How to Use a Name Tag in Minecraft

Minecraft’s expansive open-world sandbox has evolved over time, offering a plethora of gameplay mechanics. While mining, crafting, and exploring remain at the core of the experience, players can now engage with villagers, embark on quests to defeat the Ender Dragon, and even establish their own farms. Among the game’s unique features is the ability to utilize name tags to rename non-player characters (NPCs) that you come across. Acquiring name tags may prove a tad challenging, but using them is incredibly straightforward.

What Are Name Tags?

How to use a name tag in Minecraft

In simple terms, name tags allow players to alter the names of NPCs throughout the game, with the exception of the Elder Dragon. An often-employed application of name tags is renaming pets, thereby giving them personalized names. For instance, you can bestow your virtual wolf with the moniker of your real-life pet or assign distinct names to your herd of cattle to facilitate identification. The advantages of using name tags are tangible: they add a personal touch to your gameplay and make it easier to manage multiple mobs in close proximity.

Name tags in Minecraft also hold several delightful Easter eggs. Here are a few you can readily experiment with:

  • By naming a rabbit “Toast,” it will assume a unique skin.
  • Dubbing a vindicator “Johnny” will render it hostile towards others.
  • Renaming any character to “Grumm” or “Dinnerbone” using a name tag will invert their character model.

With the exception of the Ender Dragon, all other mobs in the game can be renamed at will, allowing players the freedom to make ample use of name tags.

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How to Find Name Tags

Regrettably, crafting name tags within Minecraft is not an option. Instead, you must either discover them in the wild or purchase them from villagers. Name tags are relatively rare items, occasionally found within chests scattered throughout the realm. Fishing may also yield a name tag, although the odds of such an occurrence are quite slim.

If you wish to save time searching for name tags, you can acquire them by spending 20 emeralds at the master-level librarian.

How to Use Name Tags

How to use a name tag in Minecraft

Utilizing a name tag is a far simpler process than procuring one. Begin by taking your name tag to an anvil and renaming it. Remember, if you neglect to change its name, you won’t be able to employ it. The cost of this procedure varies between the PC and console versions but should not exceed five experience levels. Once you have renamed the tag, approach the mob you wish to rename, interact with them while holding the name tag, and voila! The targeted mob should display its new name above its head.

Feel free to rename mobs as frequently as desired, allowing for a change of pace whenever the mood strikes. Name tags can be renamed multiple times at anvils before application, eliminating the need for agonizing over the perfect name.

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