Madden 22 Franchise Mode: Proven Strategies to Build a Championship Team


Madden fans have finally been heard, and the #FixMaddenFranchise campaign has resulted in positive changes for Madden 22. This year, Franchise mode has been upgraded to meet players’ expectations, setting it apart from Ultimate Team and Face of the Franchise. While the promised scouting overhaul is still a work in progress, fans are generally pleased with the improvements in Franchise mode. In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable tips and tricks to help you build a dominant franchise in Madden 22 that could rival the historic success of teams like the ’70s Steelers, the ’90s Cowboys, and the ’00s Patriots.

Player, Coach, or Owner?

Ezekiel Elliott stiff arms a defender in Madden 22.
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In Madden 22, you have three paths to choose from: player, coach, or owner. While there are minor differences between being a coach and an owner, we recommend selecting the owner path for a more immersive experience. As the owner of an NFL franchise, you have complete control. You can play every game, hire and fire coaches, manage player personnel, and even relocate your team. Don’t worry if you’re not interested in delving into the intricacies of ownership; we’ll discuss that further in the next section.

Quality of Life Adjustments

Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned Madden player, there are some quality-of-life adjustments you can make to improve your Madden 22 experience. Before starting your Madden 22 career, consider changing the following settings under the League Settings tab to make your life as an NFL player, coach, or owner a lot easier.


Choosing the right difficulty level is crucial. There’s no bonus for playing on Rookie or All-Madden difficulties, so select a difficulty that suits your skill level. Don’t hesitate to increase the difficulty if you find the games getting boring. All-Madden should be your goal, especially if you plan to play online. If you can conquer the CPU on All-Madden, you’ll fare well against other players, as the default difficulty for online play is All-Pro. Think of it as swinging a weighted baseball bat.

Practice Injury

Turn off practice injuries. While real-life NFL players do get hurt in practice, you can bend the rules of realism in the video game world. Practice as hard as you want without worrying about your star players tearing their ACLs. Just be careful not to exhaust your team before game day.

Quarter Length

The game defaults to six-minute quarters, which can sometimes feel like a slog. Consider adjusting the quarter length based on your preferences. Longer quarters provide more opportunities to meet weekly goals, such as throwing for over 250 yards. However, you can always choose different goals that align with shorter quarters. Consistency is key if you plan on switching between Ultimate Team and Franchise mode.

Accelerated Clock

Disable the accelerated clock feature. While you can always opt for the chew-clock tempo option during gameplay, having the accelerated clock on can hinder your ability to make strategic reads and adjustments.

User Team Help Settings

Towards the bottom of the league settings, you’ll find options that you can set to auto or manual. Certain settings are best left to the CPU, such as Preseason Cut Days, Contract Negotiations, and League Advancement. However, when one of your star players wants to negotiate a contract, turn off the auto option and handle it yourself. You don’t want to risk losing valuable players due to contract disputes. Manual control is also recommended for League Advancement, allowing you to go through the necessary steps before advancing to the next week. Aside from these settings, it’s best to keep everything else on manual. Take charge of scouting college players, bidding on free agents, and managing your practice reps.

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Fantasy Draft

Matt Ryan holding the Super Bowl trophy in Madden 22.
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Running a fantasy draft at the beginning of your Franchise mode is the best way to experience Madden 22. Fantasy drafts reset every team’s roster, giving you the opportunity to completely rebuild the league and create your dream team. To start a fantasy draft:

  1. From the Franchise screen, select Create New League.
  2. Choose between an online or offline league and select Use Active Roster.
  3. Select your team. In a fantasy draft, only head coaches and stadiums remain the same.
  4. Choose your role: player, coach, or owner.
  5. Set your starting point to fantasy draft and begin your season.

If you choose the player role, your fantasy draft will be simulated, and you may end up on a different team than the one you selected. To have control over drafting your team, choose the coach or owner role. Now, let’s discuss how to make the best picks and draft a top-notch team.

How to Draft the Best Team in Madden 22

Draft order in Madden 22 is random, not based on the 2020 NFL season. As a result, you have a few options:

  1. Keep starting new franchises until you get a favorable draft pick.
  2. Accept your fate and make the most of the pick you receive.

Remember, the draft snakes, so if you have the last pick in the first round, you’ll have the first pick in the second round.

When making your picks, prioritize selecting an elite offensive player first. Consider players like Travis Kelce, Davante Adams, Patrick Mahomes, or Lamar Jackson, depending on who’s available. In round 2, choose a quarterback unless you want to be stuck with quarterbacks like Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, or backups such as Gardner Minshew and Marcus Mariota. Mobile quarterbacks are highly recommended, as their ability to move on the field gives you an edge in the modern NFL. However, if you’re building a running-focused team, your quarterback choice might not be a deal-breaker.

Pay attention to your core team needs and choose the highest overall-rated player available at that position. Avoid selecting the same position multiple times. Instead, let the CPU auto-draft your backups once you’ve built your starting lineup.

Drafting a strong offensive line is paramount. After securing your quarterback, WR1, and a reliable running back or tight end (preferably Travis Kelce or another top-tier option), focus on building your offensive line. Start with your left tackle (LT) or right tackle (RT), followed by your right guard (RG), left guard (LG), and center (C). Wide receivers with ratings in the 70s or higher are plentiful in the NFL and can get the job done; it’s crucial to have a strong offensive line to ensure success. A weak offensive line can be detrimental to your team’s performance. Learn from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ success, where a formidable offensive line played a significant role in their Super Bowl win.

