How to Obtain the Ocarina and Master All the Melodies in Link’s Awakening

The Ocarina is an essential item in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, although it’s easy to overlook Link’s cherished musical instrument initially. Like the magnifying glass, the Ocarina is crucial for a few key moments in the story, but it also proves to be a valuable tool for exploration. Once you acquire the Ocarina, it’s essential to learn various tunes—unless you’re satisfied with listening to Link’s painful improvisations on the spot.

Obtaining the Ocarina

1. Completing Key Cavern

Link's Awakening Guide

To obtain the Ocarina in Link’s Awakening, you must have progressed beyond the third dungeon, Key Cavern. This is because you need both the Power Bracelet (found in Bottle Grotto) and the Pegasus Boots (found in Key Cavern and utilized in the color dungeon) to reach the Ocarina.

2. Heading to the Dream Shrine

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To find the Ocarina, Link must take a brief nap in Mabe Village. Just north of the Town Tool Shop and up the stairs, there is a stone building surrounded by boulders. With the Power Bracelet, you can now lift the boulders and allow Link to lie down in the bed.

Upon entering the building, you must swiftly race around the room’s perimeter using the Pegasus Boots. Be aware that the ground breaks beneath you, adding a sense of urgency. The first platform’s treasure chest holds 100 rupees, while the Ocarina awaits on the second platform, displayed on a pedestal in plain sight.

Congratulations, now you possess the Ocarina!

Where to Learn the Ocarina Songs

There are three songs to learn in Link’s Awakening, and we’ll delve into each one below.

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The Ballad of the Wind Fish

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“The Ballad of the Wind Fish” is the initial song you can learn in Link’s Awakening. Marin will teach it to you once you acquire the Ocarina.

Depending on the story’s progression, you can find Marin either in the Animal Village or near the Weather Vane in Mabe Village.

The Ballad of the Wind Fish plays a vital role in waking the Walrus blocking the entrance to Yarna Desert, as well as in awakening the Wind Fish later in the adventure.

Manbo’s Mambo

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The second Ocarina song, “Manbo’s Mambo,” becomes available after obtaining the Flippers in the fourth dungeon, Angler’s Tunnel.

After exiting the dungeon, dive into the water and swim to the left to find a cave. Inside, you’ll encounter a large fish named Manbo, who will teach you his catchy tune.

Manbo’s Mambo proves incredibly useful as it allows for fast travel to unlocked warp holes scattered throughout the overworld. Within a dungeon, playing this melody transports you back to the entrance.

Frog’s Song of Soul

How to get the Ocarina and learn all the songs in Link's Awakening

The third and final Ocarina song, “Frog’s Song of Soul,” requires the Hook Shot. Obtain the Hook Shot in Catfish’s Maw, the fifth dungeon, and head to Ukuku Prairie.

Proceed towards the western edge, which runs along Mabe Village. If you head south, you’ll come across a group of holes with a tree stump on each side.

Directly west of this spot, you’ll find the Trendy Game. Utilize the Hook Shot to cross the gap and enter the Signpost Maze.

By reading the signs and following the arrows, you’ll gradually reveal a staircase. Descend the stairs as instructed.

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The frog king, Mamu, provides an opportunity to listen to an “unreleased cut” for 300 rupees. Pay him the amount, and he will teach you Frog’s Song of Soul.

Frog’s Song of Soul is necessary for reviving the rooster beneath the Weather Vane in Mabe Village and gaining access to Turtle Rock, the eighth dungeon.

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