Marvel Snap: A Close Look at the Great Game with Some Progression Challenges

I’ve been immersed in the captivating digital trading card game, Marvel Snap, for quite some time now. Ever since the beta phase began earlier this year, I’ve been hooked on this superhero game like never before. Each time I launch it, I’m reminded of why I initially labeled it as perfect for beginners and a refreshing addition to the trading card genre. However, even in the most fulfilling relationships, there can be a few hurdles along the way that put my affection for the game to the test. These hurdles have carried over to the game’s full release, and one of them revolves around its progression system.

Progression Woes: A Roadblock for Marvel Snap Enthusiasts

My concerns with Marvel Snap started to emerge once I reached what I would consider a mid-tier level of understanding the game. Although I was winning quite a significant number of matches (thanks to the abundance of bots flooding the beta servers), I never experienced the kind of streak that would propel me to level up quickly. Instead, I found myself trapped in a monotonous grind.

The issue lies in the fact that Marvel Snap takes a departure from traditional physical trading card games. In this game, you don’t acquire cards by purchasing packs and hoping for that one card you need to complete a specific deck. In the world of Marvel Snap, you earn cards by winning matches, completing battle passes, and utilizing boosters and points obtained through in-game currency. These boosters and points allow you to level up your cards. As you increase the levels of your cards, your overall card level rises, granting you access to more boosters, cards, and points to further enhance your existing cards.

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Marvel Snap's card progression levels.
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My frustration with this system surfaced earlier than expected. When I reached the 200-card level milestone, I noticed that new cards became few and far between. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t pose a significant issue, but in a player-versus-player game like Marvel Snap, the diversity and strength of your deck can determine victory or defeat. Some players might grow tired of being stuck with the same pre-determined deck and yearn to experiment with new strategies using more powerful or game-changing cards. However, due to their lower card levels, they are unable to access the wider range of cards available.

This problem has persisted since the early days of the beta version. I vividly remember watching content creators play the game and reading comments from frustrated players who were unable to obtain impressive decks like those showcased in streams because their leveling progress fell short. These issues resonated with me so deeply that I eventually took a hiatus from the game.

However, even in the darkest moments, there can be a glimmer of hope. That’s precisely what occurred when I started to ponder how the seemingly flawed progression system actually highlights one of Marvel Snap’s greatest strengths.

Learning through Limitations: The Silver Lining of Marvel Snap’s Progression System

The card-leveling mechanism in Marvel Snap compels players to truly understand the game. Although I may occasionally feel exasperated when faced with the same basic level cards that I’ve grown weary of, subconsciously, I’m simultaneously acquiring a solid foundation of game knowledge. Not only am I mastering the fundamentals, but I’m also compelled to delve deeper into understanding the unique capabilities of individual cards. This process constitutes a crucial step towards becoming proficient in card games, and it can be considered a necessary trial that ultimately aids players in their journey to success.

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While Marvel Snap’s path to card collection may prove exhausting at times, I can discern the developer’s intentions behind this approach, aside from encouraging players to accelerate their progress by expending real-world currency. The issue arises when this idea is combined with casual players who may lack the time or patience required to endure the lengthy ride. Considering the fact that Marvel Snap is a free-to-play game, this represents a substantial portion of its audience.

Marvel Snap is now available on iOS and Android devices.

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