How to Enable FSR on the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is an incredible device that has improved since its release. Valve’s updates have introduced new features and compatibility, including the much-awaited AMD Fidelity FX Super Resolution (FSR). FSR can greatly enhance performance and visual quality, making a significant difference for your favorite games, especially when playing on a monitor.

What is FSR on the Steam Deck?

FSR, short for FidelityFX Super Resolution, is an AMD technology that optimizes game resolution. With FSR 2.0, it upscales and enhances game visuals without sacrificing frame rate. This is particularly beneficial for the Steam Deck, which may struggle to reach high resolutions on certain games, especially when connected to a larger screen. Valve even claims that using FSR can significantly extend battery life for specific games.

While some games have built-in FSR support, you can enable FSR for all games on your Steam Deck by following these steps.

How to Enable FSR on the Steam Deck

Step 1: Launch the game you want to optimize and press the QAM (Quick Access Menu) button on the right-hand side of the Steam Deck, represented by “…”.

Step 2: Scroll down in the menu until you reach the Performance section, indicated by the battery icon.

Go to the Deck Performance menu.

Step 3: Within the Performance section, select the Advanced view option to display all available features.

Step 4: Keep scrolling until you find the Scaling filter slider. Slide it all the way to the right, selecting the FSR option.

The Scaling Filter in the Steam Deck.

Step 5: Just below this section, you’ll find the FSR sharpness option. For now, set it to the maximum value. You can experiment with this slider later if you experience frame rate issues while upscaling your game.

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Step 6: You’re not done yet. To enable FSR, access the in-game menu and locate the resolution settings, typically found in the video or graphics section. Set the resolution significantly lower than the native or default level, preferably 720p or lower. Reducing the resolution prompts the Deck to activate FSR. Now you’re ready to play.

The Steam Deck menu for Half Life 2.

Step 7: If you don’t notice any resolution changes at the same frame rate, check your screen settings. Try toggling the full-screen mode off and on to see if that helps. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust your resolution settings as FSR can be used to increase frame rate or enhance resolution, depending on the game you’re playing.

Enjoy optimizing your Steam Deck with FSR! If you’re interested in more tips and tricks to maximize your Steam Deck experience, check out our article here.

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