How to Transfer Data from One Nintendo Switch to Another

The task of transferring data from one Nintendo Switch to another may seem challenging, but it’s actually quite manageable. While you can’t move game saves or game libraries using a microSD card, you can transfer user data and select photos. In this article, we’ll provide you with some useful tips and ideas on how to successfully transfer your data between Switch consoles.

Transferring User Data from One Switch to Another

To begin the transfer process, ensure that both your original Switch and the receiving Switch are physically present and connected to the internet. Unfortunately, if your original Switch is broken, a transfer may not be possible.

Step 1: Start by having both your Switches in the same location, connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and updated to firmware version 4.0.

Step 2: Check if the “target” console has enough space for the user data you’ll be adding from the “source” console. The target console should have fewer than seven user profiles and sufficient free storage space. It’s a good idea to have a microSD card on hand, just in case.

Step 3: Sign in on the source console with the user account you want to transfer.

Step 4: Navigate to the Settings menu on the source console (the gear icon on the home screen) and select the Users tab.

how to transfer data nintendo switch

Step 5: Scroll down the Users menu and choose the option labeled “Transfer Your User.”

Step 6: Pick up the second, “target” Switch and sign in. Similar to the previous steps, go to the home screen and access the Settings menu.

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how to transfer data nintendo switch

Step 7: In the target Switch’s Settings menu, locate the Users tab and select “Transfer Your User.”

how to transfer data nintendo switch user 1

Step 8: Choose the “Target Console” option to indicate that this is the console receiving the transfer.

how to transfer data nintendo switch

Step 9: Sign in to your Nintendo account when prompted.

Step 10: Return to the source console. If it detects the target console, select “Transfer.” A progress bar will appear to show the transfer status.

Step 11: Once the transfer is complete, select “End” on the source console. The user account and save data will disappear from the source Switch and appear on the target Switch.

It’s worth noting that transferring save data for certain titles, like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, may require assistance from Nintendo Customer Service. If you encounter any difficulties, don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance. However, it’s best to use this option sparingly.

Transferring Screenshots and Videos using a microSD card

While moving save data and user profiles is typically straightforward, transferring screenshots and videos requires a different approach. Since you can’t switch primary consoles or use a microSD card interchangeably, you’ll need a computer and a microSD card reader.

Step 1: Begin by preparing a microSD card for each Switch involved in the transfer. If your microSD card is already formatted, you’re ready to proceed.

Step 2: With the source Switch, access the Album icon on the home screen. By default, screenshots and videos are saved to the Switch’s internal memory, but you can adjust the settings.

how to transfer data nintendo switch

Step 3: If your images are stored in the internal memory, copy them to the microSD card. This step allows you to remove the microSD card from the source Switch.

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Step 4: Within the Album, select the desired image or video for transfer.

Step 5: Choose the “Copy” option to automatically send the selected item to the microSD card. Each image or video must be copied individually.

Step 6: Once you’ve copied everything you want onto the microSD card, turn off the Switch and remove the card.

Step 7: Insert the microSD card into a card reader and connect it to your computer. This allows you to access the files on the microSD card, including a folder named “Nintendo.”

Step 8: Open the “Nintendo” folder and locate the “Album” folder. Inside, you’ll find the images and videos transferred to the microSD card, organized by date.

how to transfer data nintendo switch from one another copy computer

Step 9: Choose to copy the entire “Album” folder onto your computer, ensuring you save it in a convenient location for easy access.

how to transfer data nintendo switch from one another album

Step 10: After copying the files, eject the microSD card reader and remove the card.

Step 11: Insert the microSD card from the target Switch into the card reader and connect it to your computer. The microSD card should contain an identical “Nintendo” folder, including the “Album” folder.

Step 12: Open the “Album” folder on the target microSD card.

how to transfer data nintendo switch from one another copy album

Step 13: Navigate through the date folders until you reach the desired folder containing your saved screenshots or videos.

Step 14: Locate the pictures you previously stored on your computer from the source Switch’s microSD card, and copy them into the corresponding folder on the target microSD card.

Step 15: Once you’ve finished copying all the items, remove the microSD card reader and eject the card.

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Step 16: Insert the target microSD card back into the “target” Switch. Since the microSD card is formatted specifically for that Switch, it should function smoothly.

Step 17: You can now access all the transferred screenshots and videos on the target Switch by selecting the Album icon on the home page. You’ll be delighted to find your new images and videos displayed there.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to successfully transfer data between Nintendo Switch consoles. Whether it’s user data, screenshots, or videos, you can ensure that your valuable content remains accessible on your new Switch.

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