How to Obtain the Stolen Heirloom Sword in Dead Island 2

Picking up a quest in a pool.
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Completing the Clean and Snatch Lost and Found Quest

The Clean and Snatch quest is one of the first Lost and Found quests you’ll come across in Dead Island 2. It offers the possibility of obtaining a stolen heirloom sword. Although it’s not explicitly marked on your map, you have a chance encounter with it early on in the story. However, without actively looking for it, you might inadvertently miss this quest. The challenging aspect of this quest lies in deciphering somewhat vague clues. Fear not, though, as we will save you from aimlessly wandering around and guide you to the coveted heirloom sword in Dead Island 2.

Step 1:
To initiate the Clean and Snatch quest, make your way to Rikky’s house in Beverly Hills. Once you’ve secured the area by closing the gates, inspect the pool. Look for a note placed on a crate in the water.

Step 2:
The next phase requires you to gather three additional clues while following Obi on his pool cleaning route. Start by heading directly north of your starting position to reach the first pool. Climb over the wall and retrieve a phone located on one of the deck chairs by the pool.

Step 3:
Return to Michael’s house and enter his pool. Even though the water is drained, jump down and collect a clue from a toolbox.

Step 4:
Proceed to the most perilous step of this quest. If you attempt this part of the quest at the designated point in the story, the zombies you encounter will be significantly higher in level, capable of killing you in a single hit. The target location is situated due west from Rikki’s house, atop a hill. The presence of numerous toxic barrels and sludge will indicate you’re in the right place. Dash through the far back corner of the curved pool to retrieve the final clue from the edge.

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Step 5:
Now that you’ve completed the cryptic stage of this quest, your next objective is to identify the pool belonging to Obi’s crush. Since you’ve already visited most pools in town, you might consider trying the remaining few. However, the pool you seek is not even in Beverly Hills. You must return to Bel-Air and locate the southernmost house known as the “GOAT Pen.”

A map showing the GOAT pen house.
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Step 6:
Upon reaching the “GOAT Pen” house, locate the pool and put the zombie named Obi out of his misery.

Step 7:
Retrieve the set of keys that Obi drops.

The Electrocutor's sword floating in a pool.
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Step 8:
Track back to where you initially started this quest and use the keys to unlock the crate. Inside, you will find the Electrocutor Officer’s Sword. Although we’re uncertain why it qualifies as an “heirloom,” it unquestionably delivers a powerful strike.

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