Monster Hunter Rise 3.0: A Guide to Leveling Up Your Hunter Rank Quickly

Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 is the latest installment in the Nintendo Switch franchise, offering thrilling new monsters and Apex variants. However, many of these exciting challenges are only accessible once you reach a high Hunter Rank (HR). If you’re a seasoned hunter looking to take on Elder Dragons like Teostra, the Allmother, and Crimson Glow Valstrax, this guide will show you how to raise your Hunter Rank quickly.

How to Increase Your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Rise

MHR how to quickly raise HR
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In the early stages of Monster Hunter Rise, increasing your Hunter Rank works differently compared to later in the game. Until you reach HR 7, all you need to do is complete enough Key Quests that have the same Hunter Rank as yourself. Keep an eye on the Hub and Village counters on the top right of the screen to track your progress. Once you hit HR 7, you’ll encounter the first soft cap that blocks further rank progression. However, completing the HR 7 Urgent Quest will unlock the next level, HR 8.

If you’ve already completed the final Hub quest of the base game, you’ll automatically be elevated to HR 8 upon logging in after the update. From HR 8 onwards, quests completed will grant Hunter Rank points, progressively leveling up your HR. It’s similar to a traditional RPG experience bar. Note that hunts completed before unlocking your HR this way won’t retroactively count. So even if you’ve completed numerous quests before the update, your Hunter Rank won’t suddenly skyrocket to the next cap upon release.

How to Skip to High Rank in Monster Hunter Rise

In previous Monster Hunter games, transitioning from single-player to multiplayer mode often posed a challenge. Your powerful weapons easily dispatched monsters in single-player, but when you entered multiplayer, you had to face much tougher foes. However, in Monster Hunter Rise, you can bypass this issue. By completing the single-player Village quests, you can automatically jump to HR 4, skipping the initial difficulty spike and proceeding directly to High Rank multiplayer quests. It’s a significant time-saver!

How to Quickly Raise Your Hunter Rank in Monster Hunter Rise

Best quest to quickly raise HR in MHR
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Since the first major update in Monster Hunter Rise, the HR cap has been raised from HR 7 all the way up to HR 20, 30, and 40. As you progress, you’ll encounter fan-favorite Elder Dragons Chameleos, Kushala Daora, and Teostra at each significant milestone.

Reaching HR 20 isn’t a lengthy process. Any HR 7 quest will increase your HR by approximately two ranks each time. The number of monsters in the quest doesn’t matter; it’s the quest’s minimum HR requirement that determines the HR increase. Therefore, you’re only six quests away from reaching the first soft cap.

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If six quests seem too daunting, you can unlock three new challenging quests from Master Utsushi at HR 7. Each of these quests pits you against three powerful monsters at HR 8 difficulty. Completing each one rewards you with four HR increases, cutting down the grind to only three quests. With some focus, you can easily complete this within an hour or so.

For the bold hunters, another option is to join multiplayer Rampage Quest runs. These quests generally take longer to complete than standard quests but provide around three HR upgrades per run. If you join an ongoing run, you can swiftly climb the ranks. Just make sure not to get defeated and ruin someone else’s run.

Upon reaching each HR soft cap (20, 30, and 40), you’ll need to clear a new Urgent Quest featuring a returning Elder Dragon to continue your progress. Completing these quests rewards you with an immediate two HR increases, allowing you to unlock the next cap. Additionally, the equipment obtained from each new Elder Dragon is designed to counter the next beast you’ll encounter. Thus, running repeated hunts against these formidable creatures becomes more beneficial than pursuing any other quest at this stage.

How to Unlock HR 20: Chameleos Weaknesses, Weak Points, and Best Equipment

MHR Chameleos strategy
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Chameleos guards your path to HR 30 and holds you at HR 20 until you defeat it. The fight against Chameleos has undergone significant changes, so any previous experience fighting this monster should be disregarded.

The key to defeating Chameleos lies in countering its heavy poison attacks. Utilize Hunting or Palico horns, antidotes, and antidobra to neutralize the poison’s effects. Learn to anticipate when Chameleos releases gaseous clouds and observe how it manipulates them with its wings. This knowledge will help you avoid its occasional powerful punches.

While Chameleos’ signature invisibility skill can still pose a challenge, it isn’t as effective as in past games. Its tongue, which previously stole items, now focuses on taking away Petalace buffs you’ve accumulated throughout the quest.

How to Unlock HR 30: Kushala Daora Weaknesses, Weak Points, and Best Equipment

MHR Kushala Daora weakness
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At HR 30, Kushala Daora obstructs your path to further HR advancement. Accept the Urgent Request to face this daunting challenge and unlock the penultimate soft cap, clearing the way for HR 40. However, defeating Kushala Daora won’t be an easy feat.

