How to Purchase and Construct a House in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

In the past, Link’s houses in the Zelda series didn’t serve much of a purpose. However, in Breath of the Wild, we were introduced to Terry Town, where we could buy and personalize our own houses for the first time. Now, in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Terry Town makes a return, but the process of buying and building a house has changed. It’s no longer just about buying a house and upgrading it; you have more control over the design. If you want to create a peaceful sanctuary for Link to call home, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to purchase and construct a house in Tears of the Kingdom.

How to Buy a House

In Tears of the Kingdom, you’re not purchasing a house directly; instead, you’re buying the land to build your own. This process may seem involved, but it’s necessary if you want to create a cozy abode.

Step 1: Make your way to Terry Town, located in the northeast region of Hyrule.

Link talking to a couple worried about their daughter.

Step 2: Approach either Rhondson or Hudson in Terry Town.

Step 3: Rhondson or Hudson will express their concerns about their daughter, Mattison, leaving for Gerudo Town.

Step 4: Look for Mattison on the second floor of the house.

Step 5: Accompany Mattison to her grandmother, Monari, who will ask for the Gerudo word for “granny.”

Step 6: The correct answer is “Vaba.”

Step 7: Mattison will then want to go to the construction site to ride the railcar, but her father will stop her.

Mattison saying she needs to sneak by to ride the railcar.

Step 8: Use a plank to obstruct her father’s line of sight, or use a Puffshroom, and assure Mattison that it’s safe to sneak past.

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Step 9: Locate Mattison near Hudson and give her the 10 Sundelions she requests.

Step 10: Wrap up the quest by speaking to Rhondson.

Rhodson offering to sell Link a plot of land.

How to Build a House

Once you’ve completed the previous quest, you can approach Rhondson and purchase a plot of land and two rooms for 1,500 Rupees. So, make sure you’ve amassed enough cash.

Step 1: Your plot of land will be located just outside of Terry Town, near the Rasitakiwak Shrine.

Step 2: Speak to the man behind the counter to begin the construction process.

Step 3: You can now utilize the Ultrahand tool to position your two starting rooms in any configuration and space you desire.

Link building a house with Ultrahand.

Step 4: Ensure that your rooms are within the roped-off area. Once you finish, the inspector will approve your first home and contact Rhondson.

Step 5: With the completion of the tutorial house, you will unlock a wide range of housing options, including the ability to purchase different room types. There are more than a dozen room types available, such as the Weapon Stand Room, Gallery, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Flower Bed. Each additional room will cost a couple hundred Rupees.

Step 6: Keep in mind that, in addition to the roped-off boundaries, there’s a limit of 15 rooms for your house. So, unfortunately, you won’t be able to construct a massive mansion.

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