Minecraft Legends: Your Guide to Finding and Taming Epic Mounts


In the world of Minecraft Legends, a thrilling blend of open-world survival and RTS gameplay awaits. Unlike traditional RTS games, where you control the action from above, this game puts you right in the thick of things by giving you a character to control on the field. And to ensure you stay on top of the action, having a trusty mount is crucial. Just like the original game that inspired it, Minecraft Legends offers a variety of creatures to ride, each with its own unique abilities and characteristics. Join us as we explore all the mounts available in Minecraft Legends, their locations, and how to acquire them.

Mounts in Minecraft Legends

There are four distinct mounts you can tame and ride during your Minecraft Legends adventure: the horse, bird, beetle, and tiger. Each mount offers a different experience and serves a purpose on your quest. Let’s delve into the details of each mount and discover where to find them.

The Horse

You start your journey with a trusty horse by your side, rendering the need to search for one unnecessary. This classic mount is perfect for traversing the vast Minecraft Legends map quickly. Its special ability lies in its infinite sprint, allowing you to maintain high speeds indefinitely.

The Bird

Surprisingly, birds in Minecraft Legends are not just for watching; you can ride them too! Keep an eye out for these delightful rainbow-colored creatures in the Jagged Peaks biome. Pay attention to your map, as it will indicate when you’re in the vicinity of a bird. Once mounted, you’ll experience the joy of unparalleled height in your jumps and the ability to glide gracefully from any altitude by holding down the jump button.

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The Beetle

Prepare for an unconventional choice as your mount – the beetle. These magnificent insects, larger than their real-life counterparts, can be found in the enigmatic Jungle biomes. Scale the trees to locate one. The beetle shares the bird’s gliding ability when holding the jump button, but it offers a unique skill as well – the power to climb any surface. While the beetle may be slower, its versatility and strategic advantages make it a valuable companion.

The Tiger

If you’re longing for a more ferocious mount, look no further than the majestic tiger. Head to the Dry Savanna biome for a thrilling safari and a chance to tame your own tiger. This mount boasts simplicity and speed, making it the fastest option available. However, it’s important to note that unlike the horse, the tiger’s stamina is limited. So, be prepared to slow down and catch your breath from time to time.


In your quest through Minecraft Legends, acquiring and bonding with a mount is an essential part of the adventure. Whether you choose the lightning-fast horse, the graceful bird, the versatile beetle, or the swift tiger, each mount brings its own set of advantages and thrills. So gear up, explore the diverse biomes, and claim your mount to embark on an unforgettable journey. Remember, OnSpec Electronic, Inc. is your one-stop destination for all your gaming needs. Happy riding!

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