How to Log Out of Fortnite on PS4

Chances are you have already downloaded Fortnite on your PlayStation 4. It’s no surprise considering its incredible popularity, with 27 million players attending the in-game Travis Scott concert. Despite its massive following, there are a few areas where the game could improve, such as providing a clearer way to log out of your account. This guide will walk you through the process of logging out of Fortnite on PS4.

Logging Out via PS4

When you launch Fortnite, you might expect to find a simple log-out option in the main menu. Unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward. However, there is a method to ensure you’re logged out.

Step 1: From the game’s main menu, select “Options,” scroll down, and choose the “Support” option. This will open the PlayStation browser.

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Step 2: You will be directed to the Epic Games website. Once the page loads, locate the “Sign In” option in the top right corner.

Step 3: Use this option to sign in to your Epic Games account. Keep in mind that you might need to use a verification code to complete the sign-in process.

Step 4: After signing in, go back to the same spot and hover over your username. A new option labeled “Account” will appear. Select that option.

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Step 5: You will be directed to a new page with various options on the left-hand side. Click on “Connections.”

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Step 6: The submenu will default to “Apps.” Click on “Accounts.” Here, you will see a list of all your Fortnite connections, including the PlayStation Network.

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Step 7: Select “PlayStation Network,” check all the boxes, and then press “Unlink.” This will log you out of your Fortnite account on PS4. You can follow the same steps to log out of other systems like Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Changing the User

To switch to a different user account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Reboot the game.

Step 2: After rebooting, a sign-in page will appear on the screen. On this page, you can enter your preferred PS4 user information to switch accounts or add a new account entirely.

Logging Out of a PS4 Account via a PC

To log out of Fortnite on your PS4 using a phone, tablet, or PC, you can follow the same steps outlined above. You might find the logout process even easier on a PC since your preferred web browser will likely be more familiar than the PS4’s browser. From start to finish, logging out via a PC is almost identical to logging out on a PS4 system.

Step 1: Go to the Epic Games website and log into your account using the option in the top-right corner (explained in detail above).

Step 2: Once you have logged in, you can navigate through your account.

Step 3: Click on “Connections” and unlink your PSN account. After disconnecting the link, when you reopen Fortnite on your PS4, the game will prompt you to log in or create a new account.

How to log out of Fortnite on PS4
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