Introducing State of Decay 3: Exciting Speculation, Trailer, and Latest Updates

While the world’s fascination with zombies may not be as widespread as it once was, fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment in the State of Decay series. Undead Labs is hard at work creating the third entry, which promises to immerse players in a brutal world where survivors must rebuild amidst hordes of ravenous undead. Combining action-adventure, survival-horror, stealth, role-playing, and strategy elements, State of Decay offers a unique experience that blends various genres into a captivating civilization-rebuilding and zombie-slaying adventure.

Release Date Speculation

State of Decay 3
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Unfortunately, neither Undead Labs nor Microsoft has officially announced a release date for State of Decay 3. The much-anticipated sequel is still in the early pre-production stages, with the cinematic announcement trailer revealed back in July 2020. Reports suggest that Undead Labs felt pressured into releasing the trailer before they were fully prepared. In a 2022 investigative report, Kotaku shed light on the significant culture shift at Undead Labs after its acquisition by Microsoft, highlighting allegations of mismanagement, burnout, and misogyny.

Despite fans’ hopes of more information during gaming events in 2022 and 2023, no new updates about State of Decay 3 have emerged. It appears that the game is still in pre-production, and the situation at Undead Labs is not conducive to a speedy release. Meanwhile, Undead Labs continues to support State of Decay 2 with regular updates since its initial release in 2018.


State of Decay 3
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As a publication under Xbox Game Studios, State of Decay 3 will be available on the Xbox Series X, Series S, and PC platforms. We can expect the game to be optimized for the latest generation consoles, offering an enhanced gaming experience.

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Unveiling the Trailer

Our first glimpse of State of Decay 3 came in the form of a cinematic announcement trailer released by Microsoft in July 2020. Although the trailer does not reveal specific plot or gameplay details, it tantalizes viewers with intriguing elements.

The trailer introduces a lone female survivor navigating a harsh and cold environment, potentially set in locations like Alaska, Colorado, Wyoming, or Canada based on the scenery. Armed with a crossbow, the survivor sharpens wooden bolts beside a campfire. Suddenly, she hears something stirring in the surrounding forest, and white eyes gleam from the darkness. Defying common sense in a zombie apocalypse, instead of hiding or retreating, the survivor fearlessly screams, somehow intimidating her would-be attacker, who flees. This departure from the traditional stealth approach seen in previous State of Decay entries raises questions about the evolving gameplay dynamics.

Later in the trailer, the survivor stumbles upon a trail of blood in the snow, leading her to a wounded creature. To her horror, she discovers a zombified deer feasting on a wolf carcass. The deer’s face is grotesquely torn open and rotting. As the deer emits a bone-chilling shriek, the trailer concludes, leaving players breathless with anticipation.

Gameplay Expectations

State of Decay 3
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While specific gameplay details remain scarce, we anticipate that State of Decay 3 will retain the core mechanics of its predecessors. Players will assume control of a small community of survivors and embark on scavenging expeditions for essential supplies, search for fellow survivors to join their ranks, and combat the menacing Plague Hearts.

Fans hope for improvements in key areas, including a more refined base-building system compared to the somewhat clunky implementation in State of Decay 2. Additionally, a deeper focus on character development and expanded customization options for weapons, vehicles, and clothing would elevate the overall experience. In previous entries, character growth throughout the game was limited, and meaningful connections between characters were scarce. State of Decay 3 presents an opportunity to address these shortcomings.

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As the series ventures into the wilderness for the first time, weather could become a significant factor, potentially impacting shelter construction and survival strategies.

Excitingly, State of Decay 3 is being developed using Unreal Engine 5, bringing visually stunning landscapes to life. The collaboration between Undead Labs and The Coalition, the developers behind Gears of War, signals the team’s commitment to delivering a visually impressive and immersive game. Expect more cinematic cutscenes and enhanced animation, adding depth to the game’s storytelling.

Multiplayer Possibilities

State of Decay 2 predominantly focused on solo play, but it did offer several multiplayer options. Players could invite friends to join their campaign, assuming control of an additional survivor within their community. However, certain limitations, such as a tethering system that kept players close to the host, hindered full exploration and occasionally made evading zombie hordes too easy.

The ability to call for help on State of Decay servers or engage in cross-platform play between Xbox and PC players were also featured. It is reasonable to assume that State of Decay 3 will incorporate similar multiplayer options. However, many fans hope for a genuinely shared server experience, allowing friends to collaborate on community-building efforts and maintaining progress across individual play sessions.

DLC Expansion

State of Decay 2 received several DLC expansions throughout its lifespan, injecting new weapons, vehicles, outfits, and facility mods into the game. The final DLC, titled Heartland, brought players back to the original setting of Trumbull Valley, offering a story-driven game mode. Heartland introduced two sets of starting characters on a mission to find individuals from the original State of Decay and unveiled answers regarding the origins of the blood plague.

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State of Decay 3 will undoubtedly see a series of DLC releases. It will be interesting to see whether any DLC revisits previous settings, like Trumbull Valley, or introduces entirely new locations, such as the captivating snow-covered mountains showcased in the latest title.

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