How to Obtain the Motorcycle in Breath of the Wild

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild introduced numerous groundbreaking features and mechanics that had never been seen in the long-standing franchise. One aspect that drew both fans and critics to the game was the vast and open-ended world of Hyrule, which practically begged to be explored. What made it even more enticing was the constant rewards awaiting players at every turn.

In the game’s second DLC, The Champions’ Ballad, players were treated to new dungeons, quests brimming with memories and cutscenes, and even armor. But what surprised everyone was the inclusion of…a motorcycle! It was a departure from the conventional horseback riding usually associated with the game’s protagonist, Link. However, Nintendo allowed gamers to indulge in some high-speed action with the Master Cycle Zero. If you’re eager to upgrade from a standard horse to a sleek steel ride, we’re here to guide you on how to obtain the motorcycle in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

How to Unlock the Master Cycle Zero

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Motorcycle
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As with anything worthwhile in Breath of the Wild, acquiring this motorized immersion-breaker of a vehicle requires completing the entire Champion’s Ballad questline in the game’s DLC content. This means conquering all the main missions. While you can skip the additional side content, the main missions demand your attention. Keep in mind that although you don’t need to have finished the base game, you must have defeated all four Divine Beasts and their formidable Blight Ganon bosses.

To commence the Champion’s Ballad quest, return to where it all began—the Shrine of Resurrection on the Great Plateau. After testing out a new weapon, the One-Hit Obliterator, you’ll receive four new locations to choose from. You can tackle them in any order you prefer. Each location comprises three trials and three Shrines. In total, you’ll need to complete 12 trials and Shrines to face the final trial and boss.

EX Champion Mipha’s Song

BOTW Mipha's Song
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Your initial challenge at Mipha’s monument entails solving a riddle. By deciphering the pictures on each stone pillar and listening to Kass’s melody, you’ll uncover what you need to do at three distinct locations. On the eastern shore of the Zora capital, you’ll come across Zora Muzu, who provides a clue: “While the morning sun is newly born, follow the path of light to the trial.” Wait until morning, keep your eyes on the water, and swim through the blue ring revealed by the rising sun to find the Kee Dafunia Shrine.

The Kee Dafunia Shrine involves melting and moving ice blocks to activate pressure plates, allowing you to climb to the end. It’s a relatively straightforward and quick challenge.

The next location, Upland Zorana, is a mountain north of Zora’s Domain. You’ll encounter three Guardian Skywatchers and one Guardian Turret, all of which must be defeated. These enemies are formidable, so ensure you’re well-equipped with potent weapons and arrows. Once you’ve triumphed, the Sato Koda Shrine will appear. This shrine features a ball puzzle that becomes easier if you use stasis to lock the tilting platforms in place rather than relying solely on ice pillars.

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The final challenge for Mipha’s Song awaits on the east side of Zora’s Domain. You’re tasked with passing through all the blue rings, so having Zora’s armor on hand is crucial to swimming up waterfalls along the path. The shrine will be waiting for you at the end.

Another traversal shrine, Mah Eliya Shrine, involves metal cages and cubes. Ice and stasis prove invaluable for ascending to the top.

The last step involves a rematch against Waterblight Ganon. Since you’ve fought this boss before, you know what to expect. Take him down with precise arrow shots and strategic use of Urbosa’s Fury.

EX Champion Revali’s Song

After arriving at Revali’s Song on the eastern side of Cuho Mountain and receiving additional clues and another song, the journey begins by shooting Dinraal’s horn to unlock the first shrine. Dinraal only appears in the morning at Tarangar Canyon. Wait for the opportune moment, jump into the air, glide, and precisely snipe the glowing horn with an arrow. The Shira Gomar Shrine awaits and is equally straightforward. Employ your bombs and wind turbines to break the walls and reach the end.

To initiate the next trial, visit the Goma Asaagh Shrine on Hebra Peak. There, you’ll encounter more glowing blue rings. Grab your best snowboarding shield and bomb down the hill, passing through all the rings to reveal the next shrine. This guiding puzzle shrine requires maneuvering a ball from one end of the track to the other, utilizing cubes for assistance.

The final trial is located northwest of Rito Village. A flight range awaits, with four distant targets floating in the air. Leap off the edge and let the winds carry you upwards, enabling you to shoot all the targets consecutively. As always, a new shrine will materialize, testing your shooting and gliding skills one more time.

Face off against Windblight Ganon once more, and you’re prepared to progress to the next set of challenges.

