How to Obtain and Upgrade the FFXIV Shadowbringers Skysteel Tools

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers patch 5.25 has finally granted warriors of light the long-awaited Shadowbringers relic weapons. However, crafters and gatherers haven’t been left behind. One of the game’s most time-consuming activities is now available to all. In this article, we will guide you on how to get started with your Skysteel tools.

Unlocking the Shadowbringers Skysteel Tools

Getting your first Skysteel tool is a relatively straightforward task. To begin, switch to your preferred crafting or gathering class and teleport to Foundation. From there, use the aetheryte to travel to The Brume and head towards the entrance of the Firmament. Standing beside the person who usually escorts you in, you’ll find an NPC with a quest marker above their head. Strike up a conversation with them, and they will eventually ask you to meet them near the Skysteel Manufactory. Go back there, engage in a lengthy conversation with the other attendees, and you’ll receive your first Skysteel tool.

The next steps vary depending on whether you’re a gatherer or a crafter.

Disciple of the Land Skysteel Tools (Gathering Classes)

Skysteel tools start at an item level (iLvl) of 440, which is respectable but not the best available. However, they are sufficient for activities like the Diadem. With some effort and dedication, you can upgrade them to iLvl 455 and eventually reach 475, surpassing the current scrip gear.

Step 1: Skysteel +1 Requirements

For gatherers, this first step involves a true grind. The Gathering Log will have new entries that indicate where you need to go. You’ll need to gather several hundred high-quality materials and around a hundred normal-quality scraps. Although it may sound daunting, it’s not as bad as it seems.

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The gathering nodes are abundant, and they offer generous bonuses to gathering attempts and high-quality rates. By using gathering food like Coffee Biscuits and Hi-Cordial, you should be able to complete this step within two to three hours. You can even have Disney+ or Netflix playing in the background to keep you entertained.

If you’re a fisher, make sure to stock up on the Signature Skyball bait from Denys before heading out. This bait will increase your chances of catching the right item for the upgrade.

Materials needed:

  • Mining: 340x Oddly Specific Obsidian (HQ) + 120x Oddly Specific Mineral Sand (NQ)
  • Botany: 340x Oddly Specific Latex (HQ) + 120x Oddly Specific Fossil Dust (NQ)
  • Fishing: 40x Thinkers Coral (HQ)

Step 2: Dragonsung Tool Requirements

The next step is another challenging endeavor. After a minor upgrade to iLvl 445, the path to a 475 Skysteel tool becomes more grueling. It follows a similar pattern to the previous step, but you’ll be gathering different items in larger quantities. The principles and methods remain the same, but you should expect to dedicate three to four hours to complete this step. Once you have obtained the necessary items, Denys will exchange them for the upgraded tool.

Materials needed:

  • Mining: 510x Oddly Specific Dark Matter (HQ) + 180x Oddly Specific Striking Stone (NQ)
  • Botany: 510x Oddly Specific Amber (HQ) + 180x Oddly Specific Bauble (NQ)
  • Fishing: 60x Dragonspine (HQ)

Disciple of the Hand Skysteel Tools (Crafting Classes)

Skysteel tools for crafters start at an iLvl of 440, which isn’t the most powerful currently available but will likely become so over time. With some effort, you can upgrade these tools to iLvl 455 and eventually reach 475, surpassing the current scrip gear.

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Step 1: Skysteel +1 Requirements

For crafters, the process is a bit more intricate. You’ll need to use your tool to craft several unique recipes. The materials required for these crafts can be purchased with yellow scrips, so if you’re running low on them, be prepared to put in some extra work.

Materials needed:

  • Carpenter: 20x Oddly Specific Petrified Ore
  • Blacksmith: 20x Oddly Specific Rivets
  • Armorer: 20x Oddly Specific Wire
  • Goldsmith: 20x Oddly Specific Whetstone
  • Leatherworker: 20x Oddly Specific Leather
  • Weaver: 20x Oddly Specific Moonbeam Silk
  • Alchemist: 20x Oddly Specific Synthetic Resin
  • Culinarian: 20x Oddly Specific Seed Extract

Step 2: Dragonsung Tool Requirements

The second step of the Skysteel relic tool upgrade process for crafters follows a similar pattern. You’ll need to craft a different set of items. Once you have completed these crafts, take your Skysteel +1 tool to Denys for an exchange, receiving a Dragonsung tool in return.

Materials needed:

  • Carpenter: 30x Oddly Specific Shaft
  • Blacksmith: 30x Oddly Specific Fitting
  • Armorer: 30x Oddly Specific Chainmail Sheet
  • Goldsmith: 30x Oddly Specific Gemstone
  • Leatherworker: 30x Oddly Specific Vellum
  • Weaver: 30x Oddly Specific Velvet
  • Alchemist: 30x Oddly Specific Glass
  • Culinarian: 30x Oddly Specific Seed Flour

Obtaining Extra Skysteel Tools

If you’re ambitious and want to prepare for future upgrade steps, you can purchase additional Skysteel tools from Denys at the Skysteel Manufactory for 80,000 gil each. These tools will be in their base form, so you’ll need to follow the previous steps to upgrade them to their maximum potential. Keep in mind that this will require a significant amount of work, and additional upgrade steps will be released in future patches. However, if you’re in need of a cost-effective tool to gather scrips, these can serve as a good starting point.

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OnSpec Electronic, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic tools, including the Skysteel tools mentioned in this article.

Remember to enjoy the process and take breaks when needed. Happy tool upgrading, and may your crafting and gathering endeavors be fruitful!

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