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Massive Warfare Aftermath: A Guide to Dominate the Battlefield

Massive Warfare Aftermath

Massive Warfare Aftermath, developed by TinyBytes, is an exhilarating new war game for Android devices that allows you to engage in epic battles against players from all over the world. Whether you prefer piloting a tank, helicopter, or ship, this game offers intense multiplayer online PvP action. To help you rise to the top of the leaderboard, we have compiled a comprehensive guide featuring cheats, tips, and strategies. So buckle up, soldier, and get ready to dominate!

Get Started – The Basics of Massive Warfare Aftermath

In Massive Warfare Aftermath, the game kicks off with a tutorial that covers the essentials. You will learn how to control your vehicle, aim, shoot, and upgrade your equipment. The first significant decision you need to make is selecting your vehicle. You have the option to choose from a tank, helicopter, or hovercraft. It is crucial to choose wisely, as changing your vehicle later will require spending gold. We recommend opting for a helicopter or hovercraft due to their superior movement speed, which can be a game-changer in battle.

Your primary objective in Massive Warfare Aftermath is to destroy enemy vehicles. The rewards for accomplishing this feat are substantial and include EXP, cash, and crates. However, ascending the leaderboard is a formidable challenge. To help you achieve this, we present our Massive Warfare Aftermath cheats, tips, and strategy guide.

1. Massive Warfare Aftermath Guide

Let’s dive into the various aspects of the game, including vehicle selection, upgrades, tech items, and unlocking new vehicles.

Vehicle Guide

Initially, you can choose between a tank, helicopter, and hovercraft. Each vehicle possesses unique attributes that determine its effectiveness in battle:

  • Attack: Determines the damage rate
  • Armor: Dictates the defense power
  • Fire rate: Specifies the range of your shots
  • Movement: Determines the vehicle’s speed
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Out of these attributes, movement speed is crucial. A fast vehicle allows you to dodge enemy attacks more effectively. On the other hand, a slow vehicle becomes an easy target. Choose your vehicle wisely.

Unlocking New Vehicles

To unlock new vehicles, you need to rank up. Achieve victories in battle to earn ranking points. Once you reach the threshold, you will be promoted to the next league, unlocking additional vehicles.

Tech Items

Massive Warfare Aftermath

Before battle commences, you have the opportunity to choose tech items. These act as valuable add-ons, providing several advantages. For example, a Repair Kit instantly restores 50% of your vehicle’s health, while a Shield protects you for a limited time. Tech items can be obtained from crates or chests, which can be earned by winning battles or achieving high ranks. Alternatively, you can purchase them with gold or cash.

Paint, Stickers, and Camouflages

Camouflages and stickers are in-game upgrades that enhance your vehicle’s strength. By selecting these items in the paint tab, you can increase attributes such as attack and armor. Acquiring these upgrades requires gold, which can be obtained through our Massive Warfare Aftermath cheats and tips.

Alliance Mode

Initially locked, the alliance mode becomes accessible after completing a certain number of battles. Join forces with other players to coordinate strategies and dominate the battlefield together.

Leveling Up

Experience Points (EXP) are essential for leveling up. Destroy as many enemy vehicles as possible to gather EXP and advance rapidly.

Battle Guide

Your primary focus in battles is the destruction of enemy vehicles. The more you eliminate, the greater the rewards. Keep a close eye on the mini-map located at the top-left corner of the screen to track nearby enemies. Additionally, monitor your health status displayed near the mini-map. Once your health points reach zero, respawn and return to the battlefield to continue wreaking havoc on enemy tanks or helicopters.

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Utilize the joystick located at the bottom-left side of the screen to navigate your vehicle. Hold your thumb on the right side of the screen to change the camera view or aim manually. The right side of the screen offers combat options such as the fire button and zoom-in feature. If you have equipped a booster, it will be displayed there as well.

Armed with this knowledge, you are ready to jump into the action-packed world of Massive Warfare Aftermath.

2. Massive Warfare Aftermath Cheats and Tips

A. Turn off Auto-Aim

By default, auto-aim is enabled, meaning your vehicle will automatically target enemies when you tap the fire button. However, disabling auto-aim allows you to manually select your targets. Navigate to the settings menu by tapping on the hamburger icon at the top-left corner of the screen. From there, access the control settings and uncheck the box next to the auto-aim option.

B. Utilize the Mini-Map

Monitoring the mini-map is crucial for effective target selection. Analyze the top-left section of the screen to identify enemy positions. Avoid engaging multiple vehicles simultaneously; instead, focus on isolating and eliminating one target at a time.

C. Aim for Precision

To maximize your damage output, utilize the zoom-in feature to fire accurately. As you have limited ammunition and reloading takes time, precision shots can result in critical hits. Target vulnerable areas of enemy vehicles, such as the back-end of helicopters, to deal devastating blows.

D. Seize Boosters and Cash

Massive Warfare Aftermath

Boosters are scattered throughout the battlefield and offer various benefits. Healing boosters restore your vehicle’s health, while speed-up boosters increase movement speed. Damage-up boosters enhance your offensive capabilities. Ensure you pick up these boosters strategically to gain a competitive edge. Additionally, don’t forget to collect cash from fallen enemies.

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E. Focus on Vehicle Upgrades

Regularly upgrade your vehicle to enhance its speed, fire rate, attack power, and armor. Earn cash by defeating enemies in battles or through end-of-match rewards based on performance. Continuously improving your vehicle will lead to greater success on the battlefield.

F. Obtain Free Gold

Gold is a valuable resource in the game and can be used to acquire crates, tech items, stickers, and instant upgrades. Earning free gold is essential to progress swiftly. Watch video ads, join alliances, or tap the Facebook icon in the menu to obtain free gold. Wisely utilize this gold to purchase stickers or camouflages.

With these Massive Warfare Aftermath cheats, tips, and strategies in your arsenal, you are well-prepared to dominate the battlefield and claim victory. Download the game now from the Google Play Store and experience the thrill of intense warfare.

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