How to Customize the Camera Perspective in NBA 2K22

In NBA 2K22, you have full control over the camera angle to enhance your gaming experience. Unlike real-life televised broadcasts where you’re stuck with a fixed view, you can easily adjust the camera settings in 2K22 to match your preferences while playing. With multiple camera angles to choose from and the ability to change them on the fly, you can find the perfect viewpoint for your gameplay.

Changing Camera Angles in NBA 2K22

Adjusting the camera angle in NBA 2K22 is a breeze. Simply pause the game, navigate to the Camera option in the pause menu, and select your desired camera angle from the available options. You can access this settings menu during gameplay or from the home screen to set your preferred camera angle in advance.

From the camera settings menu, you can explore various camera angles using the bumpers on your chosen gaming platform. Additionally, you have the flexibility to customize each view by adjusting the height, zoom, and camera movement when possessions change.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong camera angle in 2K22. While some professional players and streamers swear by specific settings, the choice ultimately boils down to your personal preference. Take some time to experiment with different angles, and select the one that feels most comfortable and enjoyable for you.

Our Recommended Camera Angles in NBA 2K22

As mentioned earlier, there’s no definitive camera angle that suits every player in 2K22. It’s all about finding what works best for you and aligns with your playstyle. Here are some popular camera angles to consider:

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2K View

The 2K view is a go-to angle for many players and for good reason. This perspective offers a wide view of the court, allowing you to see your entire team simultaneously. It provides excellent insight into player spacing and excels in fastbreak situations, precise passing, and executing complex plays.


The Broadcast view replicates the perspective you’d have while watching an NBA game on TV. It offers a visually stunning gameplay experience, creating a highly immersive atmosphere. However, be aware that in the default broadcast view, your court vision might be slightly limited during fastbreak plays. You won’t have a full-court view, potentially leading to blind passes on deep outlet opportunities. Opting for the Broadcast stadium view provides a higher angle, alleviating this issue to some extent.


The Nosebleeds view strikes a balance between the 2K and Broadcast angles. It provides an excellent vantage point similar to watching a real-life game. This angle offers a good view of the court without the risk of missing off-screen passes.

Player Lock

The Player Lock view exclusively applies to MyPlayer mode. If you’re focused on completing challenges for a specific player, this angle will feel familiar and enjoyable. However, if you tend to switch frequently between players on both ends of the court, the camera movement can become chaotic during half-court plays. It works exceptionally well when using a single character on defense or during fastbreak situations with a few characters involved.


Similar to a real-life experience, the Skybox view grants you a comprehensive outlook of the entire stadium. You can soak in the entire court, including the bench and the enthusiastic fans. It offers a solid gameplay angle while allowing you to appreciate the minute details that NBA 2K22 offers.

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The Swivel view holds the camera at center court, dynamically panning to follow the action on both ends of the floor. This is undoubtedly the most dynamic camera angle in NBA 2K22. By moving with the players as the play shifts, it creates an immersive on-court sensation. While the camera movement is visually stunning, it may take some getting used to. As the camera swivels, you’ll need to adjust your movement direction accordingly. Once you adapt to this unique perspective, it becomes an exciting camera angle to experiment with.

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