How to Defeat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft

To many players, Minecraft feels boundless. The game’s only limitations are the bounds of one’s own creativity and the level of enjoyment derived from setting personal goals. With its deceptively simple appearance, Minecraft has captivated players worldwide, encouraging them to create intricate worlds that defy expectations. However, the game is designed to challenge players from the start. Initially, players encountered simple mobs like zombies and explosive creepers. Over time, the game introduced more diverse and formidable creatures. These hidden monsters ensure that the sense of discovery and adventure remains thrilling and arduous.

The Ender Dragon is the ultimate challenge in Minecraft. Defeating it triggers the game’s credits, marking the symbolic “end” of Minecraft. However, this doesn’t mean the game is over. Players are simply returned to their worlds, where endless content awaits. Conquering this colossal dragon is no simple feat, especially when it comes to finding its location. Here’s a guide on how to locate and defeat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft.

What You Need Before Facing the Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is widely considered the most difficult boss in Minecraft, with the Wither being the only contender. You must prepare thoroughly before attempting this battle; rushing in unprepared will only lead to a swift demise.

Start by strengthening your weapons and armor. Obtain a full set of diamond armor, as it offers excellent protection, second only to Netherite. For weapons, a plain diamond sword is the bare minimum, but it’s best to enchant it with sharpness. Additionally, be sure to equip a bow for long-range combat and craft an ample supply of arrows. If possible, enchant your bow with infinity to ensure an endless supply of ammunition. Considering the Ender Dragon’s airborne nature, you will unload numerous arrows during the fight.

Other essential tools include a reliable diamond pickaxe. Although it doesn’t necessarily need to be diamond, a faster mining speed will drastically improve your survival chances in a frenzied battle. Depending on the type of blocks you intend to carry, you might also need a shovel for digging dirt or sand. However, if you possess a stack of stone blocks, a shovel becomes unnecessary. Oddly enough, it’s advisable to bring at least two or three buckets of water. Trust me, you’ll understand why later.

Food should also be a priority. If you can acquire gold while mining for diamonds, craft a few golden apples. These apples, made by surrounding an apple with gold ingots, offer the best regeneration and additional golden hearts, allowing you to absorb more damage. If golden apples are scarce, consider using regeneration potions or cooked meat as substitutes.

Lastly, you may optionally bring a carved pumpkin to wear on your head. Wearing a pumpkin head serves as a useful tactic to avoid provoking the Endermen wandering The End. However, keep in mind that aiming can be more challenging with limited visibility. Use your judgment to determine if wearing a pumpkin head is worth it for you.

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Locating the End Portal

The Ender Dragon resides in a separate dimension known as The End, not in the ordinary Minecraft world or The Nether populated with dangerous mobs. To access The End and confront the Ender Dragon, you must locate and activate a special portal called the End Portal. Unlike a Nether Portal, you cannot freely create an End Portal. Instead, you must follow several steps to find and unlock it. The first step is to gather Eyes of Ender.

Creating Eyes of Ender requires two rare items. The first is Blaze Rods, which you use to craft Blaze Powder. Since Blazes only appear in the Nether, you must create a Nether Portal and venture in. Once inside, search for a fortress, as they contain Blaze spawners. Finding a fortress is crucial because, as long as you don’t break the spawner, you can repeatedly engage and defeat Blazes to accumulate Blaze Rods. For this task, you will need a minimum of six rods, but it’s wise to gather a few extras (just be careful not to get yourself killed during the process).

The second challenging step is hunting Endermen for their Ender Pearls. Endermen are notorious for their toughness and elusiveness. Even if you spot one, it may teleport away before you can defeat it. To increase your chances, head to a desert biome and wait until nightfall to pursue them. Each Enderman has a 50% chance of dropping an Ender Pearl when defeated. Aim to gather at least 12 pearls, but it’s advisable to obtain more for added security.

After acquiring the Blaze Rods and Ender Pearls, convert the rods into Blaze Powder (each rod yields two powders). With 12 powders and the obtained pearls, you can craft Eyes of Ender. These mystical items serve two purposes: locating the portal and activating it. When you use an Eye of Ender, it will fly up into the air, indicating the direction of the Stronghold containing the portal. Follow its trajectory, recollect it, and remember that there’s a 20% chance of it breaking after each use. To avoid wasting Eyes of Ender, it’s better to follow one direction for a while before using the next one.

