How to Quickly Earn XP in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Each Pokémon game starts you off as a novice trainer. You select your starter Pokémon and embark on a journey to catch more monsters, level them up, and evolve them. Pokémon Legends: Arceus follows this familiar pattern, but with several unique twists. From combat and exploration to item management and progression, this new Pokémon title requires a different approach in every situation—including how you earn XP.

How XP Works in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

XP mechanics have been a topic of debate among Pokémon fans in recent titles. The introduction of automatic XP sharing, where all Pokémon in your team gain XP regardless of their participation in battle, has been both praised and criticized. In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, XP sharing is still present but with a twist. While all Pokémon on your team earn XP from each fight, those that don’t participate receive only half the XP compared to active participants. To speed up the leveling process, it’s best to rotate through as many Pokémon as possible during battles.

EXP Candy and Rare Candy also make a comeback in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. EXP Candy, available in small, medium, and large sizes, instantly boosts a Pokémon’s XP when consumed. Rare Candy, on the other hand, allows a Pokémon to level up instantly. You can obtain these candies from various sources in the game or purchase them in Jubilife Village.

Early-Game XP Farming

In the early stages of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the main story progression is your best bet for earning XP. The main missions ensure that your team remains adequately leveled for what lies ahead. However, if you’ve made significant changes to your team or simply want to overpower your Pokémon, there is a decent method for fast XP farming during the early levels.

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Visit the Flaoro Gardens in the Obsidian Fieldlands during daytime, and you’ll encounter a level 20 Beautifly. Defeating this higher-level opponent rewards any participating Pokémon with nearly 1,000 XP, while benched Pokémon receive half that amount. Since Beautifly is a bug and flying type, having rock types on your team will give you a significant advantage.

Mid-Game XP Farming

Once you reach the 30s and 40s in level, the XP gained from early-game fights and story missions won’t be sufficient, especially if your team has grown in size. At this stage, there are two effective options for XP farming, with the first being more friendly to lower-level teams.

Similar to Beautifly, the Crimson Mirelands feature high-level Kricketunes. These level 40 bug-type Pokémon provide ample XP and can be found just south of the Golden Lowlands location on the map. Utilize the same tactics as with Beautifly, using rock types to your advantage.

For a more sustainable farming method, target the Alpha Chansey or Blissey. Historically, these Pokémon have always given more XP than usual, and Pokémon Legends: Arceus follows suit. Alpha Chansey, a level 50 Pokémon that spawns in the Cobalt Coastlands on Tombolo Walk, is weaker and drops a medium EXP Candy. Alpha Blissey, slightly tougher at level 62, can be found in the Obsidian Fieldlands near the cliffs after climbing up from the entrance to Oreburrow Tunnel. Defeating Alpha Blissey yields a large EXP Candy. Both Alpha Pokémon can be reset by returning to the village and reentering their respective zones.

Late- and Post-Game XP Farming

The aforementioned XP farming methods should suffice for leveling your team throughout the main game and a substantial portion of the post-game content. However, if you need a fully leveled team for challenges or simply want to maximize your Pokémon’s power, there’s one reliable way to earn a substantial amount of XP—beyond purchasing candies, of course.

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After completing the Scaling Perilous Heights mission, Ingo appears in the village near the Training Grounds. Speak to him, and you can challenge a variety of trainers to battles. The best part is that your entire team is fully healed after each victory, allowing you to quickly defeat opponents you have a type advantage against. More trainers become available after completing The Counterpart mission. Here are the trainers you can challenge, along with their teams and levels:

  • Wenton: Level 55 Mothim, level 56 Gastrodon, and level 55 Jolteon.
  • Bren: Level 55 Wormadam, level 56 Gastrodon, and level 55 Sylveon.
  • Zisu: Level 57 Ambipom, level 57 Luxray, level 57 Honchkrow, and level 55 Hisuian Zoroark.
  • Akari or Rei: Level 61 Mr. Mime, level 62 Pikachu, level 61 Starapor.
  • Kamado: Level 65 Golem, level 66 Snorlax, and level 65 Heracross.
  • Beni: Level 63 Mismagius, level 63 Sneasler, level 64 Gallade.
  • Ingo: Level 67 Alakazam, level 68 Gliscor, level 67 Machamp, level 67 Probopass, level 67 Tangrowth, and level 67 Magnezone.

These trainers provide a great opportunity to earn XP and test your team’s strength. Keep challenging them to fine-tune your Pokémon’s power.

Remember, mastering XP farming techniques will help you build the strongest team possible in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. So get out there, catch ’em all, and level ’em up!

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