How to Set Parental Controls on a PS5

If the high demand for limited stock is any indication, the PlayStation 5 is generating a lot of excitement. However, as a parent, you may not want your children accessing every feature on Sony’s latest console. Luckily, the PS5 comes with built-in parental controls to help you limit and protect your children from content or functions that you don’t want them exposed to. If you’re unfamiliar with navigating the PS5, setting up these protections might seem a bit tricky. Here, we’ll explain what parental controls are available and guide you through the process of setting them up on your new machine.

How to Set Parental Controls on a PS5

For those upgrading from a PS4 to a PS5 and have already set up parental controls on the former, the process is incredibly simple. As long as you transfer those profiles over to the PS5, the same settings will carry over as well. Just sign in with your existing PlayStation Network account, and you’re good to go. However, if you need to set up new parental controls or make adjustments, follow the steps below.

PS5 Console Restrictions Menu
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Step 1: Create a PSN Account

Whether you plan to play on the console or not, you’ll need to set up your own account to manage the settings and act as the parent account for whoever you want to set parental controls for. Luckily, you’ll be prompted to sign in or create an account using your email address when you boot up the console.

Step 2: Create a Child Account

This account is for your child or the person you’re setting the controls for. You can allow them to create the account using their desired username, but keep in mind that the name they choose will be visible online if you permit it. To create the account, press the PS button on your controller, select Switch User within the control center, and then add a new user. When you enter the age and link it to your first account, the account will automatically be designated as a child account.

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Step 3: Go Back to the Parent Account

Once you’ve set up the account for your child, switch back to your account and access the Settings menu located in the upper-right corner of the home screen. From there, select Family and Parental Controls, and customize your specific restrictions.

What Parental Controls are Available on PS5

There are several ways to customize your parental controls on the PS5. However, if you prefer not to adjust each option individually, the system provides three built-in presets: Late Teens or Older, Early Teens, and Child.

The Late Teens setting allows players to start any game or app as long as they have the same or lower age rating. It also permits Blu-rays rated 16 or younger and any DVD. There are no restrictions on using the browser or online communications, but purchases are not allowed.

Enabling Early Teens provides similar restrictions, with the difference being that your child can only play Blu-rays rated 13 and younger. Browsing and communication are also restricted, and an age filter is applied to online content.

Child accounts have all the previous restrictions tailored to their age. This means that your child can only play games with appropriate age ratings and watch Blu-rays rated for ages 7 or younger. Additionally, all online interactions and content are restricted.

PS5 Parental Controls Menu
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The list of controls goes beyond these presets and can be personalized to suit your specific needs. Here’s a quick overview of each available setting:

Age ratings for games, Blu-ray, and DVDs

You can block games and discs from playing if they have age ratings higher than what is associated with your child’s account. If your child tries to play a game with blocked age restrictions, they can request access. You have the option to make an exception for that specific game or not.

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Playtime restrictions

You can set limits on how long your child plays on the console and when they can play. For example, you can prevent them from playing games during specific hours or on certain days, such as when they’re supposed to be in school.

Restrict online communication

You can decide whether your child’s account can send messages or engage in voice or video chat with other players online. If enabled, this restriction also applies to in-game features. However, your child can request access for specific games if you deem them appropriate.

Set spending limits

If you want to allow your child to make purchases in the online store, you can decide how much money they can spend per month. You can even set the limit as low as $0 to restrict them from making any digital purchases.

Restrict the use of the internet browser

The PS5 comes with an internet browser that functions similarly to the one on a computer. You can restrict browser access to prevent your child from accessing unsuitable content.

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Remember, it’s crucial to ensure your child’s safety and well-being while they enjoy the PlayStation 5. Setting up parental controls is an effective way to protect them from inappropriate content or excessive usage.

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