HP Envy vs. Pavilion: Which Laptop is Right for You?

Shopping for an HP laptop can be overwhelming, especially with the abundance of HP Cyber Monday laptop deals available. With so many options to choose from, it’s essential to find the perfect fit. In this quick comparison guide, we’ll delve into two of HP’s most popular laptop series: Envy and Pavilion. Discover what each line has to offer and determine which one suits your needs and budget best.


HP Envy

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The HP Envy line is divided into two main design categories: traditional clamshell laptops (HP Envy) and 2-in-1 laptops (HP Envy x360). Clamshell Envy laptops come in sizes ranging from 13 to 17 inches, each offering distinct features. Expect to find displays with three-sided narrow bezels, touchscreen options, IPS displays, fingerprint readers, backlit keyboards (some with numeric keypads), HD cameras, dual array microphones, webcam shutters, microphone mute buttons, and a variety of ports including Thunderbolt 4, microSD card readers, USB-C, and USB-A.

Weight-wise, the Envy clamshell laptops tend to lean towards the heavier side, although there are lighter options like the 13-inch Envy weighing only 2.88 pounds. The heaviest Envy laptop weighs just over 6 pounds.

On the other hand, the Envy x360 series offers a 360-degree hinge, allowing for versatile display modes such as tablet, stand, or tent. These laptops are available in 13 and 15-inch sizes. Among the Envy x360 line, you’ll find narrow bezel displays, fingerprint readers, backlit keyboards, keyboards with numeric keypads, touch-enabled displays, HD webcams, privacy camera shutters, microphone mute keys, and dual array microphones. The port selection includes USB-C, USB-A, HDMI 2.0, Thunderbolt 4, and microSD card readers.

The Envy x360 line is lighter compared to the Envy clamshells, with the heaviest model weighing 4.42 pounds. The lightest x360 laptop is the 2.92-pound variant.

Both the Envy x360 and Envy clamshells offer FHD and IPS displays, with options for WUXGA, UHD, and 4K UHD displays.

HP Pavilion

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The HP Pavilion line encompasses four main design categories: clamshells (Pavilion), 2-in-1s (Pavilion x360), ultra-lightweight (Pavilion Aero), and gaming laptops (Pavilion Gaming).

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The standard Pavilion clamshell laptops are available in 13, 14, and 15-inch sizes, offering both Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors. These laptops feature FHD and HD displays, IPS displays, up to 1TB of SSD storage, backlit keyboards, keyboards with numeric keypads (on the 15-inch models), HD webcams, dual array microphones, dual speakers, microSD card readers, USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI 2.0 ports. Unlike the Envy line, Pavilion clamshells do not have Thunderbolt ports. They come with displays boasting three-sided narrow bezels and fingerprint readers, albeit on a limited number of models.

Pavilion clamshells are not the lightest laptops in the Pavilion line but still maintain a reasonable weight range of 2.74 to 3.86 pounds.

Pavilion x360

Similar to the Envy x360, Pavilion x360 laptops feature a 360-degree hinge, allowing for laptop, tablet, reverse, and tent display modes. The Pavilion x360 series offers 11, 14, and 15-inch sizes. These 2-in-1s boast three-sided narrow bezel displays (only on the 14- and 15-inch models), HD or FHD resolutions, IPS displays, touchscreens, HD webcams, dual array microphones, microSD card readers, USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 ports. Thunderbolt ports are absent, but these laptops include accelerometers, gyroscopes, and eCompass sensors.

Some x360 configurations feature backlit keyboards, while others do not. Certain models offer backlit keyboards with numerical keypads. Like the Pavilion clamshells, fingerprint readers are not widely available. Pavilion x360 laptops strike a mid-range weight, ranging from 2.67 to 4.39 pounds based on size and configuration.

