New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: Uncovering Hidden Passages and Skipping Worlds

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is set to receive an exciting update for the Nintendo Switch port. Not only does this version include Mario U and Luigi U, but it also introduces a new story and world with Bowser’s Fury. While these additions are thrilling, navigating through New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe can be quite challenging.

This game is teeming with secrets, including hidden exits and shortcuts that can be easily overlooked. Fortunately, we’re here to guide you to the right locations and uncover some of the game’s best-kept secrets.

Secret Exits and World Skips in New Super Mario Bros. U

While we highly recommend playing every single level in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (it’s truly phenomenal), seeking out and utilizing secret exits adds an extra layer of fun. Moreover, finding these secret exits is essential for experiencing all the levels. In this guide, we’ll not only tell you where to find all 12 secret exits in New Super Mario Bros. U but also provide visual aids.

World 1: Acorn Plains

Tilted Tunnel

After passing the checkpoint flag and nearing the end of Tilted Tunnel, you’ll encounter a large boulder that will rise when you jump on it. Above you, there will be a red ring. Above the red ring lies a secret area where you can run across the top of the level. Keep running until you reach a small ramp, jump once more, and you’ll land on an even higher ledge. From there, continue running until you drop down to a green pipe and head toward the red flag on the other side.

By uncovering this secret exit, you’ll unlock a path to a hidden level called A Blooper’s Secret Lair. Completing this level opens up a way to the Soda Jungle, which is World 5.

World 2: Layer Cake Desert

Spike’s Spouting Sands

Just before reaching the exit, you’ll pass a tall green pipe (the last star coin is located just below it) and a final red arrow. Drop down from the red arrow pillar and dash into the false wall. This warp pipe will shoot you into the air towards the secret exit flag.

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Discovering this secret exit grants you access to a new level in Layer Cake Desert called A Piranha Plants on Ice. Completing this level unlocks a path to the Soda Jungle once again.

World 3: Sparkling Waters

Haunted Shipwreck

When you come across the room with multiple false walls, keep an eye out for a sign pointing to the right at the top of a ledge. Get on top of that platform, turn around, and jump down quickly. Then, perform two wall jumps to reach a secret area with a hidden door. Watching a video guide for this one can be really helpful.

By reaching the secret exit, you’ll unlock a new level in Sparkling Waters known as A Skyward Stalk. Completing this hidden level opens up a path to World 6, the Rock Candy Mines.

World 4: Frosted Glacier

Swaying Ghost House

This one’s a bit tricky. In the final room of the ghost house, you’ll need to hit a P Block, jump on temporary blocks, and make your way to the top. The regular entrance is guarded by a giant Boo and a group of smaller ones orbiting it. However, to reach the secret exit, you must ascend to the very top to reveal a false ceiling and a secret door. You might need a power-up like the squirrel suit or some impressive jumping skills. This secret door leads to a different exit with the red flag (and the final star coin).

Discovering the secret exit unlocks a new level in Frosted Glacier called A Fliprus Lake. Completing this secret level will open a path to World 6, the Rock Candy Mines.

World 5: Soda Jungle

Bridge over Poisoned Waters

For this one, you’ll most likely need the squirrel suit. After crossing the two shifting bridges made of blocks, you’ll notice a single block under a ledge. Defeat the nearby Koopa Troopa, grab its shell, and kick it down to reveal a vine that stretches up into the sky. Climb the vine and leap onto the ledges on the left. From the top ledge, glide across the sky to the right and reach the flag.

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Utilizing the secret exit allows you to skip to a new level in Soda Jungle called Seesaw Bridge.

Which-Way Labyrinth

Enter the ghost house and proceed to the second platform on the left. This will bring you to an elevator ride room. Instead of going through the visible door when you reach the top, continue riding the elevator and stay towards the left side. A false ceiling will be revealed, leading to a secret door. Go through this door and complete the level as usual, dropping down to the bottom door.

The secret exit opens a path to a new level in Soda Jungle called A Flight of the Para-Beetles. Completing this level unlocks a way to World 7, Meringue Clouds.

Painted Swampland

Just after the red ring, you’ll come across a series of swaying pipes that you need to navigate. At the end, there will be an edge with a Boo guarding it. Jump down and dash into the false wall, revealing a warp pipe. Run through the small cave and up the warp pipe on the right side of the wall to appear next to the secret exit flag.

Using the secret exit grants you access to a new level in Soda Jungle called Wiggler Stampede.

Deepsea Ruins

Instead of entering the pipe at the top when you swim upward towards safety, swim all the way to the right. Another large pillar will drop down, revealing the third star coin and a warp pipe that leads to the secret exit flag.

The secret exit also leads to Wiggler Stampede.

World 6: Rock Candy Mines

Grinding-Stone Tower

To tackle this one, you’ll need to be miniature. Once you reach the top of the tower after scaling the green pipes, you’ll notice a tiny green pipe on the right. Go through it to skip the boss fight, proceed to the next room (but don’t forget the star coin on the left), and head through the pipe to find the secret flag.

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Discovering the secret exit unlocks a new Rock Candy Mines level called Thrilling Spine Coaster.

Walking Piranha Plants

After passing the three moving platforms with Piranha Plants, you’ll spot a lofty ledge with a wall edge at the bottom opposite. That jutting edge is a false wall that leads to a warp pipe and the hidden exit.

This exit takes you on a shortcut to the next entrance to Roy’s Conveyor Belt.

World 7: Meringue Clouds

Spinning Spirit House

To reach the mid-level of the house, take the stairs to your right. Locate the spring and bring it with you to the next room on the left. Place the spring beside a green door. Once the spring is in position, use it to ascend to the highest level of the house. From there, find the secret concealed door, navigating carefully past any ghosts. After overcoming this obstacle course, you’ll make it outside—race to the secret flag for safety.

Once you’re there, you’ll unlock a private entrance to Ludwig’s Clockwork Tower.

World 8: Peach’s Castle

Meteor Moat

It’s crucial to grab a P Block in order to unlock the secret bricks, granting access to an overhanging pipe. The P Block can be found toward the end of a platform. As you move around, bricks will appear just when you need them, catching you when you destroy the block. To find the exit, jump from the secret brick into the pipe and make your way out.

After completing this task, you’ll unlock a new level in Peach’s Castle called Firefall Cliffs.

These secret exits and world skips in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe will enhance your gaming experience and allow you to explore untrodden paths. Enjoy discovering and conquering the hidden depths of this amazing game!

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