How to Earn Gold in MultiVersus by OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

Nothing is ever truly free — or at least the creators always find a way for you to pay somehow. MultiVersus is not as harsh as many other free games that practically force you to spend real money to compete or progress. However, it does feature various in-game currencies with different purposes. Some items can only be purchased with the premium currency called Gleamium, while others are available for both Gleamium and the earnable currency, Gold.

Gold holds immense value in MultiVersus. It is essential for numerous in-game activities, and if you manage to consistently earn enough of it, you won’t need to spend much from your wallet to enjoy the game fully. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to earn Gold, each offering different amounts. These methods are interconnected, so it’s best to focus your efforts to maximize your earnings. Here are the top ways to accumulate Gold in MultiVersus.

Play and Win Matches

The most straightforward method is to simply play the game and participate in matches. Every match rewards you with Gold. Additionally, winning matches grants you an extra bonus, boosting your earnings. It goes without saying that you should always strive to win for the maximum payout.

Daily and Battle Pass Missions

Take advantage of the daily missions in MultiVersus. These missions usually require you to complete one or two simple tasks, which reward you with easy Gold. Furthermore, leveling up your battle pass can also yield Gold as a reward. Make sure to progress through your battle pass while playing to consistently work towards new levels.

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Get Toasted

While not entirely under your control, getting toasted after a match awards you with 25 Gold each time. You can also toast other players to signal them to toast you back, though this aspect is somewhat beyond your influence.

Level Up Characters

Diversify your character usage and exploit the opportunity to level up low-level characters. Leveling up characters grants you a Gold bonus, and it’s advisable to level up as many characters as possible. Reaching rank five with a character rewards you with 100 coins.

Play with Friends

Invite a friend to your party when searching for matches. By doing so, you not only receive a 30% XP boost but also a 30% increase in Gold earnings. Playing with friends not only enhances your experience but also comes with its own perks.

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How to Farm Gold

Gold farming can be slightly monotonous compared to the excitement of playing MultiVersus, but if you’re determined to earn Gold quickly, give this method a shot.

Join a Party with a Friend

Team up with a friend by joining a party together.

Play Two-versus-Two Matches against Easy AI Opponents and Win

Engage in two-versus-two matches against easy AI opponents and secure victories.

Repeatedly Toast Each Other

After each match, continuously toast your friend and have them return the favor. This repetitive action can aid in your Gold farming efforts.

Buying toast with gold.
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Remember, earning Gold in MultiVersus requires dedication and strategic gameplay. Put in the effort, enjoy the game, and let the Gold flow!

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