How to Earn Cash in No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky is the ultimate gaming adventure that allows players to explore an astonishing 18 million planets. With its sandbox-style gameplay, you can traverse galaxies, befriend aliens, and even amass your own fortune. However, making money is crucial for creating the best base, upgrading equipment, and purchasing top-tier items.

Currency Options in No Man’s Sky

In No Man’s Sky, there are three primary types of currency to consider: Units, Nanites, and Quicksilver. Each currency offers unique perks and can be obtained in different ways, adding a touch of complexity to the wealth-building process.

  • Units: Units are the most basic form of currency and are relatively easy to acquire, especially when starting out. These funds tend to accumulate rapidly compared to the other two currencies.

  • Nanites: Nanites are the second most common currency, although they are not as plentiful as Units. However, their value is higher, making them a more worthwhile asset for trades and upgrades.

  • Quicksilver: Quicksilver is the most sought-after currency in the game, renowned for its versatility. It can be used in the Space Anomaly to obtain fantastic customizations, decorations, and even initiate the acquisition of a living ship.

Nexus Missions: A Lucrative Path to Riches

If you’re seeking an efficient way to earn all three types of currency, look no further than Nexus missions. The Space Anomaly features a colossal cube known as the Nexus, where players gather and embark on missions for monetary gains.

The Nexus is the sole source of Quicksilver, but it also offers missions that reward Nanites and Units. This hub allows players to choose from an array of missions, showcasing the potential rewards and making it effortless to find lucrative Quicksilver opportunities. Usually, you can undertake one Quicksilver mission per day, but keep an eye out for special events that offer additional chances.

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Completing Nexus missions not only brings in the currency you desire but also opens up new planets and galaxies, adding extra excitement to your cash-earning endeavors.

The Mission Listing Agent: A Valuable Resource

During your galactic travels, make it a habit to visit every Space Station you come across. Aside from unlocking the warp pad for easy returns, Space Stations offer numerous opportunities for swift financial gains.

The missions listing agent, typically found on the right side of the Space Station in the blue area near the Galactic Trade Terminal, provides various missions that can generate quick cash. While these missions may sometimes feel repetitive, they are an excellent way to bolster your funds.

Each Space Station is governed by a different faction (Korvax, Gek, or Vy’keen), resulting in a diverse array of missions. Taking on missions from multiple factions simultaneously can yield double the rewards, securing substantial profits. Keep an eye on the mission rewards, as they may be paid out in either Units or Nanites.

The Galactic Trade Terminal: A Lucrative Marketplace

While at the Space Station, don’t forget to visit the Galactic Trade Terminal. This invaluable resource allows you to purchase rare items that may be challenging to find elsewhere in the system. Additionally, it presents an excellent opportunity to buy and sell goods for quick profits.

Each Galactic Trade Terminal lists specialized items specific to its galaxy. Initially, you may encounter items that are of little use to you. However, you can purchase these rare items, travel to another Space Station with a marked-up resale price, and turn a profit. The rarity of these items determines their marked-up cost at different terminals, creating an ideal environment for rapid Unit accumulation.

Be cautious when conducting transactions at the Galactic Trade Terminal since it functions like a stock market. Unintentionally crashing the market is a possibility, but fear not, as other Space Stations are always available for future trading. Furthermore, remember to compare prices between different terminals to maximize your earnings.

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Guild Envoys: A Pleasant Surprise

While exploring Space Stations, take a moment to converse with the Guild Envoys situated near the missions listing agent. Engaging with these individuals provides valuable rewards, including Nanites or Units for your ongoing adventures. Although the immediate income may not be substantial, the cumulative effect can significantly boost your funds. Every Space Station visit presents an opportunity to receive easy cash, so it’s an endeavor well worth your time.

Hidden Treasures: Humming Sacs, Whispering Eggs, and Ancient Bones

During your exploration, you may come across icons representing humming sacs or whispering eggs. These items fetch high prices at space terminals, making them excellent assets for profitable transactions. Humming sacs are relatively easy to find inside caves or near cave entrances, making them a convenient and lucrative resource.

On the other hand, acquiring whispering eggs requires a bit more tact. When punctured, these eggs awaken biological horrors that pursue you relentlessly. To retrieve a whispering egg safely, build a protective enclosure with four walls around it. This way, you can break open the egg, collect the valuable Larval Core, and remain unharmed inside your makeshift room. Ensure you have a robust jet pack or a dependable multi-tool weapon for added safety.

If you stumble upon a planet teeming with buried ancient bones, seize the opportunity to collect these valuable treasures. Ancient bones command high prices, making them an excellent choice for boosting your funds.

Space Pirates and Reputation-building

Engaging space pirates in combat serves not only as an exhilarating activity but also as a rewarding venture. When alerted to a potential threat, do not hesitate to confront these pirates, as even defeating a single one-star pirate can yield approximately 10,000 Units. It’s an enjoyable way to engage in combat and generate quick cash.

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Eliminating space pirates not only provides monetary rewards but also increases your reputation in the galaxy. Building a positive reputation in each galaxy unlocks various rewards, with better reputations leading to greater benefits. Speaking with NPCs at Space Stations and trading posts also contributes to reputation growth. Additionally, offering appropriate factions their respective artifacts further increases reputation and may even result in rewards such as Nanites or Units.

Don’t Forget to Upload Scanned Data

Scanning living creatures, plants, and minerals on each planet is a thrilling aspect of No Man’s Sky. However, it’s essential to remember to upload your scanned data to recompense you with Nanites. Access the Discoveries menu by pressing the Options button on your controller and navigating to Discoveries using R2 or L2. Inside the Discoveries section, press O to enter the main menu. At the top, you’ll notice an Up Arrow in a Circle. Clicking this uploads all your discoveries and rewards you with five Nanites per upload. Utilizing this feature ensures a swift and effortless method of acquiring additional funds.


Earning money in No Man’s Sky requires a combination of strategic decision-making, exploration, and combat skills. By partaking in Nexus missions, seizing opportunities at the Galactic Trade Terminal, engaging with Guild Envoys, and uncovering hidden treasures, you’ll pave the way to becoming a wealthy space voyager. Remember to build your reputation, fend off space pirates, and upload your scanned data for additional rewards. With these tips in mind, prepare to embark on an exciting journey filled with financial prosperity and thrilling adventures.

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