Modern Warfare 2: Atomgrad Episode 2 Walkthrough

As part of the recently released update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Season 2, Activision has introduced a new raid called Atomgrad Episode 2. This exciting raid continues the storyline from the first episode and presents challenging battles against enemy AI. Just like the initial raid, Episode 2 requires a group of three players to start, although there is no matchmaking available.

Getting Started

Before diving into Atomgrad Episode 2, make sure you have purchased Modern Warfare 2. Once you have a three-player group assembled, you are ready to jump into the action.

Climbing the Missile Silo

The raid picks up right after the events of the first episode in Atomgrad. Your first objective is to climb to the top of the silo. Start by ascending the ladder and then make your way up the platforms. Traverse through the tunnels, eliminating any enemy resistance you encounter. Be cautious when you reach the hall with steam coming out of the walls and proceed only when it’s clear.

In the next room, you’ll find a pipe next to some ledges emitting steam. Interact with the valve at the bottom of the pipe to clear the pathway. However, be prepared for a Juggernaut enemy to spawn after turning the valve. One player should turn the valve while the other two make their way up. At the top, you’ll find another valve that needs to be turned to allow the third player to proceed.

Continue ahead to the next section, which involves some platforming challenges.

Platforming Section

You will encounter a terminal with three red buttons. Each player should press one of the buttons simultaneously. This action activates three platforms on the right side of the gap ahead. Keep in mind that these platforms only remain active for a limited time, and only one player can stand on a platform at any given moment.

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Proceed upward using a zipline and reach the next platforming segment. Activate it using the three red buttons and navigate across the platforms, just like before. This time, you’ll need to jump to a red platform on the right, which leads to a yellow pipe. Follow the path indicated by continuously appearing platforms that guide your way. Finally, you’ll reach the next door.

Keep Ascending

Descend to a room filled with supplies and then enter an open area with numerous enemies above. Use the grapple to reach the enemies and eliminate them. Follow the platforms above to continue climbing. Eventually, you’ll encounter another grapple rope. Before using it, turn the nearby valve to disable the fire. This valve only provides a few seconds of relief, so one player must ascend quickly to complete the next step. At the top, head right and turn the valve to disable the fire, allowing the player at the bottom to ascend. Press the red button in the room ahead to open the nearby door and advance.

Proceed through the tunnel, eliminate the AI enemies, and eventually arrive at the final platforming section of the raid. This section operates similarly to the previous platforming section but brings you back towards your starting point. Start by jumping across seven platforms, leap across the gap, and make your way back, reaching a dark underground section.

Navigating the Underground

In this section, continue forward through the dark tunnel until you find a spot to drop down below. Be cautious as you encounter powerful enemies. Take your time and watch out for your squadmates. Later, you’ll reach some stairs leading downward. Before jumping down, eliminate the enemies below, including a Juggernaut. Afterward, you’ll come across another armory where you can restock on gear. Proceed by breaching the door and prepare for the raid’s final puzzle.

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Solving the Final Puzzle

In a larger room, you’ll find three control panels with the following options: “Ventilate Toxic Gas,” “Stop Auxiliary Fans,” and “Release Airlock Doors.” This step involves some complexity, but there is a straightforward approach. Assign two players to remain at the control panels while the third player (Player 3) navigates through the obstacles beyond a nearby door. Designate one player for the gas control and another for the airlock door control, while Player 3 positions themselves near the door leading forward.

Player 3 has 40 seconds to maneuver through rooms with electrified floors. Progress until reaching a room filled with water that can electrocute them. At this point, one of the other players should approach the auxiliary fan control. Player 3 should inform them when they are near the fans, allowing the player at the control panel to open up a path.

Player 3 should continue until reaching a locked door, which the remaining player in the first room should open. Eventually, Player 3 will find themselves in a room with identical controls to the first room. They must collaborate with one of the other players to provide access for someone else, just as Player 3 experienced earlier.

Once the second player arrives in the last room, they will join forces with Player 3 to guide the final player using the same steps as before. Beware of enemies appearing throughout the process. Once everyone regroups, eliminate the Juggernaut as instructed and follow the prompt to regroup at the wall.

The Final Chase

This is the last section of the raid, and luckily, it’s relatively straightforward. As you proceed through the door mentioned earlier, toxic gas will start closing in, requiring you to move quickly. Advance through the subsequent rooms, pass the ammo station, and descend the stairs. Expect many enemies obstructing your path, so eliminate them whenever possible.

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Eventually, you’ll enter a large room teeming with enemies. Your objective is to reach the other side, ascend a set of stairs, and place a breaching charge on a cracked wall. Eliminate enemies swiftly in this area since the gas will continue to encroach. Breach the wall, proceed, ascend more stairs, and you’ll enter another tunnel area. Clear out enemies as quickly and safely as possible until you receive the prompt to bring all players to the airlock. Interact with the red button, and the raid will be complete.

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