How to Use Strikethrough Text in Discord

Discord offers various text formatting options that allow you to customize your messages in unique ways. One such option is the ability to strikethrough text, giving it a crossed-out appearance while still sending it to your Discord friends or a specific thread. Strikethrough can be used to correct inaccurate information, make jokes, or for other creative purposes. If you’re looking to add this formatting style to your Discord messages, here’s how you can do it.

Using Markdown to Strikethrough Text

When you’re typing a message on Discord and want to strikethrough specific words or phrases, using Markdown is the most convenient method. Follow these simple steps to cross out text as you go along:

Step 1:

Open Discord and create a message for your friends or on a particular thread. Type the text you want to include.

Text in a Discord Message

Step 2:

Markdown supports strikethrough using double tildes (~~). Before typing the text you want to cross out, enter two tildes. If you’ve already written the word, go back and add the tildes.

First Tildes on Discord text

Step 3:

After typing the words you want to strikethrough, add two more tildes at the end. The text will immediately appear crossed out in your message box, allowing you to preview and make any necessary corrections.

Both Tildes for Strikethrough on Discord

Step 4:

Enter the rest of your text message, and it will appear crossed out as intended. This Markdown trick should also work on mobile devices if you can find the tilde symbol on your keyboard.

Strikethrough text sent in Discord

Crossing Out Large Blocks of Text

While Markdown is suitable for striking through a few words, what if you need to cross out a significant portion of text? This is less common but can be useful when you want to correct earlier mistakes or emphasize that certain paragraphs no longer matter. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Use your mouse or touchscreen to highlight the block of text you want to strikethrough.
  2. With the text selected, a small formatting menu will appear. Look for the crossed-out “S” symbol, denoting strikethrough.
  3. Click or tap the symbol, and the selected block of text will be crossed out.
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Removing Strikethrough Text

Once you’ve sent a message with strikethrough text, it isn’t possible to remove the strikethrough formatting directly. Your best option is to delete the message entirely, essentially retracting it. If you act quickly, no one will be aware of its previous existence. Then you can retype the message, ensuring that the strikethrough appears only where you want it.

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