Maximize Your Confidants in Persona 5 Royal

Persona 5 Royal Confidants and romance guide
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The Persona series has always been known for its unique social system, where interactions outside of dungeons offer advantages within. Persona 5 Royal continues this tradition, with 22 Confidants that can provide benefits such as increased health and SP, special abilities, and specific Personas. However, developing these relationships requires specific actions and dialogue choices. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Confidants in Persona 5 Royal, including those you can pursue a romance with.

General Tips for Maximizing Confidants in Persona 5 Royal

Before we dive into the specifics, here are some general tips to help you maximize your Confidant levels in Persona 5 Royal.

Equip the Right Persona

Before meeting a Confidant, check their arcana affiliation in the pause menu and ensure you have a matching Persona in your possession. Your rank with them will increase more rapidly if you do. If you want to meet a specific person but lack a compatible Persona, you can always summon one from the Velvet Room without using up valuable time.

Choose the Right Hang-Out Spots

As you progress in Persona 5, you will have the option to choose a hang-out destination with a Confidant whose bond is not close to ranking up. Opt for places that align with your friend’s interests, such as the museum for Yusuke or a restaurant for Ryuji. This choice can help strengthen your relationship.

Purchase Thoughtful Gifts

Buy a variety of gifts from the underground mall and other locations so that you always have options when the opportunity arises. Keep in mind that this applies mainly to characters you can pursue a romance with, but gifts can come in handy regardless of whether you intend to start a relationship or not.

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Pray for Progression

If the Confidant you want to rank up is unavailable, try praying for them at the Meiji shrine (once you unlock it). Surprisingly, your progress toward the next rank will increase, even if they are not present during that time slot. This strategy will prime your social link for the next time you spend time with them.

Utilize the Map

By accessing the map with R1, you can identify locations where Confidants are available. Look for a small icon next to a train stop, indicating the presence of a Confidant. Additionally, highlighting that stop and pressing the square button will reveal more information about the Confidant, including their identity and the proximity of your bond reaching the next rank.

Plan Ahead with Skill Progression

In the pause menu’s Confidants section, you can preview the next skill or perk you will gain by ranking up a Confidant, as well as the required rank level. Use this information to strategically allocate your time and prioritize the Confidants that provide the most beneficial abilities.

Save-Scum if Needed

Save-scumming refers to the practice of saving your game before making significant choices, allowing you to reload a previous save if something goes wrong. If you are anxious about making mistakes while building social links, such as selecting incorrect dialogue options or giving wrong gifts, don’t fret. You can always resort to trial and error to perfect your approach.

A Closer Look at Persona 5 Royal Confidants

Persona 5 Royal Confidants and romance guide
Image used with permission by copyright holder

In Persona 5 Royal, most of your Arcanas can be leveled up by spending time with their respective Confidants. However, it’s important to note that some Confidants are only available on specific days or during certain time slots. Understanding their availability patterns is essential to maximize your playthrough. Below, we will provide a breakdown of each Confidant rank, including the rewards you unlock at each level and the relevant dialogue options.

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For players aiming for the true ending, certain Confidant ranks are crucial to achieve it. Specifically, you must reach rank 9 with Maruki by 11/18, rank 8 with Akechi by 11/24, and rank 5 with Yoshizawa by 12/18. Additionally, you must decline all offers presented to you during the third semester. Be aware of these requirements to ensure you don’t miss out on the true ending.

Please refer to the following table for a comprehensive list of Confidants in Persona 5 Royal:

    1. Fool (Igor)
  • I. Magician (Morgana)
  • II. Priestess (Makoto Niijima)
  • III. Empress (Haru Okumura)
  • IV. Emperor (Yusuke Kitagawa)
  • V. Hierophant (Sojiro Sakura)
  • VI. Lovers (Ann Takamaki)
  • VII. Chariot (Ryuji Sakamoto)
  • VIII. Justice (Goro Akechi)
  • IX. Hermit (Futaba Sakura)
  • X. Fortune (Chihaya Mifune)
  • XI. Strength (Twin Wardens)
  • XII. Hanged Man (Munehisa Iwai)
  • XIII. Death (Tae Takemi)
  • XIV. Temperance (Sadayo Kawakami)
  • XV. Devil (Ichiko Ohya)
  • XVI. Tower (Shinya Oda)
  • XVII. Star (Hifumi Togo)
  • XIX. Sun (Toranosuke Yoshida)
  • XX. Judgement (Sae Niijima)
  • Faith (Kasumi Yoshizawa)
  • Councillor (Takuto Maruki)

Remember, cultivating these relationships can be rewarding, both in terms of gameplay benefits and character development. Take advantage of your time in Persona 5 Royal to forge deep bonds with the Confidants and unlock their full potential.

These tips and strategies will help you make the most of your Confidants in Persona 5 Royal. Visit OnSpec Electronic, Inc. for more gaming articles and guides.

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