How to Unlock the Most Powerful Sword in Final Fantasy 16

Finding and upgrading weapons is a core mechanic in JRPGs, and Final Fantasy 16 is no exception. Though the game focuses on controlling a single character rather than a party, there is still a wide array of weapons to equip for improved stats. Among them, the Gotterdammerung stands out as the ultimate weapon in the game until New Game +. Acquiring this powerful sword can be a challenge, but with the right guidance, you’ll be able to wield its unmatched might. Here’s how to unlock the Gotterdammerung in Final Fantasy 16.

A blacksmith showing what you need to make Gotterdammerung.
Image source: Square Enix

How to Get the Gotterdammerung

If you’re determined to obtain the Gotterdammerung, be prepared to put in some effort. Once you acquire this legendary weapon and experience its incredible power, you’ll find it well worth the journey, especially when tackling final tasks like the Chronolith Trials.

Step 1: Obtain the Ragnarok Sword

The Ragnarok sword is the foundation for transforming it into the Gotterdammerung. However, obtaining the Ragnarok is no easy task. You must complete a series of four sidequests known as “Blacksmith’s Blues I – IV.”

It’s crucial to note that this is the only route to obtaining the Ragnarok sword. If you mistakenly sold it, you’ll be unable to unlock the Gotterdammerung.

Step 2: Acquire the Primitive Battlehorn

The first essential material you’ll need is the Primitive Battlehorn, which drops as a reward for completing an A-rank bounty hunt called Gobermouch. Gobermouch can be found south of The Maudlin Mason in Waloed. Defeat this beast, and you’ll receive the Primitive Battlehorn along with some Gil and Renown.

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Step 3: Collect Orichalcum

Orichalcum is a familiar staple in the Final Fantasy series, and you’ll need three pieces of it to create the Gotterdammerung. Notorious Marks drop Orichalcum, so keep an eye out for specific ones named “The Breaker of Worlds,” “The Tricephalic Terror,” and “The Masterless Marauder.”

Additionally, two sidequests, “Duty Undying II” and “Under New Management II,” also reward you with Orichalcum. This provides some flexibility in obtaining the required three pieces.

Step 4: Obtain Darksteel

To complete the recipe for the Gotterdammerung, you’ll need two pieces of Darksteel. Similar to Orichalcum, Darksteel can be acquired by defeating Notorious Marks. Look for the hunts named “Usher to the Underworld,” “The Grim Reaper,” or the “Prince of Death.”

These hunts are marked as A-ranked bounties and can be found on the Gilded Path to Kretov, Cape Orsiere, and the Royal Meadows in Sanbreque, respectively. Keep in mind that certain hunts for Darksteel and Orichalcum may only appear after reaching specific story milestones or completing particular sidequests. As long as you’ve reached the “Back to Their Origin” main quest, you should have access to all necessary hunts, except for those tied to sidequests.

Step 5: Craft the Gotterdammerung

With all the required materials in hand, travel to the Blacksmith in your base. Utilize their expertise to forge the mighty Gotterdammerung!

The Gotterdammerung boasts the highest stats of any sword in the base game, dealing a staggering 375 damage and 375 stun to your adversaries.

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