Nisha’s Skill Set: A Guide for Solo Players in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel


Most fans of the Borderlands series may be unfamiliar with the name Nisha, but those who played Borderlands 2 will likely remember the Sheriff. Nisha, a loyal companion and lover of the infamous Handsome Jack, brought chaos and despair to the people of Pandora. However, in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, we are introduced to a different side of Nisha. This article will explore Nisha’s unique abilities and skill trees, focusing on her suitability for solo players in the game.

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Nisha’s Background and Story

The story of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel takes place long before Nisha becomes the notorious Lynchwood Sheriff. At this point, she is just another gun-for-hire, assisting a young, ambitious Handsome Jack in his pursuit of mysterious goals. This prequel provides players with a deeper understanding of Nisha’s journey and motivations.

Nisha’s Skill Trees

Nisha offers a wide range of abilities through her three skill trees: Law & Order, Fan the Hammer, and Lawbringer. Each tree caters to a different playstyle, giving players the flexibility to choose the one that suits them best.

Law & Order

The Law & Order tree is designed for players who enjoy a more technical and strategic approach. This tree encourages close-quarters combat and rewards players for taking damage. The Order skill, for example, grants healing in proportion to the damage taken. As players progress down the tree, they unlock opportunities to generate Order through Slam attacks, kills, and tagging enemies with Wanted stacks. The capstone skill, Thunder Crackdown, unleashes a powerful melee attack fueled by the accumulated Order.

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Borderlands Pre-Sequel - Nisha Law and Order capstone
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Fan the Hammer

Nisha’s Fan the Hammer skill tree is perfect for players who love to go on pistol-fueled rampages. This tree is all about maximizing damage output and gaining various bonuses with each enemy defeated. Kill Skills play a significant role, granting unique advantages after eliminating enemies. Additionally, the tree enhances Nisha’s Showdown ability, allowing its duration to be extended with each kill. With skills like Pickpocket, Nisha can even steal bullets from enemies during melee attacks, bolstering her ammunition supply. The capstone skill, One For Each Of Ya, equips Nisha with a duplicate pistol, doubling her firepower when one is equipped.

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Contrary to its name, The Riflewoman skill tree does not solely focus on precise sniper shots. Instead, it emphasizes fast-paced combat and quick reloads. Players who prefer a more technical playstyle will find this tree appealing. Skills such as Quick Shot and Crack Shot enhance hip-fire accuracy and boost damage on the first shot of a fully loaded weapon. The Unchained skill rewards players with increased fire rate as they rapidly eliminate enemies. Further down the tree, critical hit capabilities are strengthened, offering the chance to ignite enemies with incendiary damage and increasing critical hit chances. The capstone skill, The Unforgiven, enables shots fired during Showdown to ricochet, hitting multiple enemies and causing an explosion when the skill ends.

Borderlands Pre-Sequel - Nisha Riflewoman capstone
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Nisha’s Strength for Solo Play

Nisha’s skill set makes her an excellent choice for solo players. Her abilities focus on maximizing damage output and self-sustainability, allowing her to take on formidable enemies alone. Showdown, her action skill, automatically targets enemies and enhances various gun statistics. This skill is particularly welcoming for newcomers to the Borderlands franchise, as it simplifies combat mechanics. Nisha’s diverse skill trees provide players with options to customize her playstyle, ensuring an enjoyable experience for those who prefer a solitary approach.

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Nisha’s frontier justice makes her a formidable character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, especially for solo players seeking a thrilling gaming experience. Her unique skill trees offer versatility and adaptability, catering to different playstyles. With Nisha on your side, you’ll be able to conquer the challenges of Pandora and emerge victorious.

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