How to Dominate Fortnite without Ranged Weapons

Customize Your Mech for Success

Time to gear up, soldier. In Armored Core 6, your mech is your ultimate avatar, and the components you equip can revolutionize its performance. From legs to cores, there are countless ways to tweak your mech. However, the most crucial aspect is undoubtedly your weapon loadout. Whether you prefer close combat or ranged attacks, your choice of weaponry can make or break your success. So, here are the top Armored Core 6 weapons you should prioritize:

Unleash Devastation with Melee: Vvvc-774LS Laser Slicer

Let’s start with a melee weapon. Surprisingly, melee weapons can be more effective than firearms and lasers when it comes to eliminating foes. The Vvvc-774LS Laser Slicer shines in this regard. Its broad attack range allows for devastating strikes against hordes of smaller enemies. Each swing delivers a double hit, resulting in a rapid onslaught of 1,615 attack power. Plus, you can charge it up while advancing, perfect for creating breathing space when overwhelmed. Keep in mind that it’s relatively weighty and takes time to “reload,” but the advantages it offers are well worth it.

Unleash Laser Fury: VP-60LCS Laser Cannon

If you require a reliable shoulder-mounted laser weapon early on, look no further than the VP-60LCS. While their damage output is decent, their true strength lies in their ability to stagger opponents. With a nearly unlimited rate of fire and no need for reloading, these cannons are indispensable in intense battles. Just be cautious not to overheat them. Having a laser cannon in your arsenal complements your playstyle, allowing you to unleash a barrage of shots after stunning enemies with precise accuracy.

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Annihilate Enemies with Unstoppable Force: DF-GA-08-HU-BEN Gatling Gun

Sometimes, all you need is raw power to make your adversaries vanish. Enter the DF-GA-08-HU-BEN Gatling Gun, one of the finest in its class. Each round may seem insignificant on its own, but with a staggering capacity of 1,300 rounds, this weapon guarantees sustained destruction. Pair it with a laser weapon to immobilize opponents, followed by an onslaught from your Gatling gun. The combination is unstoppable, obliterating anything in its path.

Rain Explosive Havoc: Songbirds Grenade Cannon

Although you have to wait until later in the game to unlock heavy explosives like the Songbirds Grenade Cannon, it’s an investment you won’t regret. These grenades deliver unparalleled impact damage, especially when fired near groups of enemies. Additionally, they induce a staggering effect, making them particularly effective against formidable bosses. Keep your eyes peeled for the availability of this game-changing weapon.

Lock and Load Destruction: BML-G1/P07VTC-12 Vertical Missile Launcher

No list of top Armored Core 6 weapons would be complete without a missile launcher. And the BML-G1/P07VTC-12 takes the crown in this category. This shoulder-mounted weapon of mass destruction houses a dozen missiles in its chamber, capable of tracking targets even behind cover or obstacles. By locking onto up to twelve adversaries, you can unleash a torrent of missiles that leave no escape route. It’s the ultimate weapon for those who crave pure devastation.

Remember, mastering your arsenal is crucial in the battle for victory in Armored Core 6. Choose your weapons wisely, experiment with different combinations, and become the most formidable mercenary on the battlefield.

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