EX Champion Daruk’s Song

Daruk’s Song commences southwest of Goron City, just down the Golow River. Analyze the pillars and receive clues from Kass, then teleport to the Shora Hah Shrine. At this location, you’ll need to defeat an Igneo Talus. Pummeling this opponent requires appropriate fire resistance, so ensure you equip the Firebreaker armor. Glide onto the talus’s head and unleash attacks or shoot ice arrows if available. Once the talus is defeated, the shrine will unlock. This shrine is another straightforward one. Engage in target practice, with each target becoming progressively more challenging. You have unlimited arrows, so take your time.

The subsequent ring-based trial commences on Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Peer over the edge to spot the first ring, then proceed to clear all the rings to open the next shrine. Navigate the blocks while avoiding hazards to reach the end. This trial is not overly taxing.

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The final trial takes place near Darb Pond. Simply place a block onto a glowing circle in the lava and jump on it. The shrine primarily involves evasion, blocking, and avoiding flames as you progress.

To conclude this section, brace yourself for a showdown with Fireblight Ganon.

EX Champion Urbosa’s Song

BOTW Urbosa's Song
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The final song, Urbosa’s Song, is located in the Gerudo region. By now, you’re familiar with the process, so let’s dive right in.

Your initial trial leads you to Gerudo Town, where you must find Teake, located near the palace doors. Teake will send you to a spot south of the East Barrens to defeat Molduking. It’s easier to tackle this foe at night to avoid the health penalty from the scorching desert sun. Utilize bombs and stasis during the battle, which shouldn’t pose too much difficulty. The shrine that follows is a simple electrical puzzle. Position the metal cubes correctly to complete the circuits and proceed.

Heading back toward Gerudo Town, you’ll encounter another set of rings to pass through. This time, you’ll need to capture a sand seal and utilize it to clear all the gates, thus unlocking the next shrine. This electrical puzzle is longer but no more challenging than the previous ones.

The final trial involves retrieving an orb from the hideout where you previously faced Master Khoga during the base game’s main quest. Sneak through the hideout, locate the orb in the treasure room (which is now present), and carry it outside. Toss the orb into the giant hole you noticed earlier to unveil the final shrine. To complete the shrine, place the appropriately-colored orb in each corresponding hole. The order is pink in the first, green in the second, yellow in the third, and blue in the fourth.

Once Thunderblight Ganon is defeated, you’re almost ready to mount your new steel horse.

The Divine Trial Dungeon

Prior to embarking on this final trial, ensure you’re well-equipped and prepared with elixirs. Unlike the previous boss fights, this battle allows you to enter with any gear you possess. It’s time to bring out your most potent arsenal.

You’ll be directed back to the Shrine of Resurrection, where new areas have been revealed. Solve the four mini-puzzle rooms and activate the corresponding switches: one with lava, one that spins, one with fans, and one with water. Take your time, heal yourself, and ensure you’re ready before opening the final door and speaking to the monk inside.

Monk Maz Koshia is a boss who could give Ganon a run for his money. During the first phase, brace yourself for Maz’s aggression and be prepared to dodge and counter when the opportunity arises. Play defensively but seize every chance to strike.

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The next phase takes inspiration from Thunderblight Ganon. Execute a perfectly-timed backflip dodge, followed by a flurry rush (provided you have a sufficiently strong weapon), to promptly transition to the subsequent phase.

Maz’s next trick involves creating clones of himself. While these clones can harm you, they will vanish after one hit. This is the ideal moment to unleash Urbosa’s Fury, creating an area-of-effect (AOE) attack that reveals the true monk, allowing you to focus your assaults.

In giant form, Maz hurls large spiked balls at you. Use magnesis to catch the balls and hold them against him. His subsequent move is to electrify the balls, damaging him only if you manage to bring the electrified ball close to him in time.

To conclude the fight, demonstrate your mastery of the parry skill by reflecting an eye laser attack. Observe the flash to perfect the timing and provide Maz a taste of his own medicine. Once he falls, unleash all your power to bring this quest to a satisfying close.

How the Master Cycle Zero Operates

BOTW Master Cycle Zero
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Having vanquished the final boss and completed the quest, you’ll be rewarded with a new rune that allows you to summon none other than the Master Cycle Zero. Mounting it is as simple as mounting any other horse. Although its boost speed is not as fast as that of a five-star horse, the cycle offers superior ease of control, protection against fall damage, and allows you to perform impressive jumps. However, keep in mind that you cannot summon it everywhere. The cycle is prohibited in shrines, the Gerudo Desert, and certain areas in Eldin.

The only other drawback to this stylish mode of transportation is fuel. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about real-world gas prices to keep your steed running—it can function on almost anything. Just stand near the back of the cycle, deposit materials into the fuel tank, and you’re good to go. Different materials replenish varying amounts of fuel. Surprisingly, some of the most common items, such as apples, flint, and wood, provide the highest fuel percentages. It goes without saying that you should prioritize these when refueling instead of using your rare materials. Now, hit the road and enjoy your journey across Hyrule in style!

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