How to Earn a Nuke in Warzone 2.0

Did you know that you have the chance to acquire a game-ending nuke in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0? It’s a neat homage to the original Modern Warfare 2, but obtaining it in the latest release is much more challenging. Warzone 2.0 doesn’t provide explicit instructions on the process, but luckily, the gaming community has collaborated to uncover the secrets of earning a nuke in the battle royale mode.

Five Consecutive Wins

The first step towards obtaining a nuke is to achieve five consecutive wins. This task alone is already quite arduous, as victory in a single match can be elusive. Moreover, the current game crashes frequently, which can disrupt your winning streak. Waiting until these issues are resolved might be a prudent approach. For optimal results, we recommend playing with a full squad and coordinating your actions. Adopt a passive playstyle to avoid being eliminated, and strive to accumulate as much loot and cash as possible to ensure you have an ample supply of UAVs and other useful items. Unfortunately, guaranteeing wins is decidedly difficult.

Embark on the Champion’s Quest

Once you have successfully secured five consecutive wins, load into a new battle royale match, and you’ll notice a new objective called “Champion’s Quest.” On your map, three new icons denoting the quest locations will be displayed (indicated by the Warzone logo). When you arrive at any of these locations, a classified briefcase will appear. Make sure to grab it to initiate the quest. To swiftly navigate the map, we highly recommend using a helicopter.

Discover the Nuclear Materials

The next step is particularly challenging, allowing very little room for error. After initiating the quest, you will receive instructions to locate the elements necessary for constructing the nuke. On the top-left of your screen, you will notice three elements represented by a “?” icon. Each of these elements needs to fill up, and when they do, they will appear individually on the map. Patience is key—wait for the material to appear, head to its location, and pick it up.

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Keep in mind that these three items have negative effects. The first one, known as Beryllium, places a tracking device on you (similar to being Most Wanted). The second item, Plutonium, causes constant radiation damage. Lastly, Tritium scrambles your radar, making it more difficult to detect enemy movements.

Assemble the Nuke

Twitch streamer JoeWo earning a nuke in Warzone 2.0.
Image used with permission from copyright holder.

Once you have acquired the necessary materials, you must patiently wait for a timer to count down so you can assemble the nuke. During this time, a Jailbreak event may occur, further complicating your survival. To maximize your chances, find a secluded area with few entrances and hold out until the timer reaches zero.

After the countdown, you will receive a notification revealing the bomb site’s location. Remember, this location is unique for each match. You will have five minutes to reach the bomb site and assemble the nuke. Interact with the bomb to complete the assembly process and prepare for the next phase.

Defend Your Bomb

When the bomb has been armed, your task shifts to defending it for two minutes. It’s important to note that other players will be able to see the bomb’s location on the map, alongside your own tracking device. You are unlikely to be alone in this endeavor. Utilize strategic cover, set up claymores and proximity mines, and do your best to fend off potential attackers.


After successfully defending the bomb for two minutes, it will detonate, resulting in your victory. You will be treated to a spectacular cinematic sequence and rewarded with various cosmetics, including a unique calling card.

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