How to Discover the Fifth Sage in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

For a game as expansive and open-ended as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it’s tempting to skip straight to the final boss. However, by doing so, you miss out on a plethora of experiences. Most players would want to complete all the main quests before heading into the final encounter, which can take many hours. One particular quest, the Fifth Sage, has been stumping adventurers not because of its difficulty, but because of the lack of clear instructions.

How to Complete the Fifth Sage Quest

The Fifth Sage quest is the primary objective given to you after defeating Phantom Ganon within Hyrule Castle. It is during this quest that Purah informs Link about the existence of a Fifth Sage somewhere in Hyrule. Unfortunately, the only clue you’re given is to “find the ruins from the Age of Legends.” Hyrule is brimming with ruins in Tears of the Kingdom, so this clue doesn’t exactly narrow down the search.

The specific ruins you need to find are the Ring Ruins located in Kakariko Village. These ruins lie to the north, near Paya and Tauro. Approach them and they will request that you investigate the ruin they’ve been studying. Utilize your Ascend ability to enter the ruin and locate the stone slab. Capture a photograph of it using your Purah Pad and show it to the pair to receive your next clue.

A cryptic slab of unknown writing.
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Proceed to the Polpla Foothills Skyview Tower to find Calip. They will inform you that Tauro has already ventured into the ruins, prompting you to follow and speak with them next. Tauro’s camp can be found at Dracozu Lake.

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After conversing with Tauro, open the nearby chest to obtain the Changed Shirt, which you should equip. Speak to Tauro again. At this point, you will need to navigate the river, referred to by Tauro as a dragon, to search for the remaining pieces of the Changed armor set.

The trousers can be found in a side passage that requires clearing with either bombs or a hammer, while the headdress is concealed behind some vines further down the river. Once you have the complete Changed armor set, proceed to the end of the river and enter the ruins. Place a Zonai charge on the altar, triggering a cutscene that parts the clouds and reveals Thunderhead Isles.

The clouds clearing to show a sky island.
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The easiest way to reach the isles is by gliding from the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower. Alternatively, you can use Recall on fallen debris if you spot any. Remember to unequip any metallic items to avoid being struck by the constant lightning storms.

Fight your way across the islands, descending to lower levels as you progress, until you reach the Joku-u Shrine. Enter and complete the Shrine.

Upon leaving the Shrine, burn the vines blocking a path in the ruins to reveal a large circular door. Opening this door requires a minimum of 10 heart containers, so ensure your health is sufficiently boosted by this point. Once inside, ascend the stairs and interact with the mask. A cutscene will follow, during which the mask emits a laser that indicates the direction you need to go. Pick up the mask and take it with you to the nearby flying device, along with some fans, to reach your destination. Place the mask on the pedestal, watch another cutscene, and then place it on the second pedestal to activate an elevator that will take you into the Depths.

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A mask shooting a laser towards the ground.
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From this point on, your task is to collect all four pieces of a golem for Mineru. Visit each of the four storehouses and solve the puzzles to obtain each part and bring them back.

Once Minaru has been repaired, mount it and together, make your way to the waypoint at the Spirit Temple. The golem will be unable to climb the steep terrain, so utilize the nearby rockets to fly both of you up. Interact with the owl statue inside the temple.

Your final challenge is the boss battle against the Sized Construct, which you will face while controlling Mineru.

Link talking to a giant construct.
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Emerging victorious from this battle, collect your Heart Container, and trigger a final cutscene with Mineru. They will then guide you to acquire the Master Sword (assuming you haven’t already obtained it). With all five Sage abilities in your possession, you can finally conclude this extensive quest by speaking to Purah at Lookout Landing.

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