After following the Eyes of Ender, they will lead you to an underground structure called a Stronghold. When the eye hovers closer to the ground, it’s a sign that you should start digging. Mine your way downward until you break into the stone structure. Take a moment to set your spawn point nearby by placing a bed, just in case. Prepare yourself, as you’re about to confront a fearsome dragon.

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Navigating Strongholds can be both confusing and perilous. Avoid recklessly demolishing the walls in search of the portal room, as many bricks harbor silverfish that lie in wait to ambush unwary adventurers. Once you locate the portal room, you’ll recognize it immediately. Look for the ring above the lava pool with 12 slots. You should have crafted at least 12 Eyes of Ender, as each slot has a roughly 10% chance of already containing an eye. If fortune smiles upon you, some slots may already have eyes, compensating for any mishaps during your journey. Once you fill all 12 slots, the portal, resembling a black starry abyss, will emerge.

This is your point of no return. Once you step through the portal, you cannot leave The End without either defeating the Ender Dragon or meeting your demise. Take this plunge only when you feel fully prepared, physically and mentally.

Defeating the Ender Dragon

Now, you find yourself in The End, spawned on a small platform apart from the main island, affording temporary safety. To advance, utilize the materials you brought to construct a bridge and ascend to the surface. The Ender Dragon will be soaring above, and its health bar will appear at the top of your screen. Focus on the dragon to avoid accidentally making eye contact with the numerous Endermen scattered throughout the arena.

Before unleashing your arrows, take note of the massive obsidian towers dotting the area. These towers host End Crystals, some of which are shielded by protective cages. Whenever the dragon approaches, beams of energy from the crystals heal it. To gain the upper hand, your primary objective is to destroy these crystals. The crystals shatter with a single hit from any weapon, be it an arrow or a swing of your sword. However, breaking them can be explosive, so maintain a safe distance.

A recommended strategy is to target the nearest tower. If unprotected, you can snipe it with an arrow from the ground. Otherwise, construct a path upward to reach the crystal and break its cage. After dealing with the nearest tower, quickly scan the remaining towers from your elevated position. Shoot down any crystals you can while you’re up there and make a mental note of the ones that require climbing. This is where your buckets of water become invaluable. The dragon won’t leave you undisturbed during this process. It will attempt to knock you off the towers with its ramming attacks or by covering the ground with damaging purple fire. If you start falling or need a quick descent, swap to your water bucket. Deploy the water just before impact to negate any fall damage. Be warned, however, that this maneuver can be challenging. Falling to your death is a common cause of defeat in this battle.

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Once all the crystals are destroyed, the Ender Dragon will alter its behavior, periodically “landing” on the bedrock altar in the center of the island. This presents you with an opportunity to deal significant damage with melee weapons. But beware of the dragon’s purple breath attack. Although the dragon usually remains airborne, this is the perfect time to unleash the remaining arrows you’ve stockpiled before the battle. Remember that arrows have no effect on the dragon while it’s on the ground. Only swords or other melee weapons can harm it. If the dragon lands too far away, don’t waste your ammunition.

During the fight, keep moving, regularly replenish your health, and ensure that no Endermen complicate the battle. Continue these efforts until the dragon’s health drops to zero. At that moment, the dragon will soar above the central altar, exploding into a shower of XP orbs. The center portal will activate, and the dragon will leave behind an egg in the spot where it perched during the battle. Step into the portal, and a captivating credits sequence will unfold. Spoiler-free, we won’t divulge the details. Once it concludes, you will find yourself back in your own world.

Can You Fight the Ender Dragon Again?

After the arduous process of gathering materials, forging weapons, and locating and activating the End Portal, you wouldn’t want to start a new world just to experience another battle with the Ender Dragon. Fear not, for there is a way to summon the dragon for subsequent encounters. However, be warned that it comes at a cost.

To respawn the dragon, you will need 28 blocks of glass, four additional Eyes of Ender, and four Ghast Tears. Combine these materials to create four new End Crystals. Carry them through the End Portal you previously discovered and place each crystal on one of the four sides surrounding the portal that leads back to the overworld. Once all four crystals are in position, stand back, as they will explode. The portal will deactivate, the original crystals will respawn on the towers, and the Ender Dragon will return to confront you once more. Good luck!

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