How to Defeat Legion in Remnant 2

The Yaesha biome in Remnant 2 presents a formidable challenge, with each boss bringing its own unique mechanics and requirements for success. From the deadly patterns of Mother Mind to the conjured guardian tactics of The Corrupter, these encounters demand skill and strategy. If you find yourself facing the enigmatic foe known as Legion within this forest biome, be prepared for one of the most unconventional fights of them all. Staring at this boss for too long can be a fatal mistake, but fear not! Let’s delve into the strategies to overcome Legion.

Defeating Legion: A Step-by-Step Guide

Legion awaits in The Twisted Chantry, perched upon a throne. The initial phase of the battle offers a relatively easier time, allowing you to acquaint yourself with the fight’s crucial mechanic: Madness. This status effect gradually builds up as you gaze upon Legion, causing your vision to blur and your movement to slow to a crawl.

As Madness takes its toll, you will also begin to suffer damage, potentially leading to your defeat. Therefore, your objective in this fight is to alternate between attacking Legion and dealing with the constantly spawning adds. This will provide moments of respite and allow your Madness to subside.

Legion boss in Remnant 2
Image: Legion boss in Remnant 2 (Source: OnSpec Electronic, Inc)

Whenever possible, concentrate your fire on Legion’s noticeable weak spot, a glowing red orb positioned above the throne during the initial phase. Use this opportunity to practice avoiding Legion’s two primary attacks. One involves red orbs fired at you, which can be easily evaded with a well-timed roll due to their slow movement. However, Legion’s second attack unleashes a fast-moving wave of red energy that requires precise timing to roll through unscathed. Mastery of this maneuver will take practice, but it is essential for survival.

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Once you have depleted approximately a quarter of Legion’s health, the boss will break free from the throne and float around the arena. Evading Legion’s gaze, which induces Madness, becomes trickier during this phase. Seek refuge behind the numerous pillars within the room whenever necessary. Fortunately, Legion’s weak spot remains vulnerable during this time, so keep the adds under control and pummel him with relentless gunfire until he succumbs.

Your victory over Legion rewards you with the Agnosia Driftwood. Take this valuable item to McCabe in Ward 13, who can fashion it into the formidable Fargazer weapon mod. This mod grants you the power to summon your own Legion eye and afflict your enemies with Madness. Rad indeed!

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