Jamie Lee Curtis Shares How Gamers Can Win Her Iconic Black Dress from True Lies

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis of Halloween and Scream Queens fame had an incredible year.

Jamie Lee Curtis

In 2015, she accomplished the impressive feat of attending EVO, San Diego Comic Con, and BlizzCon. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that she didn’t start gaming until her teenage son introduced her to Street Fighter. Now, she’s auctioning off her famous black dress from the movie True Lies and offering backers of the campaign for Twin Galaxies the chance to meet her in person.

Jamie, along with her husband, director Christopher Guest, is assisting producer Jace Hall in raising $250,000 to expand Twin Galaxies’ services. The aim is to build a network that promotes the positive aspects of gaming worldwide. The funds will be used to launch a social media platform, a mobile app, eSports competitions, and an improved site dedicated to preserving top video game scores.

In an exclusive interview, Jamie Lee Curtis explains why she recognizes the power of League of Legends and eSports.

Did you dress up for the gaming and pop culture conventions you attended this year?

For EVO and BlizzCon, I did a bit of cosplay. However, I attended Comic Con for the TV show Scream Queens and had to go as myself. At BlizzCon, I initially planned on wearing a random Venetian full-faced mask, but my son pointed out that it wouldn’t fit the character. So, I ended up going as an Orc, complete with a purple-haired mask and horns.

How did you get involved with Twin Galaxies?

My son introduced me to Jace Hall, who understands the language of gamers. Jace’s music, especially his song about Street Fighter, impressed my son. As we got to know Jace through his show, we realized he was managed by Harriet Sternberg, the same woman who managed Spinal Tap. Harriet made the introduction, and we’ve been connected ever since. Now, my son is part of the Jace Hall crew, and that’s how we’re involved in this.

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Gamers have the opportunity to bid on collectibles from you and your husband.

Since I’m an actor, I don’t have a lot of merchandise. But I’ve kept a few things, including the black dress from True Lies. Additionally, we found Nigel’s (This is Spinal Tap character) traveling suitcase in our basement. It contains a vintage pair of Nikes, which made it to the auction site. Sadly, original Spinal Tap memorabilia is scarce.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Image by John Gaudiosi

What are your thoughts on the gaming culture today?

One of my favorite movies is Dogtown and Z-Boys. The filmmaker behind it understood that these skateboarders had created something extraordinary out of pure passion. Similarly, my son plays games not for money or fame but for the love of it. Jace Hall, who has become a leader in gaming, is determined to establish Twin Galaxies as the gold standard for recognizing gamers worldwide. This is why I am so passionate about it.

What are your thoughts on eSports?

My son introduced me to League of Legends, and we had the opportunity to attend the Finals at Staples Center. Witnessing the power of eSports, the fan enthusiasm, and the incredible earnings of these gamers blew my mind. Ten young people sitting in front of computers could bring a massive arena to its feet. The potential for eSports is immense.

As a fan, we support Team SoloMid, but we enjoy following the sport as a whole. The exposure to League of Legends has been eye-opening, and it has made me realize the vast opportunities in the world of eSports.

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