Kushala Daora controls the wind, creating immense tornados that can render parts of the battlefield unusable. Its wind aura also repels melee attackers, making the fight particularly tricky.

Fortunately, you have two effective strategies to counter this obstacle: Wind Resistance and the Poison status. Wind Resistance negates the push-back effect of Kushala Daora’s aura, while Poison status completely disables it while afflicted. Equipping suitable gear that provides these advantages is crucial. The traits of Chameleos armor and weapons, in particular, will greatly ease the difficulty of this fight.

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How to Unlock HR 40: Teostra Weaknesses, Weak Points, and Best Equipment

How to beat Teostra in MHR
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Similar to Kushala Daora, Teostra presents its own set of challenges. This deadly Elder Dragon employs both Fire and Blast elements in combat. When enraged, it covers itself in fire, slowly roasting nearby hunters. It also releases explosive dust clouds that cause heavy area damage when it snaps its teeth.

Teostra prefers ground combat, relying on its weight to knock hunters around. However, it can also take flight using its wings, enabling it to unleash a devastating flamethrower attack on the move. Additionally, it can manipulate its explosive dust, making it even trickier to evade the powerful explosions.

While there’s no specific equipment required to face Teostra, having high Fire Resistance and gear that enhances natural recovery can reduce your reliance on Mega Potions.

If you’re looking to upgrade your gear, consider obtaining equipment made from Kushala Daora parts. The Kushala Blessing buff from this set increases Water and Ice damage dealt, neutralizes Teostra’s Heat Aura damage, and provides natural health regeneration that exceeds the usual red portion of the health bar. This gear significantly simplifies one of the game’s toughest fights. Completing this quest unlocks your HR entirely, allowing you to level up all the way to HR 999.

How to Unlock HR 50: Narwa Allmother Weaknesses, Weak Points, and Tips

Narwa the Allmother and Ibushi in Monster Hunter Rise
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After the MH: Rise 3.0 update in late May, the final story quest becomes available. To undertake this quest, you must reach HR 50. However, with the cap increasing to 999 after the previous update, you might already meet the requirement by the time the update arrives. If not, you can follow the previously mentioned steps: complete the new challenge missions, engage in Rampage quests, or acquire new equipment. With a typical increase of two HR ranks per quest, you’ll eventually reach HR 50. Make sure to equip your best Thunder Resistance gear and choose the “Insurance” option when eating before the fight—it’s going to be a challenging battle.

In this final hub quest of the main story, you’ll face Ibushi, whom you previously encountered in an earlier Rampage quest. The battle takes place in the Coral Palace, the same location where you fought Narwa in the initial content. Utilize armaments such as ballistae and cannons whenever they appear, gradually wearing down Ibushi until it crashes through the floor. At this point, don’t attempt to defeat it; it will be devoured by Narwa, who awaits inside the second arena. The battle against Narwa, now known as the Allmother, commences.

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Narwa will unleash powerful energy blasts throughout the fight, with laser beams spreading outwards, rotating rings, and spherical blasts tossed between the rings. Keep up your offensive onslaught, and take advantage of the cannons, machine guns, and other tools that periodically appear to maximize damage, focusing primarily on attacking the belly and head.

During the fight, Narwa will occasionally retreat to the center of the arena. This is your cue to prepare for its most significant attack. The creature will release numerous spinning towers toward the outer edges of the arena while building up a massive blast underneath. Wait for the burst, then use wire bugs to quickly return to the boss.

It’s a long and challenging hunt, but by keeping an Aurorturtle on hand for protection against sudden deaths, you can manage the battle. You’ve come this far, after all.

How to Unlock HR 100 and Crimson Glow Valstrax

Crimson Glow Valstrax makes its Monster Hunter Rise debut
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With the Allmother defeated and the village safe from the rampage, there’s one final task: reach HR 100. Although it won’t progress the story further, Monster Hunter games have often hidden a brutal optional boss behind triple-digit HR ranks. In Monster Hunter Rise, that boss is Valstrax, a rocket-powered dragon that fans will remember from the previous Nintendo Switch-exclusive title, Monster Hunter Generations.

Reaching HR 100 is no easy feat. Despite the addition of several new quests in Update 3.0, none of them provide more than two or three HR increases per run. If you stopped playing after completing each monthly update’s final boss, you have a long road ahead.

While quests like Apex Diablos and Apex Zinogre may be helpful, the best approach is to find additional reasons to keep playing. Instead of solely focusing on raising your rank, consider hunting to improve your armor sets, grind for decorations, or lend a hand to friends who are still progressing. Any quest completed will bring you closer to HR 100, so find other motivations to fuel your grind.

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