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Defensively, prioritize drafting the top strong safety (SS) and free safety (FS) before selecting linebackers and defensive linemen. Cornerbacks are often available later in the draft, so focus on building a dominant front seven. As the saying goes, a strong defense wins championships.

Once you’ve filled out your starting lineup, choose a reliable kicker (Justin Tucker is highly recommended) and let the CPU auto-draft your backups. Using this strategy, you can build a well-rounded team with a high overall rating. For example, we managed to create an 82 overall team, featuring an 89 overall offense and a 75 overall defense. Our team made it to the Super Bowl, but unfortunately fell short against the Cincinnati Bengals led by Patrick Mahomes. Interestingly, Mahomes also reached the Super Bowl in this fantasy franchise.

Gameplanning Explained

Sam Darnold from Madden 22 is good at throwing it deep.
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Game day requires strategic planning. Set your weekly game plan under the Weekly Strategy tab to counter your opponent’s strengths effectively and exploit their weaknesses. Let’s take a look at offensive and defensive game planning.

Defensive Gameplanning

When it comes to defense, set your strategy to counter what your opponent excels at. For example, if your opponent’s quarterback, like Sam Darnold, is known for deep passes, focus on limiting their deep passing game. Pay attention to rankings and statistics from the previous season to identify your opponent’s tendencies. By taking away their strengths, you force them to rely on alternative strategies, such as shorter passes or running plays.

Offensive Gameplanning

On offense, you want to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses and play to your strengths. Consider the defensive tendencies of the team you’re facing and select the game plan that counters their strengths. While the CPU may suggest specific game plans, you can deviate from the recommendations based on your team’s style and the opposing team’s vulnerabilities. For example, if your opponent’s defense is prone to blitzing, counter it with plays designed to exploit the gaps left open. If they struggle against intermediate throws, focus on those types of passes. Tailor your offensive strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

Practice and Player Health

The practice and player health screen from Madden 22.
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During the preseason, practice intensively, especially if you’ve disabled practice injuries. Use this time to level up your players, enhancing the skills of those with overall ratings in the 70s. However, once the regular season begins, reduce the intensity of practice. Avoid going all out, as it can lead to player fatigue. Set your practice intensity to half-pads, and split the practice time between your starters and backups. Maintaining a balanced practice routine ensures your team remains fresh and energized for game day. Additionally, practice boosts your gameplan stats, further enhancing your team’s performance on the field.

Set Realistic Goals

Accomplishing game-day goals is essential for earning staff points, which allow you to level up your coaches and coordinators. However, it’s crucial to set realistic goals, especially on higher difficulties and with shorter quarters. For example, expecting to generate over 450 yards of total offense in a game with 4-minute quarters is unrealistic. Adjust your goals to match the time restrictions and difficulty level. Remember, realistic goals can still lead to victories and staff point rewards. Focus on achievable objectives within the given constraints.

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Scout Every Week

While we await the complete scouting mechanics in Madden 22 Franchise mode, make sure to spend all your scouting points each week. Assess your team’s needs, particularly in areas where you lack strength. Then, scout the top prospects in those positions. In the draft, your first and second-round picks are essential. Subsequent picks typically result in mid-60 overall rated players who need further development within the league. Scouting provides an opportunity to discover hidden gems, players who can significantly contribute to your team’s success. If you prefer automation, you can set scouting to auto via League Settings, and the CPU will focus on scouting the top prospects.

Play the Moments

Play the moments in Madden 22 for the best results.
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Playing the full-length games in Madden 22 Franchise mode can stretch your journey over several weeks. Instead, opt for the “Play the Moments” feature, which simulates the less eventful parts of the game and immerses you in crucial game-changing moments. These moments include third-down conversions, 2-minute drills, opening drives, and red-zone drives. By performing well in these moments, you can significantly impact the outcome of the game. If you feel the game slipping away or want complete control during pivotal moments, you can always assume full control. We recommend taking full control during critical games like playoff matches and the Super Bowl to maximize your chances of success.

Owning a Stadium

Setting good ticket prices in Madden 22.
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Happy fans are more likely to spend money, and successful teams create happy fans. As your team performs well on the field, gradually increase ticket prices to reflect their success. However, be mindful of your fans’ thresholds; if prices get too high, you’ll receive feedback. Find the right balance, and once you’ve achieved it, avoid making further adjustments. Monitor the number of tickets sold and aim to sell out every game. Home games generate revenue through ticket sales and concessions, while away games only generate revenue from team merchandise. Although the difference might be relatively small, it can make a significant impact when signing free agents at the end of the season.

Consistency Between Game Modes

Maintain consistency between game modes in Madden 22.
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If you enjoy playing both Franchise mode and Ultimate Team, it’s important to maintain consistency between the two game modes. By using the same playbooks in both modes, you’ll develop a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. In Franchise mode, head over to Manage Staff, then select Team Schemes to change your playbook. Match your Franchise team’s playbook with your Ultimate Team’s playbook. This continuity allows you to seamlessly transition between the two modes, enhancing your overall gaming experience.


By following these strategies and tips for Madden 22 Franchise mode, you can build a formidable team and compete at the highest level. Whether you’re taking on the role of a player, coach, or owner, remember to set realistic goals, scout diligently, and adjust your game plans to exploit your opponents’ weaknesses. Play smart, stay consistent, and who knows, you might create a franchise that will go down in Madden history. So grab your controller, fire up Madden 22, and get ready to own the dynasty of your dreams with OnSpec Electronic, Inc.

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