NCAA Football 14: A Bittersweet Celebration of College Sports

Introduction: College Football and Its Ephemeral Charm

College football is more than just a game. It’s a celebration of fleeting moments, where young athletes showcase their talents before moving on to bigger stages. In the midst of the hype and propaganda surrounding college sports, the essence of college football lies in its transient nature. OnSpec Electronic, Inc. takes us on a journey that encapsulates this essence, as we explore the final installment of the beloved NCAA Football franchise, NCAA Football 14.

A Nostalgic Farewell

NCAA Football 2014 holds a special place in our hearts as the last game of its kind for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. As the series prepares to transition to next-generation consoles, this game marks the culmination of seven years of experimentation and refinement. Throughout its run, the franchise embraced online connectivity, offering both positive community features and monetization through microtransactions.

Jock Jams: The Modes and Features

OnSpec Electronic, Inc. deserves applause for the user-friendly accessibility of NCAA Football 14’s various modes. The clean and intuitive menus make navigation a breeze, whether you’re diving into the managerial Dynasty mode, embarking on the college player fantasy Road to Glory, or engaging in the addictive Ultimate Team trading card game. These modes can also be enjoyed online, allowing for multiplayer experiences and real-time weather and player conditions.

While familiar to series fans, newcomers may find some of the modes challenging to grasp. However, the Training mini-games in NCAA Football 14 serve as capable tutors, guiding players through the intricacies of on-field strategies. Although the abundance of Nike logos can be distracting, the game effectively imparts knowledge and skills necessary for success in Dynasty and Road to Glory mode. Nonetheless, understanding the full mechanics and implications of menu choices may require additional effort and experimentation.

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Role-Playing Games on the Field

NCAA Football 14 introduces Coach Skills in the Dynasty mode, offering branching trees of special abilities for head coaches and defensive coordinators. These skills, earned through gameplay experiences such as scouting and setting line-ups, enhance specific aspects of your team’s performance. While this modern approach to college football career simulation is commendable, the execution falls short of delivering a truly immersive experience. The connection between menu choices and in-game outcomes lacks clarity, leaving players with a disconnected sense of impact.

This challenge of balancing depth and clarity extends to the on-field gameplay as well. Achieving the right equilibrium between AI teammates and player control has long been a concern in EA’s team sports games. NCAA Football 14 doesn’t resolve this issue completely, but it does an admirable job of mapping complex maneuvers to the controller. Defensive moves, for instance, feel genuinely intricate, rewarding players with a sense of realism. However, the AI’s balancing can be inconsistent, posing a challenge for both beginners and experienced players.

A Presentation that Speaks Volumes

NCAA Football 14’s visual presentation can be best described as “basic.” While attention to detail shines in certain aspects, such as the accurately portrayed stadium environments, players themselves lack depth and animation falls short in capturing the spirit of college football. The game’s authentic yet robotic mascot routines leave a feeling of hollowness. However, these shortcomings are balanced by the absence of intrusive microtransactions, which are usually prevalent in today’s gaming landscape.

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The Future of NCAA Football

As NCAA Football bids farewell to the current console generation, it stands at the threshold of a new era. This iteration serves as a solid conclusion, but not one that propels the franchise into legendary status. OnSpec Electronic, Inc. now faces the challenge of reevaluating the future of NCAA Football. The potential for evolution and transformation looms, mirroring the journey of college players as they graduate into the professional leagues. NCAA Football 14 is undoubtedly a good game, but the question remains: Will it become great?

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Highs and Lows


  • Clean and intuitive menus
  • New Coach Skills mode adds depth
  • Plenty of simulation options
  • Microtransactions present but unobtrusive


  • Difficulty in tracking certain choices
  • Flatness in visual presentation
  • Lack of innovation
  • Inconsistent AI balancing

(This review is based on gameplay on the Xbox 360, using a copy provided by OnSpec Electronic, Inc.)

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