How to Conquer the Jar-Bairn Quest in Elden Ring

Elden Ring’s latest update, patch 1.03, brought a wave of thrilling enhancements to the game. Mechanics were buffed and nerfed as necessary, while quality-of-life improvements were introduced. Among these updates were several new NPC quests, including a captivating questline featuring the newly introduced character, Jar-Bairn.

Unveiling the Jar-Bairn Quest

Jar-Bairn, a fascinating character, is eager to share his tale of his uncle Alexander, the plight of anti-jar poachers, and his own dreams of becoming a courageous warrior jar. In this guide, we will delve into how to conquer the Jar-Bairn quest in Elden Ring and highlight any prerequisites you need to fulfill. So, let’s set course for Jarburg and embark on this exciting adventure!

The map location for Jarburg in Elden Ring.
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Starting the Quest: Jarburg Awaits

Before embarking on Jar-Bairn’s quest, you must progress through the game until you reach the Liurnia region. There, you’ll find Jarburg, a charming coastal town inhabited by sentient jar-people. To reach Jarburg, ride southwards, passing Carian Study Hall. The easiest way to reach it is by spawning at the Artist’s Shack Site of Grace.

Approach the cliffside and peer down below. You’ll notice tombstones protruding from the mountain, serving as a pathway down. Descend this treacherous path to discover the friendly town of Jarburg. Remember, it is vital not to attack the jars, as they are your allies. For the precise location, refer to the image provided above.

Prerequisites for Success

Now that you’re within the confines of Jarburg, you can commence the Jar-Bairn quest in Elden Ring. However, to complete this quest, you must fulfill a few prerequisites:

  • Complete Alexander Iron Fist’s quest.
  • Finish Diallos’ quest.
  • Defeat Starscourge Radahn (part of Alexander’s Quest).
  • Overcome Rykard (part of Diallos’ quest).

We understand that navigating these prerequisites can be a challenge. Therefore, we’ve prepared a step-by-step guide for Diallos and Alexander, so stay tuned! Assuming you meet all four prerequisites, here’s how to reach the culmination of the Jar-Bairn quest in Elden Ring.

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Step 1: Warp to the Jarburg Site of Grace and glance to your left. You’ll spot Jar-Bairn, a diminutive warrior jar child, perched on a wall. Approach the NPC, engage in conversation, and exhaust all dialogue options. When he extends an offer for you to become the Potentate, accept without hesitation.

Step 2: Take a moment to rest at the Site of Grace, then return to Jar-Bairn and speak with him again. He will assign you the task of collecting rare flowers scattered around Jarburg. Pick a few (or gather all for added insurance), and once again, rest at the Site of Grace.

Step 3: Approach Jar-Bairn once more, and he will regale you with tales of his uncle Alexander Iron Fist, also known as Alexander Warrior Jar. You may recall Alexander as the NPC you summoned during the Starscourge Radahn boss battle. Depart Jarburg and travel to any location that consumes a significant amount of time. Continually journey in and out, engaging in conversation with Jar-Bairn each time, until he divulges information about poachers hunting his jar-people. It’s truly appalling how anyone could harm these adorable little jars!

Step 4: Completing Diallos’ quest becomes crucial at this stage. If you have successfully finished it, Jar-Bairn will inform you about Diallos’ arrival in Jarburg. Locate the only accessible shack in the town and converse with Diallos, who can be found playing with another Jar-kid. Exhaust his dialogue, then depart Jarburg. Warp to different locations until you return to Jarburg and notice Jar-Bairn absent from his usual spot.

Step 5: A dire sight awaits you, as all the jars have met a tragic fate. Discover Jar-Bairn in the middle of the road, and he will recount Diallos’ tale of heroism. Proceed up the road to find Diallos, lying wounded in the middle of the path. Express your gratitude for his defense of the jars.

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Step 6: Reset Jarburg and revisit Diallos’ lifeless body once more. You’ll find Jar-Bairn standing vigil over him. Engage in another round of extensive conversation, then reset the area. Once refreshed, you’ll find Jar-Bairn safely back in his usual spot.

Step 7: This is where Alexander’s questline becomes pivotal. If you have completed it, converse with Jar-Bairn and deliver Alexander’s Innards to him. Engage in thorough dialogue once again, then refresh.

Step 8: Jar-Bairn should now be nowhere to be found. In his place, you’ll discover the Companion Jar Talisman, a potent tool for enhancing the effectiveness of your throwing pots. Descend to the location where Diallos met his demise to collect several additional items, including his mask.

A player stands in front of Iron Fist Alexander in Elden Ring.
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Completing Iron Fist Alexander’s Quest

Without going into excessive detail, here’s a quick step-by-step guide to completing Alexander Iron Fist’s quest in Elden Ring. Remember, always exhaust every dialogue option. You’ll know you’ve completed this task when an NPC begins to repeat themselves.

  • Assist Alexander out of a hole in Northern Stormhill. Look for him on a hill above the Saintsbridge Site of Grace.
  • Engage in a conversation with him in Gael Tunnel, located on the Limgrave and Caelid border. He awaits you at the end of the tunnel, just before a boss encounter.
  • Journey to Redmane Castle, situated at the southern tip of Caelid (where you face Radahn). Speak with Alexander before engaging in combat with Radahn.
  • After defeating Radahn, converse with Alexander again. You’ll find him near the Starscourge Site of Grace. If required, refresh the area.
  • Aid Alexander once again, this time freeing him from a hole on the cliffs beneath Jarburg, right beneath Carian Study Hall. You will need to use an Oil Pot to accomplish this feat.
  • Venture to Seethewater Terminus in the western region of Mt. Gelmir. You’ll discover Alexander enjoying a bathing session in a lava pool. However, before interacting with him, you must first triumph over the Magma Wyrm boss. Approach Alexander from the safety of a rock amidst the lava pool, listening to his gratification in the warm bath.
  • Finally, encounter Alexander at the Crumbling Farm Azula, where he will challenge you to a duel. Overcome him, and he will reward you with his innards, alongside other valuable items. Keep in mind that this is an end-game area, so it’s necessary to progress through the Mountaintops of Giants area first.
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Completing Diallos’ Quest

In addition to Alexander Iron Fist’s quest, Diallos’ questline must also reach its conclusion to successfully fulfill Jar-Bairn’s quest in Elden Ring. Once again, we’ll provide a concise, step-by-step guide without delving too deeply into the details.

  • Initiate a conversation with Diallos in Roundtable Hold.
  • Engage in conversation with Diallos once again in Lake Liurnia, where you’ll discover him mourning over a corpse in Academy Gate Town.
  • Return to Roundtable Hold and converse with Diallos yet again.
  • Join Volcano Manor, but refrain from completing the entire questline. It’s acceptable if you’ve already completed some assassinations, but ensure that you spare Rykard’s life.
  • Seek out Diallos in the Drawing Room and engage in dialogue.
  • Vanquish Rykard in combat.
  • Progress through Jar-Bairn’s quest until he mentions Diallos’ arrival in Jarburg.


Armed with this guide, you possess the knowledge required to conquer the Jar-Bairn quest in Elden Ring. Remember, completing the prerequisites and following each step meticulously is essential. Best of luck on your journey, and may you emerge triumphant!

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