How to Defeat The Red Prince in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is a challenging game, especially when facing its formidable bosses. Among these bosses is an optional enemy known as The Red Prince, who resides in the throne of The Gilded Chambers of Losomn. While encountering The Red Prince is not guaranteed during every visit to this biome, finding him presents an opportunity to acquire unique items through various means. However, refusing to pay tribute to him will provoke him, causing him to rise from his throne and engage you in battle. In this article, we will discuss strategies to overcome The Red Prince and ensure your victory.

Defeating The Red Prince

To encounter The Red Prince, venture into the Gilded Chambers while exploring Losomn. Interacting with him will present you with several options, each offering its own set of unique rewards.

  • Option 1: Paying The Red Prince the three requested Crimson King Coins will grant you the Bloody Steel Splinter. This item can later be exchanged with McCabe at Ward 13 for the Blood Draw weapon mod. These coins can be obtained by defeating the teleporting Fae enemies scattered throughout Losomn.

  • Option 2: Utilizing the Assassin’s Dagger, acquired by completing the Fae Council quest in Losomn, to slay The Red Prince will earn you the Crown of the Red Prince helmet.

  • Option 3: Engaging in combat with The Red Prince and successfully defeating him, regardless of the method used, will reward you with the Forlorn Fragment. This fragment can be exchanged with McCabe at Ward 13 for the Firestorm weapon mod.

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Regardless of your chosen approach, be aware that The Red Prince is an intimidating opponent. If you decide to engage in direct combat, expect a challenging showdown. The Red Prince has the ability to inflict Curse, which restricts your ability to heal, as well as the Burning status effect, which gradually reduces your health. Be sure to equip any items that can minimize vulnerability to these effects, as they will assist you in this encounter.

The Red Prince in Remnant 2
Image: The Red Prince in Remnant 2 (Courtesy of Gunfire Games)

During the battle with The Red Prince, pay attention to his various attacks. The fight will primarily take place in close quarters, and if you move too far away from him, he will teleport to your location and execute a four-hit melee combo. Dodging this combo may be challenging due to the pauses between his swings. Additionally, be prepared for him to summon copies of himself. It is crucial to prioritize eliminating these duplicates to avoid excessive damage from multiple angles.

You will recognize when The Red Prince enters his second phase as he ascends into the air and summons a shrinking whirlwind of fire. To survive this phase, swiftly move to the center platform to avoid being engulfed by the flames, which would likely result in your demise. However, upon reaching the center platform, be prepared for The Red Prince to continue attacking you at close range. Carefully evade his assaults until the fire whirlwind dissipates, allowing you to create some distance between you and your adversary.

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If you bring The Red Prince’s health to a critical level and observe his attempt to summon another fire whirlwind, unleash all of your remaining strength to defeat him swiftly. Regardless, persistently chip away at The Red Prince’s health until he finally succumbs, earning you the rewards mentioned earlier, depending on the method you employed to vanquish this malevolent foe.

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