How to Perform a Dive in Madden 22 and Reasons Why You Should

There’s something exhilarating about witnessing a running back or wide receiver dive for the pylon while defenders relentlessly chase after them. Whether in real life or in the virtual world of Madden 22, diving adds a thrilling dimension to the game. Amidst all the intricate button commands and pre- and post-snap mechanics, executing a dive is the simplest move a ball carrier can make. So, how exactly can you perform a dive in Madden 22, and when is the opportune moment to stretch for those extra yards?

Performing a Dive in Madden 22

Dalvin Cook evades a defender in Madden 22.
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Let’s envision a scenario: it’s fourth and goal, and the Tennessee Titans are trailing by five points. With just one play remaining, it’s only logical to place the ball in the hands of Derrick Henry. Although Henry is renowned as the biggest and most formidable bruiser in the league, attempting to force his way through the defensive line could lead to failure and result in a game-ending loss. However, Henry has a surprise up his sleeve. He takes the snap, secures the ball, and instead of initiating a direct confrontation with the defense, he dives gracefully over them, scoring a touchdown for the Tennessee Titans.

To execute a dive in Madden 22, you must press and hold the Square button (on PlayStation) or the X button (on Xbox) while sprinting forward with the ball. Sprinting with R2 (PS) or Right Trigger (Xbox) grants access to an array of evasive moves, and diving happens to be one of them.

When and Why Should You Perform a Dive in Madden 22?

Diving is a risk-reward maneuver that should only be utilized when the game is on the line. Remember to firmly press and hold the dive button. Accidental sliding could cost your team valuable yards, falling short of the desired mark. While sliding is often the safer choice, a fully extended dive could be the pivotal factor that separates a touchdown from a turnover. Thus, it’s crucial to determine the optimal circumstances for executing a dive in Madden 22.

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Choosing the Appropriate Moment for a Dive

Defenders tackle a wide receiver in Madden 22.
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Let’s recount the story of Vick Ballard, the running back for the Indianapolis Colts in 2012. During an overtime clash, Ballard catches a short pass from QB Andrew Luck. Aware that a touchdown would secure victory for his team, Ballard surges forward towards the end zone. With time seemingly suspended, he propels himself into the air, extending the ball triumphantly over the goal line. After deliberation, the officials adjudge it to be the winning score for the Colts.

Now, one might question whether it would have been a wiser decision for Ballard to simply run out of bounds before attempting his leap. Admittedly, a guaranteed score wasn’t assured, particularly when facing a resolute Titans defense from inside the five-yard line. In Madden 22, you should opt to dive for the goal line during these make-or-break moments. Additionally, diving can be employed to secure a first down. However, ensure that you’re diving into open space without any defenders in proximity. Nevertheless, whenever feasible, making significant yardage gains in the open field is preferable, especially if the first down marker is well within reach.

While diving can save the day in the closing stages of a game, it can also prove detrimental during the early phases, particularly when unnecessary. During a turbulent 2020 season for the New England Patriots, wide receiver N’Keal Harry decided to dive for the goal line while his team was already leading against the Miami Dolphins. While airborne, Harry was struck by a defender, resulting in a fumble that went through the end zone. Consequently, the Miami Dolphins obtained a touchback.

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In such scenarios, both Harry and Madden 22 players should opt to slide to the ground or run out of bounds to position their team in a more advantageous situation for scoring. Instead, Harry and the Patriots departed empty-handed, failing to secure at least three points.

Apart from gaining yards, players can also engage in celebratory dives into the end zone when there are no defenders in sight. As you approach the goal line, trigger a dive to execute either a spread-eagle leap or a corkscrew-like spin, adding an extra touch of flair to your touchdown.

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