How to Upgrade Your Tools and Unlock Tier-Two Upgrades in Grounded

Although at first glance you may not realize it, Grounded actually features two tiers of tools. Having the right tools for the job can make all the difference in your survival game. Swinging at a thick weed with a tier-one Axe, for instance, won’t get you far. And trying to harvest thick weeds with the same tool? Forget about it.

The starting tools won’t suffice until the end of the game. Defeating some of the game’s biggest creatures requires weapons and armor crafted with materials obtained from upgraded tools. While the path to upgrading your tools may not always be clear, this article will guide you on how to unlock the tier-two (or level-two) Axe and Hammer in Grounded.

What are Tier-Two Tools in Grounded?

Grounded tier two tools unlock
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To put it simply, tier-one tools are the ones you can make without the help of a workbench. You can quickly put them together using materials found on the ground. Currently, the Pebblet Axe and Pebblet Hammer are the main tier-one tools.

On the other hand, tier-two tools can only be crafted at the workbench. You don’t actually upgrade the tier-one tools themselves. Instead, you unlock the ability to craft tier-one tools with tier-two materials later in the game.

Tier-one tools belong to the Pebblet family, while tier-two tools are part of the Insect family. The Insect Axe has the ability to harvest materials that the Pebblet Axe cannot, just as the Pebblet Hammer is unable to gather the tougher materials required to craft stronger equipment in the game. For that, you’ll need the Insect Hammer.

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How to Get the Tier-Two Axe in Grounded

Insect Axe unlock Grounded
The Insect Axe is used to harvest tier-two weeds for stronger construction materials.

To obtain the Insect Axe, the first tier-two tool you’ll want to make, you’ll need to defeat at least two of the game’s larger creatures: the Ladybug and Bombardier Beetle. In addition to a Ladybug Head and three Bombardier Parts, you’ll require four lots of Spider Silk. Spider Silk can be obtained from large spiders like the Orb Weaver and Wolf Spider, from Spiderlings, or by cutting away at webs.

If picking up the Ladybug Head or Bombardier Part doesn’t automatically unlock the Insect Axe upgrade, simply take the materials to a Field Station for analysis. That should unlock the first of the coveted tier-two tools.

How to Get the Tier-Two Hammer in Grounded

Insect hammer unlock Grounded
The Insect Hammer is used to harvest mints for the powerful Mint Mallet weapon.

Interestingly, we managed to unlock the Insect Hammer before the Insect Axe. Although it doesn’t really make much of a difference, most players tend to want the Axe before the Hammer.

To unlock the Insect Hammer, you’ll need to defeat either a Stinkbug or Bombardier Beetle. You’ll require four lots of Stinkbug Parts, a single Bombardier Beetle Boiling Gland, and four cuts of Berry Leather. Crafting the Insect Hammer at a workbench is no easy feat.

Once you’ve braved the creatures needed to obtain the Insect Hammer, you can use it to harvest Mints, which are used to create the incredibly powerful Mint Mallet. Currently, that’s the strongest weapon in the game.

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Now that you know how to upgrade your tools and unlock the tier-two upgrades in Grounded, you’ll be better equipped to face the challenges that lie ahead. So get out there and survive!

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