How to Master Wall Jumping in Metroid Dread

With the release of Metroid Dread, players will embark on an adventure through planet ZDR, armed with a variety of items, power-ups, and suits to aid them on their journey. One of the fundamental moves in the game is the wall jump, a maneuver that has been a series staple for years. Although the wall jump is available from the start, it can still be tricky to execute effectively.

Understanding the Wall Jump

The wall jump is an essential technique that must be mastered to progress through the game’s story. If you find yourself struggling to grasp the mechanics of this move, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about wall jumping in Metroid Dread.

How to Perform a Wall Jump

Unlike its predecessor, Super Metroid, wall jumping in Metroid Dread is much more straightforward. The key to a successful wall jump is ensuring that Samus flips in the air, as a standard jump will not suffice. To execute a proper wall jump, follow these steps:

  1. Begin by building momentum. Make sure Samus is running before pressing the jump button (B).
  2. If you press the jump button (B) without any directional input, Samus will perform a standard jump without flipping. To initiate a wall jump, move towards a wall while running, then press the jump button (B).
  3. Once Samus makes contact with the wall, quickly move the control stick in the opposite direction and press the jump button (B) once again. This will propel Samus off the wall and towards the next one.
  4. To maintain the wall jump momentum, continue alternating the control stick left and right while consistently pressing the jump button (B). The timing does not need to be overly precise, so don’t fret too much about getting it exactly right.
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You can watch the video above to see the wall jump in action.

Wall Jumping Underwater

Initially, wall jumping underwater is not possible in Metroid Dread. However, once you obtain the Gravity Suit, which becomes available approximately halfway through the game, the rules change. To acquire the Gravity Suit, you must have access to the Morph Ball, the Pulse Radar, and the Space Jump. Seek out the Gravity Suit at a Chozo statue in Burenia, located at the bottom of the area.

Once you possess the Gravity Suit, you can effortlessly perform wall jumps underwater, defying the usual physics associated with underwater movement. Thanks to the Gravity Suit, you will no longer feel sluggish while traversing underwater environments. The process of executing a wall jump remains the same underwater as it does on land, so follow the steps outlined above to execute this maneuver underwater. With the Gravity Suit, you are now free to wall jump wherever you please.

Samus underwater in Metroid Dread
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Map of Gravity Suit location in Metroid Dread
Chozo statue with Gravity Suit in Metroid Dread

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