eliminating its allies. Use nightmares as weapons to stun and finish enemies quickly.
  • Hard: Kill enemies within rings on the ground. Lure enemies in or use your Blades of Chaos to pull them towards you.
  • Impossible: Kill three waves of enemies within gold rings. Focus on herding enemies in and be careful with ogres.

Arena 4

‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

  • Normal: Kill 100 enemies at your own pace. Focus on stunning ogres and riding them to take out other enemies.
  • Hard: Protect Atreus from being captured. Stay alert and use runic attacks when necessary.
  • Impossible: Defeat enemies with regenerating health. Use punches and Atreus’ blue arrows for stun executions.

Arena 5

‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

  • Normal: Start with 1 minute on the clock and earn additional time with each enemy kill. Focus on surviving waves of enemies.
  • Hard: Defeat 20 enemies without taking damage. Utilize heavy ax throws and ranged runic attacks.
  • Impossible: A longer version of the normal challenge. Be efficient and prioritize time management.
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Arena 6 – Valkyrie and Sutr’s Hidden Trials

‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

  • Valkyrie: Defeat Gondul using your Leviathan Axe. Be on the lookout for her attacks and take advantage of the moments she is vulnerable.
  • Sutr’s Hidden Trials: Collect three keys by completing any three Impossible challenges. Afterwards, access the summit for a time attack challenge. Kill as many enemies as possible within 8 minutes and earn commendations based on your performance.


‘God of War’: How to help Kratos conquer every Muspelheim trial

In Muspelheim, Brokk and Sindri can craft powerful armor for you. There are three sets to choose from, each focusing on strength, defense, or cool-down. The materials for crafting and upgrading these armor sets can be earned by completing the Muspelheim challenges. Additionally, by defeating Gondul, you’ll receive Valkyrie rewards and the Raging Inferno of Muspelheim.

Remember to select the armor set that suits your play style. Each set has its own unique perks and activation chances, so choose wisely.

Stay strong, conquer the challenges of Muspelheim, and become a true champion in God of War.

Editor’s Note: This guide contains narrative spoilers for God of War. We recommend waiting to read this guide until after you have gained access to the Muspelheim trials. Read at your own peril.

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