How to Unlock All Weapons in Rage 2

While Rage 2 may not have as many weapons as other open-world games, the available arsenal is undeniably awesome. The best part is that you can carry all of them simultaneously, allowing for seamless switching between a rocket launcher, assault rifle, shotgun, and even a pistol that sets enemies ablaze. However, before you can enjoy this menu of cool options, you need to unlock the weapons first.

Sidewinder Pistol

Rage 2 Pistol

Starting Weapon: Sidewinder Pistol

The Sidewinder Pistol is the initial weapon in Rage 2. Simply boot up the game, and it’s already in your possession. Unlike most pistols in first-person shooters, the Sidewinder packs a surprising punch, even against the toughest enemies in the wasteland. It’s especially handy when you’ve exhausted all your primary ammunition.

Ranger Assault Rifle

Rage 2 Assault Rifle

Location: Taken from a dead Ranger

The Ranger Assault Rifle comes as an inheritance from a fallen comrade. During the opening mission, you witness a Ranger’s valiant fight against a monstrous mutant. After their demise, you become the rightful heir of their assault rifle. This versatile weapon can single-handedly carry you through the entire game, although it’s more fun to experiment with the quirkier options.

Combat Shotgun

Rage 2 Shotgun

Location: Gun Barrel Ark (Marshall’s Blackout mission)

The Combat Shotgun is the only weapon found within an Ark that you must acquire. During the “Blackout” mission for Marshall in the sewers, you’ll stumble upon the Gun Barrel Ark. Inside, you’ll discover the Combat Shotgun, which proves highly effective against nimble mutants that dodge and roll towards you. When combined with the Ranger Assault Rifle, it forms a formidable one-two punch. The Combat Shotgun’s alternate fire mode, when aiming down the sight, concentrates the spread, dealing maximum damage to a focused area.

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Smart Rocket Launcher

Rage 2 Rocket Launcher

Location: Strongbox Ark (Torn Plains)

The Smart Rocket Launcher awaits you within the Strongbox Ark located in the Torn Plains. This weapon excels at obliterating bosses, mini-bosses, and groups of enemies. Accessing this Ark is relatively straightforward, as it is guarded by level four enemies. Upon clearing the area, the Smart Rocket Launcher becomes yours. It features two firing modes: a single rocket with a powerful explosion and a homing missile variant that can lock onto multiple targets. Due to its limited ammunition capacity, it’s best saved for tough situations.

Grav-Dart Launcher

Rage 2 Dart Launcher

Location: Needle Falls Ark (The Wilds)

The Grav-Dart Launcher awaits within the Needle Falls Ark, situated in the southwest region of The Wilds. Guarded by level seven enemies, this Ark poses a more significant challenge. The Grav-Dart Launcher functions as an automatic rifle that shoots needles. Once these needles penetrate enemies, you can fling them into walls, exploding barrels, or even other foes, doubling your kills. While the Grav-Dart Launcher is undoubtedly cool, it may not be the most practical weapon in the game due to its somewhat lackluster performance. Nonetheless, it’s incredibly satisfying to toss bandits around like ragdolls.

Firestorm Revolver

Rage 2 Revolver

Location: Dank Catacomb Ark (Sekreto Wetlands)

In the Dank Catacomb Ark, located southwest of Kvasir’s lab in the Sekreto Wetlands, lies the Firestorm Revolver. This magical weapon requires you to eliminate a large party of level seven enemies before you can claim it. The Firestorm Revolver initially fires regular bullets, but with a press of the L2/LT button, you can ignite those bullets into flames, conjuring a destructive inferno. It’s particularly effective against tightly grouped enemies, as the flames can spread. Alternatively, its alternate fire mode launches mines that explode upon impact. The Firestorm Revolver may not match the performance of the Sidewinder Pistol, but its coolness factor makes up for it.

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Rage 2 Cannon

Location: Greenhaven Ark (The Wilds)

Travel to the northernmost edge of the map to find the Greenhaven Ark in The Wilds, home to the Hyper-Cannon. This Ark presents the most challenging access, guarded by level ten enemies and a formidable two-stage boss. However, you can gain an advantage by eliminating the boss’s minions from a ledge before engaging in combat. Once the boss falls, enter the Greenhaven Ark to claim the Hyper-Cannon. This weapon functions as a devastating railgun, capable of piercing through multiple enemies with a single shot. Its alternate fire mode, which charges when aiming down the sight, unleashes an even mightier blast.

Charged Pulse Cannon

Location: Shrouded Vault Ark (Dune Sea)

The Shrouded Vault Ark, situated on the eastern edge of the Dune Sea, poses a unique challenge to unlock. In addition to eliminating enemies, you must destroy the reactors at Shrouded Sub Station Alpha and Shrouded Sub Station Bravo before gaining entrance to the fortress guarding the Ark. Destroying the reactors involves battling through enemies and using your Focus ability on the blue rotating panels to expose their weak points. Once the reactors are destroyed, the door on the left side of the Shrouded Vault Ark fortress opens. Traverse through the enemy-filled rooms until you reach the Vault and claim the Charged Pulse Cannon. This weapon fires energy bolts at a rapid rate and is considered one of the best unlockable weapons in the game, second only to the Ranger Assault Rifle in terms of practicality.

BFG 9000

Rage 2 BFG

Location: Meteorite crash zone (Limited and Collector’s Edition versions only)

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The infamous BFG 9000 from the Doom series makes an appearance in Rage 2 as well. However, acquiring it comes with a catch. You must own either the Deluxe or Collector’s Edition of Rage 2 and link or create your Bethesda account from the in-game store. Once done, you’ll find the mammoth gun at a meteorite crash site north of Vineland, near a three-way intersection. Only owners of the Limited and Collector’s Editions can access this powerful weapon.

These are the various weapons you can unlock in Rage 2. Each one offers unique advantages and playstyles, adding depth and excitement to your wasteland adventures. So gear up and unleash chaos upon your enemies!

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