How to Defeat The Corrupter in Remnant 2

As you progress through each of the biomes in Remnant 2, you’ll eventually encounter one of the two possible final bosses. In Yaesha, you’ll come face to face with The Corrupter, a massive creature that hovers behind a battlefield, relying on its guardian construct to do most of the fighting. Whether you’re taking on this challenging showdown alone or with friends, it can be quite difficult if you’re unsure how to counter its mechanics. In this guide, we’ll show you how to vanquish The Corrupter once and for all, allowing you to move on to your next destination.

Location and Arena

The Corrupter is located in The Great Bole in Yaesha, and the battle takes place in an arena consisting of three long stone walkways suspended in the sky. Falling from any of these walkways will result in instant death, so it’s crucial to maintain careful footing throughout the fight.

Strategy Against The Corrupter

The boss itself floats at the far end of the arena but spawns a guardian construct on one of the pathways. This construct will track your movements. By damaging the construct’s head enough, it will eventually fall, causing The Corrupter to sacrifice some of its health to heal the construct. Alternatively, you can directly attack The Corrupter to inflict damage. The method you choose to defeat The Corrupter will determine the reward you receive:

  • If you defeat the boss without dropping the guardian construct, you’ll earn the Hollow Heart. This can be traded with McCabe to craft the Stonebreaker melee weapon.
  • If you defeat the boss while the guardian construct is down, you’ll earn the Twisted Lazurite. McCabe will exchange this for the Twisted Arbalest long gun.
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Remnant II Many Faces boss fight.
Image: Remnant II Many Faces boss fight. Source

To keep the guardian construct alive, you must constantly evade its attacks by jumping between the floating platforms while simultaneously shooting at The Corrupter. The construct frequently performs spinning attacks, but since you should already be at a distance from the enemy, this attack becomes less concerning. Additionally, the construct may disconnect its arms and swing them at you, which can be frustrating to deal with. However, the most significant threat is the jump attack it uses to pursue you onto a new platform. To avoid the shockwave caused by the landing, it’s crucial to create as much distance as possible.

Attacking The Corrupter itself is relatively straightforward as its enormous weak spot is easy to hit. However, after depleting around half of its health, the boss will begin charging up an extremely lethal beam that covers an entire platform. This beam has the potential to kill you in a single blast. When you observe The Corrupter charging this attack, use the broken stairs on the platform to jump to a new one. As soon as you land, take advantage of the opportunity to deal significant damage to its weak spot.

Whether you choose to directly eliminate the boss or focus on defeating its guardian construct, you will eventually overcome this formidable creature and reap your reward. There are no further discoveries in the boss arena, so feel free to return to Ward 13 and visit McCabe to craft a new weapon using the item you obtained.

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