MLB The Show 19: A Comprehensive Road to the Show Guide

MLB The Show 19 Road to the Show Guide

Road to the Show is a popular career mode in MLB The Show 19 for PS4. It allows you to create a player and guide them from the minor leagues to becoming a superstar in the major leagues. The mode has undergone significant changes in recent years, and The Show 19 continues to build on those enhancements. To assist you on your journey from AA ball to the grand stages of MLB parks, we have compiled a comprehensive Road to the Show guide.

Player Archetypes

When you create your player, you will need to choose an archetype. These archetypes are broad categories that represent existing players and come with their own set of strengths and weaknesses.

MLB The Show 19 Road to the Show Guide

Position players have five archetypes to select from:

  • Pure Power: Exhibits high power and arm strength, but lacks contact and speed.
  • Small Ball: Excels in speed and fielding, but lacks power.
  • Rock Steady: Displays consistent stats overall, with slightly lower power and speed.
  • Mr. Utility: A versatile player with good speed, contact, and arm strength.
  • The Anomaly: Possesses both high speed and power, but lacks contact and plate vision.

Your chosen archetype determines the initial attribute caps for your player. It is crucial to ensure your desired archetype aligns with your preferred position, as this information is displayed below the archetype descriptions.

MLB The Show 19 Road to the Show Guide

Pitchers, on the other hand, have three archetypes available:

  • Flamethrower: Focuses on high velocity and arm strength, with an emphasis on strikeouts.
  • Plain Filthy: Specializes in a strong breaking ball, stamina, and hits per nine innings.
  • Control Freak: Emphasizes high accuracy in pitching.

The choice of pitching archetype is largely a matter of personal preference. However, in our experience, control tends to be more important than velocity in The Show. Therefore, the Control Freak archetype is our preferred option, closely followed by Plain Filthy.

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Getting Drafted

Once you have participated in a scouting day and two showcase games, you will be drafted. It is worth noting that your performance during the showcase games does not significantly impact the drafting process. Regardless of your batting practice results or your performance at the plate, you will still be drafted, often destined for AA.

An interesting feature in The Show 19 allows you to inform your high school coach of your preferred team before the draft. Astonishingly, that team will select you. We have tested this multiple times, and our preferred team always drafts us.

You also have the choice to delay your entry into professional baseball by attending college. If you choose this route, the game will fast forward to the scouting day the following year. In truth, the timing of your draft does not significantly affect your player’s journey. Therefore, concerns about being drafted early or late in the rounds are somewhat futile. Regardless, you will remain the same player with the same stats, embarking on the same path.

Stat Progression

MLB The Show 19 Road to the Show Guide

Building upon the changes introduced in Road to the Show in MLB The Show 18, you no longer have the freedom to allocate attribute points as you please. Instead, these points are automatically distributed to corresponding stat categories after each game. This means you need to focus on your on-field performance. Even if you have a reasonably good game, you may still observe regressions in certain key categories. The key is to be well-rounded and approach every opportunity at the plate and in the field with care.

As a position player, you will notice fluctuations in ten stat categories throughout each game, though not all at once. These categories include Power R, Power L, Contact R, Contact L, Speed, Plate Vision, Stealing, Fielding, Arm Accuracy, and Reaction. When you see a plus sign on the screen, it signifies an increase in that particular attribute, while a subtraction sign denotes the opposite. Importantly, each positive or negative action does not directly change the overall stat. For example, hitting a home run and receiving a power boost does not automatically raise your Power R stat from 54 to 55. It takes multiple smaller increases to enhance your overall stats.

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Stat Caps and Training

MLB The Show 19 Road to the Show Guide

For the first time, some of the off-day training exercises involve interactive mini-games. These training routines, which include reaction time challenges, are of significant importance because they contribute to increasing your stat caps. Due to archetypes, each stat category has a cap. Therefore, you cannot transform a power-hitting first baseman into the league leader in stealing. Nevertheless, it is crucial to capitalize on these training exercises since cap increases can only be earned through them. Once you reach a stat cap, you cannot further increase that particular stat. However, it can still decrease. Therefore, pay close attention to the stats that are nearing their caps and choose exercises that focus on those attributes.

Dynamic Challenges

MLB The Show 19 Road to the Show Guide

New to The Show 19 are Dynamic Challenges, which have replaced the Showtime slow-motion meter. Occasionally, when you step into the batter’s box, you will have the opportunity to complete a task and receive attribute bonuses. These challenges typically offer three options to choose from, though sometimes only two are available. The tasks can be as simple as getting on base or driving in a run, or they can be more specific. We’ve encountered challenges that require swinging only at pitches in the strike zone or getting a hit within the first three pitches. The challenges vary, which keeps the experience entertaining. Generally, the harder the challenge, the greater the bonus attribute points you will receive.

The attribute bonuses from these challenges accumulate nicely. By completing a couple of challenges in a single game, you can swiftly raise a specific stat category.

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Personality Traits

MLB The Show 19 Road to the Show Guide

The Show 19 introduces personality traits for your player, intending to make the career mode more personal. However, we have yet to observe any direct influence these traits have on our player’s career trajectory. During player creation, you will be asked to choose three out of four personality types. As the season progresses, you can level up these traits by engaging in conversations with teammates. These conversations aim to enhance team camaraderie and foster friendships, but they do not significantly impact the overall mode’s objective.

Conversely, we recommend paying attention to conversations with team officials such as hitting coaches and the team manager. Sometimes, the manager may ask for your thoughts on certain matters or request a position change. It is generally safe to accommodate these requests, especially when you haven’t been called up to the major leagues yet. We have found that agreeing to a position change often leads to an earlier call-up.

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