How to Remove a Page in Word

Blank pages in a document can leave an unprofessional impression on editors or potential employers. Microsoft Word has a tendency to create empty pages, so it’s important to delete them whenever possible. Luckily, we can guide you through the process of removing a page in Word with just a few simple steps. If you need to delete a page that includes text and graphics, our guide also includes instructions for that.

Deleting a Page with Content in Word

Deleting pages filled with content in Word.
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Step 1: Select the Page You Want to Delete

The first step in deleting a page is to ensure that you have selected the correct one. You definitely don’t want to accidentally delete the wrong page. Either scroll to the desired page or use the Go To function (Ctrl + G in Windows, Option + CMD + G in MacOS).

Once the page is visible, simply click or tap anywhere on it to select it.

Step 2: Select the Whole Page

Although it may sound like you’ve already done this step, it’s necessary to let Word know that you want to delete the entire page, not just some of its content. Open the Go To function (Ctrl + G, or Option + CMD + G on Mac) and type “page” in the Enter Page Number box. Then, select Go To (or press Enter on your keyboard) followed by Close.

Step 3: Delete the Page

Microsoft Word doesn’t provide a dedicated page deletion tool, but now that we’ve selected the whole page, deleting it is quite simple. Double-check that you’ve selected the entirety of the page you want to delete, and then press the Delete key.

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Deleting a Blank Page in Word

Blank pages in a Word document.
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Most text editors, including Word, often create blank pages at the end of a document for no apparent reason. It’s a good idea to delete them before sharing your document with your boss (in case you need to recall it) or sending it to the printer. To expedite the process, you can use a couple of quick methods.

Step 1: To find the blank page(s), open the Navigation pane. You can do this by selecting View from the top menu and ensuring that the Navigation Pane box is checked. This action should open a new column on the left-hand side, displaying all the pages in your document. If it doesn’t appear, make sure to select the Pages tab within it.

Step 2: Scroll through the list to locate the blank page(s) you want to delete. Once you find one, double-click or tap it to navigate directly to it.

Step 3: Hold down Ctrl + Shift + 8 on Windows or Command + 8 if you’re using a Mac to reveal the paragraph markers.

Step 4: Select the paragraph markers by clicking and dragging, or use the arrow keys while holding down the Shift key. You can eliminate the paragraph markers by pressing the Delete key, but this will also remove the blank page entirely.

If you anticipate using the paragraph markers again later, you can place them at the bottom of your document. Once you’ve positioned the paragraph markers where you want them, you can modify their appearance by adjusting the font size. Click on the Home tab, enter “1” in the Font Size box, and press Enter to lock in the size. After making all the necessary changes, you can once again hide the paragraph markers by holding Ctrl + Shift + 8 on Windows or Command + 8 on a Mac.

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