Pavilion Aero

The Pavilion Aero series is designed to be incredibly lightweight. With a 13-inch display and a weight of fewer than 2.2 pounds, it is the lightest laptop in both the Pavilion and Envy lines. Sporting a magnesium chassis and a 16:10 four-sided narrow bezel display, Aero models offer AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 processors, WUXGA or WQXGA resolution displays, IPS displays, up to 1TB SSD storage, fingerprint readers, backlit and non-backlit keyboards, HD webcams, dual array microphones, dual speakers, and USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI 2.0 ports.

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Pavilion Gaming

Unlike the Envy line, the Pavilion series also includes a dedicated gaming laptop collection: Pavilion Gaming. These laptops are available in 15 and 16-inch sizes, with the 17-inch model being discontinued. Pavilion Gaming laptops feature three-sided narrow bezel FHD displays, up to 16GB of RAM, up to 1TB SSD storage, backlit keyboards with numeric keypads, HD webcams, dual array microphones, dual speakers, accelerometers (in some models), and USB-C, USB-A, and HDMI 2.0 ports.

The Pavilion Gaming line offers a choice of AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 and Intel Core i5 or i7 processors, with a range of graphics cards including Nvidia GTX 1650, 1660 Ti, RTX 3050, and 3050 Ti discrete GPUs, as well as Intel Xe onboard GPU.

Pavilion Gaming laptops do not include fingerprint readers or Thunderbolt ports. They are on the heavier side, weighing between 4.37 and 5.18 pounds.

When Should You Buy an Envy?

If you require a dedicated work laptop, the Envy line is your best bet. Envy laptops offer lightweight options for those who need portability on-the-go. Furthermore, they come equipped with essential privacy features such as fingerprint readers, webcam shutters, microphone mute buttons, and even built-in privacy screens. Envy laptops also provide a wider range of productivity-friendly ports like Thunderbolt 4 and HDMI 2.0.

Envy laptops have received recognition in our “best laptops” guides, particularly for their potential in enhancing productivity. The 2020 Envy x360 earned a spot on our best business laptops list, featuring the best business-style option for those seeking a 2-in-1 laptop. Additionally, the Envy x360 13 with an AMD Ryzen processor was selected as our pick for the best budget laptops list. It provides excellent performance for content creators who require a laptop capable of handling demanding tasks such as video and photo editing, all at an affordable price.

When Should You Buy a Pavilion?

Opt for a Pavilion laptop if you desire a general-purpose, entertainment, or gaming laptop. Pavilions cater to users seeking a laptop that balances work and play, placing slightly more emphasis on entertainment and gaming. Productivity features take a backseat in Pavilion laptops, evident in their feature sets and omissions. With various display resolution options, narrow-bezel displays, and dual speakers, Pavilions offer an immersive movie-watching or gaming experience. However, fingerprint readers, a crucial security feature found in workstation laptops, and Thunderbolt ports are not as prevalent in Pavilion models.

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The Pavilion line includes Pavilion Gaming, a dedicated collection optimized for gaming. These laptops incorporate features such as discrete graphics cards and a dual fan system to keep your machine cool during those marathon gaming sessions.

Consider a Pavilion laptop if you prioritize lightweight design. The Pavilion Aero series offers the same features as other Pavilion laptops in a compact and lightweight package. Aero laptops weigh less than 2.2 pounds, making them highly portable.

How Much Can You Expect to Spend?

Excluding any sale prices or discounts, Envy laptops typically range from $740 to $1,500. On the other hand, Pavilion laptops are generally priced between $600 and $1,200.

Pavilion laptops offer more budget-friendly options overall, with lower price points compared to the Envy laptop line.

They Each Have Their Strengths

So, which is better? It depends on your specific needs and budget. The Envy line is perfect for those seeking a professional-grade machine, although it comes with a higher price tag. Envy laptops are designed with enhanced security, privacy features, and productivity tools to optimize your workday.

If you require a general-purpose laptop for work and play or desire a dedicated laptop for entertainment purposes, Pavilion laptops are a great choice. They provide a more affordable and lightweight alternative while still enhancing your movie-watching or gaming experience, allowing you to relax and unwind in style after a long day.

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