How to Train Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Even though Pokémon has become popular due to its adorable creatures and simple RPG mechanics, it has also created a community of dedicated trainers. These trainers are not just interested in catching all the Pokémon, but in catching and training the very best. To the casual observer, two Pokémon of the same species may appear identical, but Effort Values (EVs) have been a crucial aspect of the game for generations and significantly impact a Pokémon’s stats. EV training can be complex, especially for newcomers, so we’re here to provide everything you need to know about EV training in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

What are EVs and How do They Work?

Palafin right after evolving.
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EVs are the intrinsic stats of your Pokémon. Each Pokémon can acquire a total of 510 EV points, which are distributed among its six stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Defense, and Special Attack. Each stat can have a maximum of 252 EV points. This means you can’t fully max out all the stats of a single Pokémon. Instead, you can only max out two stats and allocate the remaining six points to a third stat.

There are various methods to gain or reset EVs, such as defeating or capturing specific Pokémon and using special items. To check a Pokémon’s current EV distribution, access its summary and use the left trigger to navigate to the stats screen. On the right side, you’ll see a hexagon with yellow lines extending towards each point. The yellow interior represents the allocated EVs. If it reaches the corner and the corresponding stat name sparkles, it means the Pokémon has reached the maximum of 252 EVs for that stat. Unfortunately, you cannot view the exact number of EVs in a stat before it reaches the maximum.

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It’s important to note that for every four EVs a Pokémon earns in a specific stat, that stat will gain an additional point.

How to Train Pokémon’s EVs

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When you first catch or hatch a Pokémon, it will have no EVs, giving you a blank slate to work with. Just like how Pokémon gain experience points (XP) from battles, even if they don’t participate, all the Pokémon in your team will earn the same EVs as your leading Pokémon. So, ensure that your team consists of Pokémon that you want to gain the same EVs, or put away any Pokémon that don’t require the specific stats you’re focusing on.

The most common way to earn EVs is by battling specific Pokémon. Each successful battle yields one EV point. You can refer to a guide to determine which Pokémon to train for each stat and their locations.

It’s important to note that you won’t gain any EVs from using the auto-battle feature.

To expedite EV training, you can purchase and equip power items related to specific stats from Delibird Presents. Each item corresponds to a stat, and if a Pokémon wears one during battles, it will gain a total of nine EVs instead of just one.

Alternatively, you can boost a Pokémon’s EVs by 10 in a specific stat by using vitamins or feathers. Vitamins, such as HP Up, Protein, Iron, Carbos, Calcium, and Zinc, increase the corresponding stat. Feathers, such as Health Feather, Muscle Feather, Resist Feather, Genius Feather, Clever Feather, and Swift Feather, also increase specific stats.

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If you need to reset a Pokémon’s EVs, you can feed them specific berries. These berries decrease EVs by 10 in a particular stat. For example, Pomeg lowers HP, Kelpsy lowers Attack, Qualot lowers Defense, Hondew lowers Special Attack, Grepa lowers Special Defense, and Tomato lowers Speed.

These methods should help you achieve the desired EV distribution for your Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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