How to Enjoy Rocket League with Your Friends

Rocket League just isn’t the same without the ability to play with friends. Whether you’re coordinating strategies, cheering each other on, or simply showing off a little, playing Rocket League with friends enhances the overall experience. The great news is that Rocket League offers various options for multiplayer gaming and finding new friends to play with. Let’s explore the best ways to enjoy Rocket League with your pals and how to enable these options.

Adding Friends in Rocket League and Playing Together

Step 1: To add friends in Rocket League, start by opening the settings. Then, navigate to the Social section and select your Rocket Friends list, which is the second tab. Within this list, you can easily see who is currently online and who has already joined your game. You can invite your available friends to join your game. However, adding new friends requires a bit more effort.

Step 2: Locate the search option, which may be labeled “Add friend by Rocket ID” on PC or displayed as a dedicated button on consoles. This step requires you to know their Rocket ID. Since you have likely just played with them, it shouldn’t be too difficult to remember. However, taking a screenshot as a reminder is a good idea. Some platforms even offer a list of recently played individuals for your convenience.

Invite and friend options in Rocket League.
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Step 3: After Rocket League identifies the Rocket ID of the person you want to add, select it to send a friend request. Once they accept your request, you can start inviting them to join your games whenever they are online.

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Step 4: Note that if you and your friends are playing with Epic IDs instead of Rocket IDs, the process is similar. However, if you recently started playing the Epic version, you may need to manually convert your friends list. You can find this option in the Interface settings after linking your Epic Account.

Joining a Friend’s Party in Rocket League

What if your friend is already playing Rocket League? If they are in a public game, you can use the join game option provided by your platform. However, it may not always be that simple. Public games can be full for several sessions, and some players prefer creating private matches. Private matches are typically challenging to join unless you are already in the party. Here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Ensure that your friend has created a private match or convince them to do so. Private matches require a specific name and password to enter. Ask your friend to message you the name and password before you start. Alternatively, if your friend invites you to the party before creating the private match, you can skip this step. However, you need to be online for the invitation to work.

Step 2: In Rocket League’s main menu, select “Play,” and then choose “Private Match.”

Join Private Match in Rocket League.
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Step 3: Next, select “Join a Private Match.” Enter the given name and password to unlock the match and join the party.

Cross-Platform Play with Friends in Rocket League

Rocket League supports cross-platform play between Steam, Epic, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. This means you can team up with players from any of these platforms. Fortunately, cross-play is enabled by default, allowing you to find and play with anyone who has a Rocket ID or Epic ID.

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If, for any reason, cross-platform play is disabled, you can easily enable it again. Go to Settings, then Gameplay, and ensure that the “Cross-platform play” option is checked.

Team in Rocket League.
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Split-Screen Multiplayer in Rocket League

Many versions of Rocket League enable split-screen multiplayer, allowing you to play with someone in the same room. This feature is available on console versions and Rocket League on Steam. Activating split-screen mode is straightforward.

Step 1: Ensure that both you and your friend have connected controllers. Split-screen mode requires each player to have a controller. One player cannot use a controller while the other uses a mouse and keyboard.

Rocket League Split Screen.
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Step 2: Launch Rocket League and remain in the main menu.

Step 3: Have your couch co-op friend press the primary menu/start button on their controller. The linking process should occur automatically. PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam controllers should connect to Rocket League and switch to a split-screen view. This split-screen mode works whether you are playing offline or online.

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